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Web Page

The new and greatly improved Pack Forest Web page has become an important tool in community outreach and education, as well as for conference center promotion. The site averages six hits per day, with visitors surfing from as far away as Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany, and Japan. The conference center page averages one hit per day, resulting in a very high rate of bookings. New additions include a virtual tour of a sawmill visited by Spring Quarter 2000 students, an Arbor Day 2000 scrapbook, and the Washington State Future Farmers of America Forestry Contest.

Equipment Updates

Ethernet connections have been installed in the main office, Scott Hall, and the McBride classrooms, greatly improving the ability to communicate and transfer data to the Seattle campus as well as to other remote field stations such as ONRC. Video conferencing equipment has been installed in McBride 101, which will add yet another tool to Pack's education and outreach toolbox. Also, updated GIS information from the Pack Forest database is available to the CFR community. The latest (1996) orthophoto of the forest, GPS layers of the roads and trails, and updates to stand boundaries, age classes, and stream classifications are available by request.

Forest Operations

A 420-acre precommercial thinning contract has been awarded and will be completed before May 30, 2001. The first log sale of the season has been completed. An even-aged harvest of 17 acres of 65 year old timber netted 402 mbf, primarily of Douglas-fir and some western red cedar and Port Orford-cedar.

Conference Center

Pack Forest Conference Center was "home" to 20 forest management students, seven forest engineering students, two TAs, and three professors during Spring Quarter 2000. The Pack Forest staff greatly appreciates the outstanding efforts made by all with regard to professionalism, study habits, and respect to the facility!


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