Annual Report to Contributors July 1, 2009 to June 30, 2010

Thank You!
2009-2010 Contributors

The $2 million raised during fiscal year 2010 helped support professional and intellectual growth for the teachers, researchers, and students in all of our programs. It helped
make possible our continued and growing engagement with the public we serve and enhanced collaboration across the University of Washington campuses and with our
cooperating partners in institutions, organizations, and communities across the state, the nation, and the world. We are grateful for your contributions and your commitment
of support for our programs. The three-way partnership of support from state funding, sponsored research, and private donors helped us achieve many successes; notable
accomplishments include:

You can take pride in how, with your engagement and generosity, we are serving our region and the world.

Individual Donors

$2,000 and over
President's, dean's, AND DIRECTOR'S clubs

Charlotte Behnke John Behnke
Patrick Boyle and Tracy Fuentes
Jeanne Dryfoos
Ardis Grunow
Elizabeth Hebert
Arline and Thomas Hinckley
Fredric Hoffer and Kathleen Kelly
James Howard and Nancy Winder
Kermit Johnson
Hans and Kristin Mandt
Gretchen Mathers
Ruby McLachlan
Lynn Moser
Charles Peterson and Susan Sater
Kenneth Raedeke
Thomas Rosmond
Carolyn Scott
Orin and Althea Soest
Alan Sugino
Allen and Victoria Symington
John Wott
Pamela Yorks and Stephen West

$500 - $1,999

Nancy Alvord
Carol Arnold
Ellsworth Alvord
John and Carole Garcia
Charles and Jessie Ann Hotes
Daniel and Darlene Huntington
Michael Johnson
William and Carol McKean
Thomas and Catherine Mentele
Donald Miller and Matthew Erickson
Shera and Michael Myers
Sarah and Brian Reichard
Lily and Bobby Takatsuka
Judith and William Talley
Harold and Helen Tukey
Jean Witt
Thomas Wolford

$500 - $999

Donald and Lorraine Andrews
Richard and Marie Atkins
Julia Bent
James Brain and Suzanne Meredith
Hou-Min and Anne Chang
Kenneth and Sue Chisholm
Robert and Helen Curtis
Robert Franklin
William and Patricia Fuller
Margaret and Benjamin Hall
John and Beverly Henderson
Gretchen and Lyman Hull
Stanley Hungerford
David Hutchinson
Carol and Arnold Jolles
Daniel and Emily Kozie
William McJohn
Robert and Susan Moss
Michael and Nita Onustock
Emily Outcalt and Richard Taggart
Pamela Peterson and Brian Lang
Robert and Dianne Polson
Donald Reukema
Christine and Joel Scannell
Gary and Judy Shirley
Nevada Smith
Joseph Taggart
David Thorud and Ann Goos
Janet Wainwright

$100 - $499

Steven and Diane Adam
James and Wendy Agee
John Albers
Beverly Anderson
Marvin and Suzanne Anderson
Steven Anderson
Sue Anderson
Jeffrey Arndt
Toby Atterbury
Robin and Robert Baker
William and Joan Ball
B. Bruce and Bonnie Bare
Charles and Patricia Beckert
Julieanne and William Belknap
Donald and Janet Berg
Phillip and Marilyn Bird
Eleanor Boba and Alan Humphrey
Gloria and John Boettcher
Elisabeth and Edgar Bottler
Paul and Bonita Bourgault
Carolyn Bowman
David and Anne Briggs
Mason and Joan Browne
Walter and Dona Bubelis
Judith and Julius Budos
Gary and Patricia Bullock
Clara Burnett
Ann Burns and Bruce Williams
Stephen Butterworth
Robert Cadwallader
Sally and Thomas Cahill
Michele and Paul Capeloto
N. Eric and Brenda Carlsen
Barbara Carman
Michael and Janice Carter
Frederick Cathey and Leah Soltar
Laurie Chambers
Michele Chamness
Douglas Chatfield and Kea Rehn
Steven Clark
Craig Cootsona
Karen Curtis
Robert and Barbara Danielson
Alison Dean
James Dole
Sharon and Raymond Doty
Phil Duryee
Elissa Dyson and Clark Ashworth
Wynn and Everett Egginton
James Ellingboe
Virginia and William Ellis
Douglas and Anne Erickson
Gregory Ettl and Lisa Alado
Kern Ewing
Kevin Fischer
David Fishman
Robert Fortman
Joan Frazee
Barbara Frederick
Leonard Fuller
Steven and Margaret Garber
Gregg and Pamela Garretson
Kay Gibson
D.  Jean Gillespie
Michael Gracz
Patricia Grantham
James and Carol Green
Stephen Greenway
George Grimes
J. Richard Grodt
James Gullickson
Raymond Guries
John Hanby
Judith Hance
Constance Harrington and William Carlson
Deborah Heg
Charles Heimbigner
James and Ellen Heneghan
Sandra Hines
Joanne and M. Staser Holcomb
Peter Homann
Jocelyn Horder
Adele Houghton and Fernando Autrique
Dorothy Houghton
Janet Hrutfiord
Aeren Huckleberry
Hiroaki Ishii
Luetta Jackson
Arthur Jacobson
Karen Jenkins
Helen Johansen
Darryll and Cherry Johnson
Errol Johnson
Philip Johnson
Carla Jonientz
Donna Jordan
Gary Josephson
Clyde Kalahan
Thomas Kelly
Corinne Kennedy
Trudy Kindler
Virginia King
Donald Knoke
Arild and Ruby Krystad
Jack and Eleanor Krystad
Thomas Kuykendall
Susan La Joe
William Lacy
Gregory and Mary Lambert
Donald and Eloyce Landon
George Lankow
J. Kathleen Learned
Madalene Lickey
Barbara and Bruce Lippke
Fu-Mei and Soung-Nan Liu
Hsiang Liu
Ben Lonn
Dorothy and Robert Loudon
Lorna Lowenthal
Richard and Elizabeth Lyons
Thomas Mansfield
Michelle Margroff and James Ellingboe
Dale Marks
Marshall and Joan Marley
Bonnie Mc Donald
Jana McClain
Douglas and Kristi McClelland
Patrick McCrary
Sandra and Sean McDowell
Kenneth McKay
Kathleen McKeehen
Matthew McLaughlin
Carol McMillan
Michael and Nancy Merrill
Ruth Mikels
Debbie Miller
Peggy Miller
Richard Miller
Gordon Mitchell
Sara and Paul Mockett
Mary Monfort
Daniel Montague

$100 - $499 (cont'd)

Sally Morgan
Elizabeth and Allen Moses
Martin Muller
Kathryn Murphy
John and Lee Neff
James and Janette Nelson
David and Susan Nicol
Patrick Nooney
Kathy and Charles O'Briant
Patricia and Edward O'Brien
Patricia Olson and William Zachmann
Anne Otten and James Adcock
Douglas and Suzanne Owens-Pike
Daniel Paquette
John and Catherine Parker
Mark and Katherine Parmelee
Daniel Perrakis
Elizabeth Peterson
Robert Philbin
Deirdre and William Plunkett
Francis Powers
Lois Prestrud
Peter Quast
Richard Ramsden
Alan Randall
Steven Randolph and Raymond Benoit
Andrew and Nancy Rapin
Patricia and Walter Riehl
Loogyam Ripplinger
Angela Robinson
Luke and Heather Rogers
Clare Ryan
Adam and Jannel Rynd
Lyn and Hans Sauter
Philip and Therese Schnell
Susan and John Schuh
Todd Score
Elizabeth Seder
Sharon Seim
Loretta Sharpe
Wenonah Sharpe
John and Constance Sidles
Mary Ann and Carver Simmons
Sherrill Slichter
Paul Slichter
Hans Smith
Sandra Solack
Karen and Mani Soma
Frederick Stark
Harold and Gail Steen
Reinhard Stettler
Richard and Hope Stroble
Linda Swartz
James Swift
Frederick and Kimberlee Tebb
Michael Thanem and Barbara Asmervig
Krista Thie
George Thornton
Jane Tobin
Chris and David Towne
Lewis and Connie Ulrey
Cynthia Uthus
Theresa and L. Scott Valentine
Helga Van Miegroet
Elizabeth Van Volkenburgh
Michael and Mary Van Winkle
Carolyn Virden
Richard and Merridee Vuori
Jeffrey Walker
Margaret and Douglas Walker
George and Charlotte Warren
Wendy and Christopher Wayne
Raymond and Meredith Webster
Greg and Peggy Wendt
Susan Wheatley
Donald Wilson
Paul Woodard
Jay Worth
Frank Wright
Roland Yancey and Nancy Pearson
Ellen Yarrell
Glen Youell
Joanne Young
Daniel Zatz
Vera and W. Jerome Zimmerman
Laura Zybas

$1 - $99

Robert Adams
Abdul and JoAnn Alidina
Susan Alward
Theodore Alway
Seth Amrhein
Douglas Andersen
Marilyn Anderson
William J. Anderson
William L. Anderson
Jay Anema
Ronald Arntzen
Mary Asmundson and John Brew
Salman Aziz
Rowena and Richard Baillie
Glenn Baker
Norma and Sidney Baker
Robert Baldwin
Paul Banko
Herbert Bannister
Paul Basom
Eloise Beachell
Carrie Becker
Philip Beguhl
Shawn Behling
Richard and Vickie Beireis
Mark Benner
John and Ann Bethel
Collin Bevins
Jon and Jeanne Blackburn
Karen Black-Jenkins
John Blake
Kristian Blanchard
Norman Bliss
Laura Blume
Robert and Sarah Blumenthal
Elizabeth Boba
Neal Bonham and Suzanne Ferris
Sandra Bowman
Julianna Bresnan
Joyce and David Brewster
William Brickett
Evelyn Brockman
Gary Buechner
Raymond Burns
Charlotte and William Byers
Courtney Cansler
John Capell
Sherrill Carlson
Kay Caromile
Susan Carter
Lisa Cartwright
Stephen and Donna Cass
Elizabeth Chaison
Amy and William Chamberlain
William Champion
Walter and Mary Lou Chance
Steven Chandler
Michael Chiu and Kari Gilje
Kevin and Robin Christy
Tobey Clarkin
Glenn and Cynthia Clements
Margaret Cloud
Robin Coen
Richard Collins
Sharon Collman
Julie Combs
Deborah Confer
Dorothy and Sean Corry
Carolyn Creighton-Hein
James and Barbara Crutcher
Grant Cummings
Amy Curtis
Patricia Danford
Amy Davis
Kathleen Day
Michelle Deacon
Matthew Deppmeier
Malcolm and Janet Dick
Janelle Downs
Alan Drengson and Victoria Stevens
Judith Duncan
Sharon Dunn
Peter Dunwiddie and Elizabeth Bell
Robert and Elizabeth Edgerton
Robert and Victory Edmonds
Daniel Ely
Wayne and Patricia Erickson
Alison Evans
Mike Ewanciw
Dale Farley
Betsy and Charles Fitzgerald
Warittha and Brett Flegg
Richard Fleming
Jerry Flintoff
Janice Fong
Janet and Douglas Footh
Shane Forsyth
Sally Fox
Phyllis and Robert Freeman
Peter Frenzen and Denise Fidel
Sue and Steve Funk
Indroneil Ganguly
Robert and Jacquelyn Geimer
Jerome Gelock
Wendy Gibble
Rod Gilbert
Marilyn and Steven Gilchrist
Heidemarie Glasser
Elbridge and Jean Gockerell
Marcia Gordon
Leo Gorenstein
Edwin Graham
James Graham
Judith Gray
Judy Griesel
Penny and David Griffen
April Grimm and Christopher Stecko
Thomas Griswold
Mollie Groendyke
Charlotte Grundstrom
William Gulino
Thomas Guobis
Barbara Guthrie
Jay Guthrie
Robin Haaland
Loie Haggen
Cleveland Hall
Carol Hallen
Virginia Hand
John Hansen

$1 - $99 (cont'd)

Benjamin and Doris Harrison
David and Cynthia Hartmann
Gary Hartshorn
Robert and Mayumi Hashizume
Clifford Hassell
Robert and Susan Haugen
Rose and Robert Helmer
John Hennes and Margaret Lahde
John Henry
Leslie Henry
Marilee Henry and Jeffrey Thorson
Suzanne and Aaron Herold
Donald and M. Helene Hervey
Peter Herzog
Catherine Hillenbrand and Joseph Hudson
Marie Hitchman
Jean Hobart
Michael and Jana Hobbs
Ann Hobson
Steven and Andrea Hood
Roberta Hopkins
Carol and Theodore Houk
George and Sharon Howe
Virginia Hunt
Martha and David Hurd
Philip Hurvitz and Kristin Lewis
Laurence and Diane Istvan
Melanie Ito and Charles Wilkinson
Robert Jackson
Martin Jacobsen and Laurel Harrington
Laurel James
Ilga Jansons and Michael Dryfoos
David and Elva Jay
David Jenkins
Kimberly Jensen
Rebecca and Mark Johnson
Stanley Jones
Jerry and Julia Jose
Kathleen and Peter Kalapaca
Vaclav Kalas
Wendy Kelley
Mary and Philip Kemp
Julie King
Richard Klein
Roger Kleven
Fred and Jane Knight
Bryan and Barbara Kriewald
Jeffrey and Dolly Krueger
Anne Kuntz
Lauren and Gaylle Laakso
Amy Labarge
Kathleen Lantz
Arthur Larson
Susan Latter
Miguel Leon
Peggy Leonard
Eli Lester
Frank and Geraldine Lewis
Sandra and Anthony Lier
Robert Lilly
Maxine Linial
Gene Little
Karen Long
Gerald and Joan Lyke
Thomas Lyse
Anne Mac Arthur
William and Mayumi MacDonald
Paul and Jan Machtolf
Larry Mades
Arthur Magill
Angela Mallon
Christine and Michael Mallon
Lucas Mallon
Timothy Manns and Brenda Cunningham
Christine and Craig Marbet
Margaret Marshall
Kathleen Maruoka
Gregory and Shirley Masten
Gillian Mathews
Dorothy Matthews
Constance McDermott
Lillian McDermott
Keith McGonagill
Cecilia McGowan
Catherine McGowan
Erik Mildes
Edwin and Bonnie Miller
Eileen and Ray Miller
Naida Miller
Rachel Miller
Barbara Milligan
Keiko Minami-Page and Jay Page
Marilyn Mitchell
Jeffrey and Tamala Moffett
Erin Moore
John and Michelle Morrell
Mary Morris
Nancy Morris
John Moskeland
David and Marlene Munger
Louise Munson
Margaret Nelson
Sarah Neth
Suzanne Olsen
Diana Olson
Lloyd Olson
Jason Ontjes
Roger Ottmar
Thomas Palm
Duane Partee
Sandra and Terry Patton
Martin and Mary Paup
Curtis and Bobby Pearson
Tegan Pennell
Benjamin and Rachel Peterson
Denise Phares
Jocelyn Phillips and Warren Bakken
Emily Pierce
Phyllis Pierce
Lynn Poser
Shirley and Douglas Post
James Pullen
Jennifer Purnell
Jorge Ramos
Gregory Rau
Jerry and Corinne Reeves
Louis and JoAnn Requa
Nancy and Morris Richard
Julie Ricking
Philip Riggan
Linda and Rudolf Risler
Ann Risvold and Lawrence Donovan
Martha Robbins
Phillip Rodbell
Maeng Roderick
Susan Rosenberg
Marilyn Ross
Ernest and Ruth Rotter
Nita Jo and William Rountree
Raymond Rowan
Barbara and Allan Rumpf
Jill Ryan
Sharif Safwat
Dennis and Ginger Sanford
Steven and Sheila Sauer
Mary Schmitt
Mickey and Tamra Schultz
Carol Schulz
Jane and William Sebring
V. Scott Senter
Michael Sessions
James Shank
Dianna Shervey
Nancy Short
Sheldon and Shirley Sidell
Stuart Simon
Nils Sjoberg
Arnold and Kathleen Slettebak
Jeffrey and Joan Slottow
Rena Smilkstein
Lindley and Georgiana Smith
Paul Smith
Cynthia Smith-Kuebel
Amanda Snyder
Dorene Snyder
Nancy Snyder
Genelle and Warren Spangler
Martha Spencer
Cynthia Spurgeon
Richie Steffen
Kevin Steil
Cathy Stevens
Chris Stollery
Leahe Swayze
Hally Swift and Eric Strandberg
Elaine Talbot
Reba and Milton Tam
Robert Teskey
Robert Thomas
Kari and Walter Thompson
Todd Thorn and Heather Findlay
James Trappe
Signa Treat
William Truax
Dean Tsuji
Janette and Dick Tureman
Eric Turnblom
James Valentine
Scott Van Gerpen
Dirk Vanderklein
Arthur Victor
Ann Walter
Kenneth Walters
Linda Waltie
Ellen and William Wanless
Lynn Warner
Mary Water
Van Webb
William Weiler and Irene Knight-Weiler
Laura Weinstein
Wendi Weith
George and Marian Weldin
Roy West
Sandra and Hal Westberg
Helen White
Cathy Wickwire
Sean Williams
Jeremy Wilson
Jerry Wilson
Betty Wing
Francis and Martha Wingate
Alan and Debra Winslow
Franklin and Janet Wright
Helmut Zahn
Liesl Zappler
Richard Zarnowitz
Tara and Paul Zimmerman
Brian Zwiebel

Corporate and Foundation

Acrowood Corporation
Agua Verde, Inc.
Arborea Consultants, LLC
Arboretum Foundation
Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories
Blaine Icelandic Heritage Society
Bob Haugen Construction
Boise Cascade Corporation
BP Foundation
Brooke/Wanless Gardens
Buckman Laboratories, Inc.
Byron and Alice Lockwood Foundation
Capstone Technology Corporation
Cascade Timber Consulting, Inc.
Center for Plant Conservation
Chicago Botanic Garden
Clark County Farm Forestry Association
Clatskanie People's Utility District
Coast Capital Savings
Columbia River Carbonates
Constancy Press, LLC
Council on Botanical and Horticultural Libraries
Craighead Beringia South
Deltic Timber Corporation
Derby Canyon Natives
Deupree Family Foundation
Eaton Corporation
EKA Chemicals, Inc.
Evergreen Building Products Association
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
FMC Corporation
Forest Capital Partners, LLC
FRM Consulting
Georgia-Pacific Corporation
Gerrish H. Milliken Foundation
GMO Renewable Resources, LLC
Green Diamond Resource Company
Hancock Forest Management, Inc.
Hancock Natural Resource Group, Inc.
Hayes Nursery
Horizon House

Integrity Applications Incorporated
International Forestry Consultants
J. H. Kelly, LLC
Jacobs Engineering Group
Kemira Chemicals, Inc.
Kenneth A. McKay,  LLC
Kimberly-Clark Foundation, Inc.
King County Iris Society
Kitsap Community Foundation
Lake Washington Garden Club
Lake Washington Garden Club #3
Lone Rock Timber Company
Longview Timberlands,  LLC
Luetta J. Jackson Trust
Master Gardener Foundation of King County
Microsoft Corporation
Miller Garden
Mithum Associates
Myrtle Defriel Arboretum Unit #16
Northwest Biosolids Management Association
Nalco Foundation
Network for Good
Nippon Paper Industries, USA
Northwest Horticultural Society
Northwest Procurement Solutions, LLC
North American Rock Garden Society NW Chapter
Olympic Resource Management CP, LLC
Pendleton and Elisabeth Carey Miller Charitable Foundation
Pacific Denkmann Company
Pacific Northwest Botanical Artists
Pacific Section TAPPI
Petunia Foundation
Pilchuck Tree Farm
Plum Creek Timber Company
Port Blakely Tree Farms, LP
Port Townsend Paper Corporation
Puget Sound Mycological Society


Roseburg Forest Products
Seattle Garden Club,  Inc.
Seattle Tree Preservation, Inc.
Simpson Common Paymaster Company
Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
Steven C.  Garber CPA, Inc. PS
Stillwater Sciences
Stimson Lumber Company
Sue Moss Garden Design
Taylor Associates, Inc.
The Berger Partnership, P.S.
The Boeing Company
The Campbell Group, LLC
The Davey Tree Company
The F. A. Bartlett Tree Expert Company
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
The Harris Group,  Inc.
The Hilen Foundation
The JiJi Foundation
The Nature Conservancy
The Rayonier Foundation
The Seattle Foundation
TimberWest Forest Corporation
TreeFree Biomass Solutions, Inc.
UW Alumni Association
Vanguard Charitable Endowment Program
Voith Paper
Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs
Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs, Chinook District
Washington Forest Protection Association
Washington State Department of Natural Resources
West Fork Timber Company, LLC
Western Polymer Corporation
Weyerhaeuser Company
Wilburforce Foundation
Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association


Thomas Hinckley, Interim Director
Stephen West, Associate Director


Thomas Hinckley, Interim Director
School of Forest Resources
University of Washington
Box 352100
Seattle, WA 98195-2100
Phone 206-685-1928

We have made every effort to be thorough and accurate in our fiscal year 2009-2010 donor listing. Contributions received after June 30, 2010 will be acknowledged in the
2010-2011 annual report to contributors. We appreciate the opportunity to update addresses and apologize for any errors or admissions. Please update your contact
information at the UW Foundation website.