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During Autumn 2000, the College of Forest Resources sponsored or co-sponsored conferences, symposia, and showcases in order to communicate with its many stakeholders about the issues facing natural resource managers. A top priority for UW President Richard McCormick and a strategic CFR target, bridging the boundaries between the University and the larger community includes providing a forum for timely, and possibly controversial, issues and participating in conferences where research, policy, and technical transfer questions are addressed. Both students and faculty want to connect their work with the world outside and the community, in turn, has legitimate claims on the institution's knowledge and assistance. Throughout this newsletter, watch for stories and short items that describe some of these outreach events in which the College participated or played a leading role.

Forest Certification
CFR sponsors a symposium on forest certification on public lands

Forest Products Marketing
The Center for International Trade in Forest Products sponsors the 17th annual international conference on forest products marketing

Precision Forestry and Rural Technology
CFR presents a research and outreach showcase featuring two new initiatives

Validation Monitoring
The Olympic Natural Resources Center convenes a conference reporting on the work of a broad-based validation monitoring panel

Wood in World Rivers
The Center for Streamside Studies co-sponsors a conference on the ecology and managment of wood in world rivers.


Dean Kristiina Vogt with Bill Pichell, of the Washington Contract Loggers Association, at the CFR-sponsored forest certification symposium.

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