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Staff Profile - Ann Corboy

Ann Corboy, the new Management and Engineering Division Secretary, began work at CFR on July 31st. Ann comes to CFR from the UW Office of the Registrar. She says, “I was enticed by the job ad that began, ‘Work in the relaxed atmosphere ... ,’ and in fact I am enjoying the atmosphere very much, even if it isn’t always completely ‘relaxed’!” Ann lives just north of the UW with her husband and two children (young adults) — Ann says “ We’ve managed to keep them alive to the ripe old ages of 19 and 21.”

Ann is a native of Monterey, CA, and spent her childhood in various California towns, finding her way after high school to the University of San Francisco where she majored in biology. After moving to Portland, OR in 1975, Ann completed the final year of her degree at Portland State University in 1976 and immediately hired into what was then the Plant Department of Pacific Northwest Bell, at that time still a part of AT&T. Ann says, “I took a lot of ribbing as a biology major with several classes in botany, working in a plant department with no connection whatsoever to living green things! My first 15 years at Pacific Northwest Bell (later US West) were spent in various positions with responsibilities for the people who maintained central office switching and microwave radio equipment (the telephone plant—now more commonly called the network). My last five years were spent in the Finance Department. While working with US West, we were transferred from Portland to Salem and then to Bend, OR. Finally, with the divestiture of AT&T in 1980, we were transferred to Seattle, my husband’s hometown.”

Working at US West always required extensive travel and long hours. However, as one of the oldest of a family of 10 children, and having already changed more than a few diapers in her young life, Ann chose this path while her husband agreed to stay home full-time with the kids. “After 19 years of life in the business world and one particularly bad airplane flight, I came home to find my family moaning about minor sunburns and ‘exhaustion’ from several long days on the shores of Lake Washington. I decided then and there that I was ready for a career change, and my husband and I swapped roles (he’s quick to point out that he was home for what he calls the ‘most demanding’ years). I spent three marvelous years as a full-time mom to my kids as teenagers and then, much to their great relief, I’m sure, I decided to return to work.

I chose the UW so that I could walk or bike to work, wear casual clothes, never again travel (on business) and have a personal life EVERY evening. I‘ve replaced the time I used to spend in airports and airplanes with lessons of all sorts from my kids, long walks and bicycle rides (in the city or in the woods), reading, snowboarding, gardening, music, art, and plenty of time sitting on park benches wondering how swallows move the way they do (a lesson learned from my son). I’m really happy with my choice, and especially happy to be a part of the College of Forest Resources.”

Staff News

The College welcomes Ann Corboy, the new Management and Engineering Division Secretary, effective July 31, 2000. (See Staff Profile)

Julie DeBarr has left the Arboretum to work in the UW Outreach Office as a Continuing Education Specialist, effective July 17, 2000.

Michele Ferry has been hired for a new position at ONRC as Research Program Analyst. She will assist in the development and communication of the growing research programs at ONRC.

Congratulations to John Haukaas, who was recently promoted to Systems Analyst/Programmer 3.

Linda Kaye has been hired as the College’s Director of Development and Public Relations. Linda comes from the Provost’s Office where her position was Manager of Curriculum and Program Relations.

Georgia Murray’s last day at CFR was September 11, 2000. A farewell sendoff was held in the Commons to wish Georgia well.

Teresa Santman joins the ONRC staff, effective August 15, 2000. Teresa will handle receptionist duties as well as general administrative support for the Center’s research programs.

Congratulations to Dave Shaw, who has been promoted to Research Manager of the Wind River Canopy Crane Facility, effective August 1, 2000.

Douglas St. John was appointed Associate Director of the Precision Forestry Cooperative, effective July 19, 2000.

Ben Staubach is the new, full-time Research Technician for the SMC field crew, replacing Bob Gonyea who retired in May. Ben received his B.S. in forest management from CFR in June 2000.

Kristen Torres was promoted to Gardener 2, effective June 1, 2000.

Michelle Trudeau, and Duane Emmons attended a UW Alumni Association-sponsored barbecue in Yakima, WA on August 15, 2000. Designed to give incoming UW students from across the state an opportunity to meet students, faculty, and staff currently at the UW and to welcome new students and their families to the UW community, a series of these events are occurring across the state. Marc Petruncio, CFR Affiliate Assistant Professor, on the faculty at Heritage College in Toppenish, WA, also attended the barbecue.

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