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Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH )

CUH staff are currently planning for the meeting hosted by the Washington Rare Plant Conservation Program. The meeting will be held April 17 and 18, 2000, at the Center.

Washington Park Arboretum

John Wott reports:

Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR)


New CINTRAFOR Publications

WP73 Material Substitution in the U.S. Residential Construction Industry. I. Eastin, S. Fleishman, and S. Shook. 2000. 90 pages. $20.00

WP72 A Competitive Assessment of the Hardwood Lumber Industry in the Pacific Northwest. I. Eastin, S. Shook, and W. Sammarco. 2000. 55 pages. $10.00

WP71 An Assessment of the South Korean Market for Value-Added Wood Products. R. Braden and B. Tichy. 2000. 70 pages. $7.50

WP70 A Technical Assessment of the North American-style 2x4 Residential Construction Market in Japan. I. Eastin, T. Ossinger, R. Williams, S. Shook, R. Hashizume, and J. Roos. 2000. 78 pages. $20.00

Center for Streamside Studies (CSS)

10th Annual Review

CSS held its 10th Annual Review on January 20, 2000. Attendance this year was over 400, a record number. The review moderators were Peter Bisson, Loveday Conquest, Derek Booth, and Mike Brett. Approximately 30 people presented talks or posters. In addition to providing abstracts, fact sheets produced by CSS on urban stream monitoring protocols, stream restoration guidelines, riparian silvicultural monitoring protocols, horizontal viewing discs, electrofishing methods, engineered large woody debris, and environmental impacts of mining were available. These publications can be found at Prizes for the best student talk and best poster were awarded, judged by an evaluation team made up of Advisory Board members, CSS faculty, and a student. Fisheries student Scott Gende won for best talk, "Consumption choice by bears feeding on salmon" and CFR student Jim Helfield won for best poster, "Fertilization of riparian vegetation by spawning salmon: effects on tree growth and implications for system productivity".

CSS Student Support

Fisheries graduate student Jamal Moss is working on a new CSS-funded project with the Washington Department of Transportation. He will research the success rate of fish swimming through culverts.

Andrew Holmes, a senior in the Program on the Environment, is working on his senior project under graduate student James Packman. The research is on "State/Discharge Relationship Study of Small Puget Lowland Streams."

Ecosystem Sciences graduate student Graham MacKenzie was awarded $400 by CSS for his project, "Trophic Relations Between Salmon Carcasses, Oomycetes and Caddisflies."

CSS also awarded three RAs for Spring quarter:

A $2,000 gift from the Washington Fly Fishing Club provided two student awards of $1,000 each:

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