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FRL staff reports, "The Forest Resources Library was calm during Spring Quarter 2000. Users seem to have mastered the new systems, renewing books, checking records, and searching databases from their homes and offices. We started bar coding individual journal issues as they circulate in order to automate this process and provide better usage records. We will soon start adding bar codes to selected titles during initial processing.

In May, all public computers in the library were upgraded, and staff either received new Dell computers or upgrades. All staff and public workstations are now connected to the Libraries NT network, which will allow installation of new library systems that are planned for next year. New email terminals, provided by Student Technology fee funds, will be installed during Summer Quarter, 2000.

Carol Green started a citation study of CFR theses and dissertations, and she and Maureen Nolan will gather information from the reference lists of these publications to determine what type of materials and which journal titles are being used by CFR graduate students. This information will assist with future collection decisions.

Carol also began work on a Libraries internal UIF project, UWill, (University of Washington Information Literacy Learning) that will develop discipline-related tutorials to help integrate information-literacy skills into undergraduate classes. Bob Edmonds has agreed to pilot some of the tools in CFR 101 during Winter Quarter 2001.

The School of Library and Information science will continue the pilot class, INFO 220 (formerly IMT 220), Winter Quarter 2001. Carol Green will work with Patty Carey of the Natural Sciences Library to teach Information Research Strategies in Environment and Natural Resources. This three-credit class will be open to anyone interested in discipline related research, and will target students in Forest Resources, Biology, Botany, Zoology, and Program on the Environment.

Those of you leaving for the summer, be sure to return materials you will not be using, or renew material you will need during the summer. The Summer Quarter due date is August 18, 2000. Faculty who wish to use other academic libraries during the summer should check the list of institutions in the Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program at

Carol Green will be on summer leave from July 17 through September 15. Kathy Gilbert and Kate Scully will hold the fort, and Maureen Nolan will be available for regular reference services during that time."


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