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Forest Resources Library (FRL)

Carol Green reports that Kathy Gilbert and Maureen Nolan have been working on a revised Web page for the unit that provides access to a number of Libraries-wide services directly from the FRL page. Online forms and electronic journal lists are among the items linked directly to the unit page making them easier to find. A side banner continues to provide access to the Libraries Gateway services as well. Carol says, "Check it out at http://www.lib. and send us your comments for improvement."

Faculty can now submit reserve requests electronically and are encouraged to do so. From the Libraries Gateway select "Course Reserves/Course Reserves Information for Faculty/Forest Resources Library." Instructions and forms are available from this page. (Direct access is at FRL’s new scanner provides electronic reserves; faculty can contact Kathy Gilbert if they wish to use electronic reserves for Spring Quarter 2000 classes.

"On a negative note," reports Carol, "journal cancellations made last fall took effect in January 2000. We canceled over $8,000 in serial subscriptions for the College. The considered comments and advice we received from the CFR community about cancellations helped us in making these difficult decisions. In addition, the book budget will be somewhat lower this biennium as well, so we will need to spend our money wisely. Let us know what you really need."

The UW Libraries has recently completed its Strategic Plan for 1999-2003. Units are currently developing their goals in keeping with this plan. In addition to ongoing operations, the FRL will be looking at improving and expanding the use of electronic reserves, continued involvement with information literacy instruction within the College, and automating the circulation of unbound journals and other material for better control. Unbound issues will be circulated electronically starting Spring Quarter 2000.

Carol Green taught a pilot class Autumn Quarter sponsored by the School of Library and Information Science (SLIS). IMT 220 (Information Management and Technology) is a research strategy class linked to specific courses and disciplines. Carol and Patty Carey, Natural Sciences Library, linked with Rob Harrison’s ESC 110, Introduction to Environmental Science, and to ENVIRN 201. (Rob reports that the students who took IMT 220 averaged a 3.8 in his class in contrast to the 3.1 overall class average.) A similar class linked to ESC 202 for Winter Quarter was cancelled for lack of enrollment. The SLIS hopes these classes will be the beginning of an undergraduate program and a new collaboration among the Libraries and subject departments and Colleges.

Relocations have started in Suzzallo Library for the renovation scheduled to start this summer. The move of auxiliary stacks material to Sandpoint started on March 1; once the materials are moved retrieval of the materials will continue on the regular twice a day schedule. To keep track of what is happening and where the book you want now resides, check

"And, while I was on medical leave during January 2000," says Carol, "Maureen Nolan provided reference and instruction. Thanks to Maureen, Kathy Gilbert, and all the FRL staff for keeping the library running smoothly."

Elisabeth Miller Library

The staff of the Miller Library is pleased to announce their first publication, Nature is visible, art concealed: A selection of rare and old books from the collections of the Elisabeth C. Miller Library. Scheduled for release in April 2000, this book leads the reader through the history of botanical and horticultural publications by profiling over 30 of the library’s most important holdings dating from 1629 to 1929. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please contact the library at 543-0415 or email

Tracy Wilson, a new hourly staff member, will be maintaining periodicals and assisting with electronic resources, as well as providing reference help. She brings to the Miller Library staff a strong background and interest in organic gardening and permaculture.

Heronswood Nursery on the Kitsap Peninsula held a successful open house in February featuring hellebores and other winter flowers, with the admittance fees going to benefit the Miller Library.

Plans are underway for the annual Northwest Horticultural Society fundraising auction for the benefit of the Library’s endowment. This year’s auction is planned for May 7, 2000.

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