Stanley Asah

Stanley Asah

Assistant Professor
Human dimensions of natural resource management; Human environment systems analyses; Environmental social psychology

Office: Anderson 201
Phone: 206-685-4960 
Email: stasah@uw.edu


B.S., Agricultural Mechanization and Operations Management, University of Dschang, 1999
M.S., Water Resources Science, University of Minnesota, 2003
Ph.D., Human Dimensions of Natural Resource Management, University of Minnesota, 2006

Courses Taught:Quarter offered:
ESRM 200 Society and Sustainable Environments (5)Winter
ESRM 371 Environmental Sociology (5)Autumn
SEFS 550 Graduate Seminar in Environmental Sociology (5)Autumn
Current Sponsored Research:
Communicating and Reaching out About Forest Fires and Smoke: A Social Marketing Approach to Attitude Change
Public attitudes and perceptions of forest fires and smoke: Management implications
Role of motivations on involvement and participation in stewardship organizations: Case of Greater Seattle
Statistical Support for People and Their Environments
Recent Publications:
Asah, S.T. 2015. Transboundary Hydro-Politics and Climate Change Rhetoric: An Emerging Hydro-Security Complex in the Lake Chad Basin. WIREs Water: Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews 2:37-45.
Steiner Davis, M,L.E, Asah, S.T., Fly, M.. 2015. Family Forest Owners’ Forest Management Understandings: Identifying Opportunities and Audiences for Effective Outreach and Education. Forest Science 61(1):105-113.
Duraiappah, A.K., Asah, S.T., Brondizio, E.S., Kosoy, N., O'Farrell, P.J., Prieur-Richard, A-H., Subramanian, S.M., Tacheuchi, K. . 2014. Managing the Mismatches to Provide Ecosystem Services for Human Well-being: A Conceptual Framework for Understanding the New Commons. Current Opinion in Environmental Sustainability 7(): 94-100
Stanley T. Asah & Dale J. Blahna. 2012. Motivational Functionlism and Urban Conservation Stewardship: Implications for Volunteer Involvement. Conservation Letters Online.
Stanley T. Asah; Dale J. Blahna; C. Ryan. 2012. Involving Forest Communities in Identifying and Constructing Ecosystem Services: Millennium Assessment and Place Specificity. Journal of Forestry 110(3,2): 149-156.
Bengston, D.N., S.T. Asah, and B.J. Butler. 2011. The diverse values and motivations of family forest owners in the United States: An analysis of an open-ended question in the National Woodland Owner Survey. Small Scale Forestry 10(3): 339-355.