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Volume 3, No. 3
Spring 2000

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Dean’s Notes

I'm pleased to take this last opportunity to write the Dean's Notes by first mentioning a few things that happened during Spring 2000 that demonstrate the breadth of the College's success in carrying out its mission of recognizing the vital contributions of the College's faculty, staff, students, and alumni. teaching, research, and outreach, achieving success in competitive internal and external arenas, and recognizing the vital contributions of the College's faculty, staff, students, and alumni.

  • On June 10th, the College graduated 92 seniors and 62 graduate students, many with honors and all with an education that prepares them well for productive employment, lifelong learning, and service to society.
  • The College's annual Arbor Day Fair, sponsored by the CFR Alumni Association, was an outstanding success, drawing over 2,000 area K-3rd grade students to educational and hands-on displays.
  • The coordinated curriculum on Geographic Information Systems (GIS) proposed jointly by the Colleges of Forest Resources and Ocean and Fishery Sciences was awarded University Initiatives Fund and UW Tools for Transformation funding in March. The award will provide workstations and other equipment for the new GIS laboratory in the Fisheries Building.
  • The College was notified in May that the Cooperative Ecosystems Studies Unit (CESU) council voted to accept the proposal submitted by the University of Washington and its partners for the establishment of the Pacific Northwest CESU unit at the College of Forest Resources. This cooperative agreement will provide an excellent forum for research collaboration among many institutions and agencies on pressing resource and environmental issues.
  • The Rural Technology Initiative (RTI), a technology transfer program designed to serve rural Washington forestry professionals and small landowners, received Congressional funding and is now up and running. RTI is a partnership among the UW, WSU and a number of rural stakeholder groups. Bruce Lippke (UW), Don Hanley (UW/WSU), and Ed Depuit (WSU) are co-principle investigators.
  • On June 7th the College held its annual Spring Recognition Ice Cream Social, honoring faculty, staff, and students who were nominated by their colleagues for special mention. The list was long-there were over 80 nominations-an indication of the respect and appreciation felt by the community toward its hardworking members.

There are many more successes by faculty, staff, and students that I could report (and please read through this newsletter to learn about more of them!), but these few serve to demonstrate the health and vitality of the College that I have been so fortunate to serve these past 19 years.

Secondly, I would like to introduce Dean Designate Vogt with a few words about her background and interests. Dr. Kristiina A. Vogt currently holds the Margaret K. Musser Professorship of Forest Ecology at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She was a CFR faculty member from 1976 through 1987, holding research and affiliate appointments. She is co-chair of the Yale Forest Forum, which was established to improve the way in which forest policy is made in this country. The forum's private forest initiative, for example, aims to support sustainable management of privately owned forestlands by providing owners with research and education. Her research interests in ecosystem ecology start at the forest floor and include soils, nutrient cycling, roots, and mycorrhizal communities, and above ground her interests range from how trees and other forest plants grow to how forests respond to disturbances such as fires, storms, and human activities. At Yale she has received student commendations for advising and teaching, and she is recognized for bringing together students and a broad array of colleagues to work on national and international research programs.

I know that all of you will join me in a warm welcome to Dean Designate Kristiina Vogt to the Pacific Northwest, the University of Washington, and the College of Forest Resources.

David B. Thorud

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