E. David Ford

E. David Ford

Professor Emeritus
Analysis of structure and function of foliage canopies; Development of ecological systems simulation models; Development of methods for assessing ecological models

Office: Winkenwerder 202
Phone: 206-685-9995 
Email: edford@uw.edu

Graduate Interest Group(s): FOREST ECOLOGY

B.S., (Hns), Botany, University College London, 1963
Ph.D., Botany (Ecology), University College London, 1967
D.Sc., University of London, 1994

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 428 Principles of Silviculture and Their Application (5)Autumn
Recent Publications:
E.D.Ford. 2012. 76. Plant competition and canopy interactions. Encyclopedia of Theoretical Ecology 565-571
Ford, E. D. 2009. The importance of a research data statement and how to develop one. Annales Zoologici Fennici 46:82-92.
Kennedy, M.C. and E.D. Ford. 2009. Two-criteria model assessment shows that foliage maintenance in old-growth Pseudotsuga memziesii requires both delayed and sequential reiteration. Trees 23:1173-1187.
Kennedy, M.C., E.D. Ford, and T.M. Hinckley. 2009. Defining how aging Pseudotsuga and Abies compensate for multiple stresses through multi-criteria assessment of a functional-structural model. Tree Physiology 30:3-22.
Turley, M. C. and E.D. Ford. 2009. Definition and calculation of uncertainty in ecological process models. Ecological Modeling 220:1968-1983.
SEFS Committee Membership:Chair?
School Lands and Educational Outreach Committee