9. Kwanzan Cherry

(Prunus serrulata 'Kwanzan')

Other Common Names: Japanese Cherry, Hill Cherry, Oriental Cherry, East Asian Cherry

Family: Rosaceae

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Thirty Kwanzan Cherries formally line Rainier Vista south of Stevens Way. During April they erupt in a spectacle of hot pink blossoms. These elegant, upright trees continue their chromatic vibrancy into the fall, erupting into yellow foliage before dropping their leaves for the winter. With vigor to match floral beauty, Kwanzan is the most popular of all Japanese flowering cherries. In exchange for their incredible beauty, these trees have a fairly short life span (15-25 years) even in ideal habitat as they are susceptible to pests and diseases. They are not stress tolerant or drought tolerant. Well drained soils and full sun are required for this species.  Kwanzan Cherries do not produce any fruit. See also Yoshino Cherry and Hisakura Cherry.

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