16. Pindrow Fir

(Abies pindrow)

Other Common Name: West Himalayan Fir

Family: Pinaceae

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A pair of lush, symmetric, dark firs mark one end of Sieg Hall. The needles of this Himalayan evergreen are flat, long, but not sharp, fragrant, and both densely borne and long persisting. Three- to five-inch (7.6- to 12.7-centimeter) cones perch at the tops of the trees then disintegrate when mature in late summer or fall. Pindrow is a native vernacular name originating from its Nepalese name.The wood of the Pindrow Fir is light, soft and not durable, so its uses are restricted to things like house interiors and furniture. These firs are shade tolerant and prefer moist but not water-logged soils. They grow well in heavy clay soils, and they are sensitive to frost, especially as seedlings.

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