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Student Profile - Sean Healey

Sean Healey is a Ph.D. student in silviculture and forest protection. Sean says, "I grew up in Erie, PA, where, with the help of my parents, I developed an appreciation for nature. This appreciation led me to study biology at the New College of the University of South Florida. While there, I studied the behavior of a fish that can mate both as a male and as a female with the same partner at the same time (and you thought you hung around with a wild crowd in college!).

About four hours after handing in my thesis, I was on a plane that would take me to join the Peace Corps. I spent two years in Cameroon, a country in Central Africa, where I taught local farmers how to raise fish in ponds. It was during this first exposure to a tropical forest that I developed some of the research interests that I am now pursuing at the UW. After the Peace Corps, I taught English in Malaysia for a year. I then moved to equally exotic New York City. There, I began teaching in a large inner city high school in Brooklyn, a job that was both rewarding and challenging. During my two years there, I also earned an M.S. in Science Education at Columbia University."

In 1998, Sean began his studies in the College's silviculture and forest protection program in order to pursue his interests in tropical forestry. Sean says, "My advisor, Bob Gara, was supportive and extremely generous with his time from the beginning; with his advice and with the help of Chad Oliver, my research slowly came into focus. This research deals with the dynamics of secondary forests that grow on abandoned agricultural land in Costa Rica. As Costa Rica becomes industrialized, large areas of pasture-land are being abandoned. By studying regeneration mechanisms of nascent secondary forests on these lands, I am looking for ways to accelerate reforestation.

I spent nearly five months in 1999 as a UW Tropical Forest Intern for a plantation/reforestation project in Costa Rica. This project, run by Albert and Penelope Foster (Albert is an M.S. student at the College), maintains a large tract of primary rainforest and also manages approximately 300 hectares that are being planted with a mixture of teak and native species. In addition to helping with the daily running of the farm, I had a great opportunity to set up and treat my study plots. I'm hoping to get publishable data from these plots within two years."

Besides the tropical forest internship, Sean has also received support from the Gordon A. and Marion M. Nelson Endowment in Forest Resources, the James and Flora Woods Scholarship, and the Agnes Anderson Fellowship. The most important support that I have received for my research, though," says Sean," has come from my wife Kirsten, who is as understanding as she is beautiful! We live in Wallingford, and in our spare time like to go hiking in the Cascades with our dog."

Student News

Alison Agness received the first annual award, newly established by the College's wildlife science faculty, for "outstanding senior in wildlife science." Alison received a certificate and a cash award of $100 on May 15, 2000.

Patrick Baker, Ph.D. student in silviculture and forest protection, is co-author of an article appearing in the May 26, 2000 issue of Science. The article, entitled "Spatial Patterns in the Distribution of Tropical Tree Species," describes a census of six large plots of tropical tree species and shows that most species are aggregated, or clumped, with aggregation most intense for rarer types of plants. The findings have implications for environmental decision-makers and forest managers. The article is available on the Web at: http://www.sciencemag. org/cgi/content/full/288/5470/1414? maxtoshow=&HITS=10&hits=10& RESULTFORMAT=&author1=Baker%2C+ P.&searchid=QID_NOT_SET& FIRSTINDEX=.

Caren Crandell, M.S. student in urban horticulture, has developed a forum for graduate students in the program to present proposals and develop thesis presentations. The forum complements already established opportunities for presenting proposals, but is informal and flexible for student needs, whether for preparing a thesis defense presentation, for meetings with faculty advisors, or just brainstorming project ideas in the "safe" environment of their peers.

Kyle Cunningham, M.S. student, and Joseph Roos, Ph.D. student, both in forest products marketing, have been awarded research fellowships through the Fulbright Foundation. Joe will be spending a year studying and conducting research as a Fulbright Fellow in Japan towards his Ph.D., while Kyle will be working and studying as a Fulbright Fellow in Ghana, West Africa.

Sara Jensen, M.S. student in social sciences, has been selected as a Presidential Management Intern (PMI), The PMI program was established by Executive Order in 1977 to attract to the Federal service outstanding individuals from a wide variety of academic disciplines who have an interest in, and commitment to, the analysis and management of public policies and programs.

Justin Knobel and Jesse Saunders were shared recipients of the Pack Forester of the Year Award, each receiving a check for $125.

Brian Oakley, Ph.D. student in forest ecosystem analysis, recently was co-recipient of a grant from the USFS-PSW Research Station for a project entitled, "Nitrogen Fixation and Fire in Sierra Nevada Forests." He also received a grant in the Northwest Scientific Association 2000 Student Research Grant -Competition.

Morgan Reichman, conservation of wildland resources undergraduate, has been invited to membership in Phi Beta Kappa. Santino Pascua, forest engineering undergraduate, is working on a project with the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences to bring eight students from the Quinault Reservation to the UW campus this summer. The students will spend a week at Big Beef Creek research station, a week at Pack Forest, and a week on the Seattle campus.

John Withey, M.S. student in wildlife sciences, was awarded a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship.

Kevin Zobrist was the recipient of the $500 Pack Essay Prize for academic year 1999-2000.

Student Reports

Hans Schmidt, forest management undergraduate and vice president of the Forest Club, reports on "Garb Day 2000" held on the UW campus on May 19th. "The Annual Garb Day Celebration returned to main campus after 30 years! The 70-year-old celebration once held on campus, with log rolling in Frosh Pond, was moved to Pack Forest about 30 years ago. This year, the Forest Club decided to bring it back to campus." Hans, forest management undergraduate, coordinated the event, including fundraising, catering, and arranging for a bluegrass band. There were demonstrations of cross-cut sawing, axe chopping and chain saw carving, as well as displays and information tables from each of the College's majors. There were contests to guess the height and age of nearby trees and to locate wildlife radio transmitters. Displays on urban forestry plant health were also featured. "Mattia and Melissa Boscolo, Ben Carlsen, Sam Carvey, Mark Frey, Matt Gordon and Nicole Whitney were just a few of the students who helped make Garb Day a success," says Hans.

After a hard day in the field the design team meets with DNR clients.

Robbie Stewart, forest engineering undergraduate, reports on the forest engineering program's, "Spring 2000 Capstone Adventure." "Beginning March 27, 2000," says Robbie, "forest engineering seniors (Barry Collins, Justin Gardner, Bill Heymann, Aaron McDonald, TA Luke Rogers, Aaron Roark, Robbie Stewart, and Tamra Zylstra), set in motion the preliminary analysis for a large thinning sale project for the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

The project consisted of designing a harvest and transportation plan for the Burnt Mountain planning area, located 17 miles north of Forks on the Olympic peninsula, just outside the town of Sappho, WA. The project had three parts. The first four weeks were spent at Pack Forest conducting the initial stages of the analysis and preparing for the field verification phase. During three weeks of field verification, we stayed at the Olympic Natural Resource Center in Forks, WA. We really liked the facilities and especially the cook who prepared the meals! During that time, of the seven miles of proposed road, six miles were gradelined, three miles were traversed, and inventories of existing roads were taken.

The students also cruised numerous plots and ran profiles to prove the accuracy of both the silvicultural data and the digital elevation model. This was done to ensure that the office designs were accurate and correct. Once the office data was verified in the field, we concluded that both sources of data proved to be surprisingly precise and the preliminary office designs were sound. The final four weeks of the quarter were spent back at Pack Forest completing the analysis and preparing a presentation and report for the DNR."

The project can be viewed on, then click on "Current project: Burnt Mtn-2000."

Undergraduate Scholarships
(Spring 2000)

Carolyn Alfano Forest Resources Scholarship Mary Elizabeth Liddel R. D. Merrill Scholarship
Brandon Blue

William O. Larson Memorial Scholarship

Stephanie Lingwood Forest Resources Scholarship
David Bok George H. Wilson Endowed Scholarship Carolina Manriquez Mackie Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Stephen Buffington J.H. Bloedel Forestry Scholarship Thomas Mohr George and Marge Stenzel Endowed Scholarship
Ben Carlsen Donald E. Dyson Memorial Scholarship Julie Panike George and Marge Stenzel Endowed Scholarship
Troy Coleman Clayton Carlisle Memorial Endowed Scholarship Rachel Ramos College of Forest Resources Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Andrea Duvall George H. Wilson Endowed Scholarship Patrick Rusher Donald E. Dyson Memorial Scholarship
Karen Erickson Mackie Memorial Endowed Scholarship Mark Senger Clayton Carlisle Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Minkyun Flowers ABB Endowed Scholarship Elizabeth Stevens Clayton Carlisle Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Tessa Francis William O. Larson Memorial Scholarship Jeffrey Towle Simpson Centennial Endowed Scholarship
July Groves Mackie Memorial Endowed Scholarship Heidi Watters Robert D. Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Erin Horan William R. Hervey Memorial Scholarship Derek Weigel Forest Resources Scholarship
Gregory Hostetler James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship Nicol Whitney College of Forest Resources Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship
Jill Hutchinson ABB Endowed Scholarship Megan Wilson William O. Larson Memorial Scholarship
Brian Kertson J.H. Bloedel Forestry Scholarship Kevin Zobrist Tacoma Lumberman's Paul Johns Award

Graduate Scholarships/Fellowships
(Spring 2000)

Lyle Almond Lockwood Endowed Fellowship Mary Linders Marion and Gordon Nelson Endowment in Forest Resources
Jeffrey Bradley Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship
Walter B. Nettleton Scholarship
Graham MacKenzie

Walter B. Nettleton Scholarship

Michelle Connor Lockwood Endowed Fellowship David Mausel Lockwood Endowed Fellowship
Cameron Crump Lawrence Ottinger Forest Products Fellowship Joanne Neugebauer-Rex Stanley P. Gessel Research and Scholarship Fund
Michele Dobie

Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship
Walter B. Nettleton Scholarship

Jason Niebler Lockwood Endowed Fellowship
Dan Gavin Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship
James and Flora Woods Scholarship
Elissa Ostergaard Lockwood Endowed Fellowship
Sean Healey Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship
James and Flora Woods Scholarship
Amy Stabins (Renkert)

Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship and Orlo W. and Mildred M. Endowed Scholarship

Jon Honea Marvin Klemme Research Fellowship Gage Wagoner Walter B. Nettleton Scholarship
Sara Jensen Lockwood Endowed Fellowship Wendy Wayne Lockwood Endowed Fellowship
David Landsman Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship and Marion
Gordon Nelson Endowment in Forest Resources
John Withey Riffe Family Endowed Fellowship
Mary Linders Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship

WPPF Scholarships

Albert S. Allen Jan Hasbrouck Chris R. Matz Josh Pitkin
Christopher R. Ashley Aeren Huckleberry Gregg J. McCarthy Michell D. Tibayan
Alexander Buchanan Jennifer L. Irvin Michael J. McGinty Long Minh Tran
Edward A. Draper Mitchell Johnson Erik CR Mildes Quan Wang
Kevin D. Fischer David Kahler Linda T. Nguyen Matthew D. Williams
Michael Freeland Chris C. Krumland Eric Nordberg Mitzi J. Wischnofske
Daniel Halos Lenny Lee Deanna L. Pierce

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