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Student Profile - Edie Sonne

Edie Sonne grew up in a two stoplight (one blinking) town an hour from New York City. Her love of trees came from her dad, who used to dictate the Latin and common names of all the trees in the area. At age 14 her favorite Christmas present was an axe-and her greatest claim to fame was being able to light a fire and boil a cup of water in under ten minutes using only a wet log, an axe, a knife, and one (maybe two) matches.

Edie attended Yale where she played squash, was head of the wood shop, and, she says, "met a tall curly-haired guy from Seattle." Initially a history major at Yale, she switched to biology half way through her sophomore year. "Because Yale didn't have an undergrad forestry major," says Edie, "I was forced to bug the professors up at the grad school, one of them being our very own Bruce Larson. When I asked him what I should do with my life he told me to get my undergrad degree in one part of the county, my M.S. in another, and my Ph.D. in yet another!" She interpreted those words as "get out of the northeast" so she headed down to southwest Georgia after graduating from Yale in 1997.

Edie spent the next year and a half in Bainbridge, GA, home of International Paper's Southlands Experimental Forest, where she worked in the tree improvement program as a wood quality research specialist. "International Paper breeds trees, commonly known as SuperTrees, to grow faster, straighter, and to be disease resistant. Specific gravity is also a highly genetic trait, so I was in charge of coring thousands and thousands of trees in our progeny tests to figure out which families had high densities."

After mastering the Southern art of potlucks and sweet tea, Edie quit her job and spent several months hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine. Finally she moved out to Seattle (home of that aforementioned tall, curly-haired guy) and adopted a wonderful dog, Maggie. She has been here at CFR since the fall of 1999, working on an M.S. in quantitative resource management. She is looking at how biosolid fertilization and thinning affect stem growth, stem form, and lumber quality. She also spent time this past summer putting together a course on wood as part of Seattle Public Schools' Inquiry Based Science Program.

Edie says, "I can be found wandering the halls of Bloedel, working in the Continuing Education Office, running on the Burke-Gilman Trail, playing tennis and racquetball, rowing, or doing any other activity that keeps me from writing my thesis!" (She has, however, enjoyed her time here so much she's decided to stay on for a Ph.D.)

Student News

Sharon Collman, Ph.D. student in urban horticulture, has taken a part-time position with the USEPA, Region 10, Pesticides Section in Seattle as the Pesticides/IPM (Integrated Pest Management) Outreach Coordinator. Sharon will be responsible for agriculture (Food Quality Protection Act activities) and urban pesticides issues.

Brian Oakley, Ph.D. student in forest ecosystem analysis, attended the First National Congress on Fire Ecology, Prevention and Management, November 27-December 1, 2000 in San Diego, CA where he gave a talk entitled, "The effects of fire on soil resource islands associated with patches of the N-fixing shrub, Ceanothus cordulatus."

Edie Sonne (see Student Profile) helped revise and co-teach a course for kindergarten teachers as part of an NSF-funded program, Seattle Partnership for Inquiry Based Science. The program supports a Seattle Public School District elementary science program for kindergarten through fifth grade. Edie's course was entitled "Wood"-the course also featured a guest lecture by Tom Hinckley, field trip assistance by Dave Briggs, and resource gathering assistance by Doug Sprugel.

Thirty-six Paper Science and Engineering undergraduates for the 2000-2001 academic year were awarded Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation scholarships-24 awards to returning students and 12 to incoming and transfer students. The group of incoming students averaged 1,150 on SAT scores, along with an average high school GPA of 3.79. Students new to the program, all from Washington state, include Alison Arai (Camas), Leif Backstrom (Olympia), Karen Edwards (Port Orchard), Mekenzie Johnston (Ellensburg), Kathleen Miller (Richland), Julie Minnes (Puyallup), Joseph Percini (Aberdeen), Jamie Schultz (Newport), Eythor Westman (Blaine), Bryana Williams (Camas), Michael Williams (Camas), and Jason Wix (Seattle).

Student Reports

Kevin Zobrist staffs the student poster exhibit.

Kevin Zobrist, Ph.D. student in forest economics, reports on the Society of American Foresters national convention and centennial celebration in November 2000, in Washington DC. The student contingent from CFR included graduate students Kevin Ceder, Sean Healey, Pil Sun Park, Patrick Rusher, Edie Sonne, and Kevin Zobrist and undergraduates Morgan Holen, Justin Knobel, Jason Martin, Julie Panike, Mark Senger, and Jason Teller.

Kevin says, "Students had the opportunity to attend sessions covering a variety of forestry topics, browse booths and exhibits, and meet forestry professionals from around the nation. We also helped to staff the College's booth in the exhibit hall, answering questions and demonstrating the latest Landscape Management System software to visitors. Four students-Kevin Ceder, Pil Sun Park, Patrick Rusher, and myself-submitted posters, making the UW one of the most well-represented organizations in the poster session. In addition, four students-Kevin Ceder, Justin Knobel, Julie Panike, and Jason Teller-competed in the annual quiz bowl competition against the country's finest forestry schools. Out of over 20 teams, the UW team made it to the "final four," suffering defeat only in the lightning round against Colorado State, which went on to become this year's champion. We also had a chance to sightsee in Washington, DC, including tours of the U.S. Capitol, the White House, the Pentagon, and monuments and museums. The highlight of the trip was an opportunity to meet with staffers from the offices of both Congresswoman Jennifer Dunn and Senator Patty Murray. We spent nearly two hours at each office discussing forest policy issues and learning about how our representatives deal with some of the complex forestry issues facing our state.

The students felt the trip was a huge success and are looking forward to the 2001 convention in Denver, CO!"

Stephen Brueggerhoff, M.F.R. student in urban horticulture, reports on student particiation in an urban sustainability initiative developing out of an Autumn Quarter 2000 class taught by CFR's Chuck Henry and Program on the Environment's Sarah Tjossem. Students from disciplines ranging from environmental horticulture to engineering to environmental anthropology came together to investigate ways to increase environmentally sustainable activities on the UW campus. The students developed an initiative promoting the establishment of a UW center dedicated to developing sustainability through research, demonstration, and community outreach. Stephen says, "The students' proposal is for 'a closed-loop urban ecology where materials formerly considered waste are recycled into useful products, where environmentally responsible technology transforms how energy is produced, and where architecture reflects ecological wisdom by using materials and practices that minimize adverse environmental impacts.'" The students visited college campuses and non-profit research centers across northern California and Oregon, where they gained a broader understanding of the technical, economic, and social components of successful programs based on sustainability disciplines. With this background, they drafted a proposal for the University Initiatives Fund (UIF) to establish financial support for the development of an Urban Sustainability Center. Several students will continue to enhance the development of the center beyond Autumn Quarter. Enrolled in the course were CFR graduate students Gemma Alexander, Jennifer Brickey, Stephen Brueggerhoff, Peter Severtson, Sean Smukler, and Willie Welzenbach; CFR undergraduates Greg Hostetler and Aaron Rose; and Maria Fannin (Geography), Hillary Funk (Ethnomusicology/Anthropology), Jim Pedersen (Civil Engineering), and Webster Walker (Community and Environmental Planning).

Undergraduate Scholarships
(Autumn 2000)

Mekenzie Johnston
Eythor Westman
ABB Pulp and Paper Endowed Scholarship Mark Senger Howard W. Millan Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth Stevens C. Frank Brockman Memorial Endowed Scholarship Brian Kertson
Amanda Marie Koss
Rachel Ramos
Alicia Sullivan
J.H. Bloedel Endowed Forestry Scholarship
Lorraine Brooks
Tessa Francis
College of Forest Resources Alumni Association Scholarship Troy Coleman
Gregory Hostetler
Heidi Rose Watters
James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship
Julie Panike David R.M. Scott Endowed Scholarship Christopher Carusona II
Jill Romine
Marvin Klemme Endowed Scholarship
Julie Panike WA State Federation of Garden Clubs Violet Nevitt Gose Scholarship

Alison Arai
Kathleen Miller
Julie Minnes

Measurex Pulp and Paper Endowed Scholarship
Jeremy Tryall Edna Faller Nord Memorial Endowed Scholarship Erin Horan R. D. Merrill Forestry Scholarship
Bryan McMeekin George and Marge Stenzel Endowed Scholarship David Bok William R. Hervey Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Graduate Scholarships/Fellowships
(Autumn 2000)

Erikka Pearson Agnes Healy Anderson Scholarship Graham MacKenzie Marion M. and Gordon A. Nelson Endowed Forestry Scholarship
Carolyn Alfano
Christopher Ashley
Jeffrey Comnick
Kirra Swenerton
Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship Michelle Connor Marvin Klemme Endowed Research Fellowship
Jason Niebler Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Endowed Scholarship Joanne Neugebauer-Rex Orlo W. and Mildred M. Krauter Endowed Scholarship

Kelly Dlouhy
Ana Carolina Manriquez

J. H. Bloedel Endowed Forestry Fellowship Barbara Christensen R. D. Merrill Endowed Forestry Scholarship
Mark Muir J. Kenneth Pearce Endowed Forest Engineering Scholarship Wilhelm Welzenbach Stanley P. Gessel Endowed Scholarship
Elissa Ostergaard Knoblauch Endowed Fellowship Wendy Wayne Walter B. Nettleton Endowed Scholarship
Kevin Zobrist Lawrence Ottinger Forest Products Endowed Fellowship Emily Griswold William O. Larson Memorial Scholarship

WPPF Scholarships

Albert Allan Tracy Ho Lenny Lee Jason Rice
Leif Backstrom Aeren Huckleberry Michael McGinty Jamie Schultz
Alexander Buchanan Jennifer Irvin Erik CR Mildes Charlie Shonkwiler
Karen Edwards Mitchell Johnson Eric Nordberg Quan Wang
Minkyun Flowers David Kahler M. Joseph Percini Bryana Williams
Daniel Halos Chris Krumland Deanna Pierce Michael Williams
Jan Hasbrouck Daniel Lee Josh Pitkin Jason Wix

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