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Our School, established as one of the first natural resource programs in the country, has been "creating futures since 1907." On July 1, 2009, the College of Forest Resources became the School of Forest Resources within the University of Washington's new College of the Environment, and on January 1, 2012, the School became the School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. Our vision is to provide world-class, internationally recognized knowledge and leadership for environmental and natural resource issues. Our programs focus on the sustainable development of products from natural resources and the sustainable management of environments that include wilderness and park-like ecosystems, intensively managed planted forests, and urban environments. Our new name acknowledges the increasingly integrative and interdisciplinary challenges in environmental and natural resources management throughout the world, and the need to educate professionals to meet these challenges.

Offshoots: Recent Blog Entries

Cameron Newell

Newell grew up about an hour northwest of Melbourne, Australia, and after undergrad spent a few years exploring an assortment of jobs, from driving seeding drills and rouseabouting on farms, to working for the Victorian state government one summer as a firefighter, to serving as a cameraman on a number of documentaries.

Learn more about his story, including what brought him to SEFS to pursue a Master of Environmental Horticulture degree!