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Forest Resources Library (FRL)

Maureen Nolan reports: “Due to Suzzallo Library construction and renovation, many materials are now at the Libraries’ Sand Point storage facility. We are identifying two categories of materials to be relocated — brittle or damaged books to be stored for their protection and older, low-use materials. All materials in storage can still be checked out. The Libraries Catalog location “Rainier Auxiliary Stacks” identifies items in storage. To request a stored item, do one of the following:

Kathy Gilbert reminds faculty that they can submit reserve requests electronically. From the Information Gateway, select Course Reserves/Information for Faculty/Forest Resources Library and scan down to the link to the form, or go directly to reserve&unitcode=fr. FRL staff can also help faculty scan materials for use as course reserves. Maureen says, “Thanks to Carol Green for allowing me the pleasure of working as the ‘summer librarian’ for FRL.”

Elisabeth Miller Library

The Miller Library catalog will become part of the UW Libraries Web-based catalog this fall, providing greater accessibility to the main campus and the horticultural community at large. To connect, open the UW Libraries Catalog at, then select the “CUH Library” button. You can also access it through the Miller Library’s Web site at Miller Library holdings will also be found when doing a search of the general catalog in the “All UW” mode. Achieving this long time goal was made possible by the generous support of the Miller Charitable Foundation and the UW Libraries administration and staff.

The library now has two public computers available, each with a printer, in anticipation of their greater use for searching the catalog. Continuing to be available from these terminals are interactive gardening programs on CD-ROM, the Andersen Horticultural Library’s Plant Information Online sources and citations database, and the Miller Library’s own Directory of Horticultural Web Sites (, which has seen several improvements this summer.

The library received several excellent donations of books recently, including extensive collections on orchids and bonsai, with many titles new to the library.

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