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Staff Profile - Bob Beer

The most common question that people ask Bob Beer, who works in the Dean’s office in Anderson Hall, is "So just what exactly do you do?" Ask anybody but him and you are likely to get a variety of answers. His official title, "Information Specialist 2", is unlikely to be of much help either.

Bob came to the College as a temporary helper for the Institute of Forest Resources, the College’s "publishing arm", and the office that handles Grants and Contracts. He helped with desktop publishing, word processing, the College’s Annual Summary of Research, and federal research reporting. Since then he has helped out in several different areas including Forest Management, Development, Assistant to the Associate Dean, and Grants processing, to name a few.

Several years ago, he got interested in Web design, and created Web pages for the College’s Institute publications. Then he worked on the Grants information pages and the Grants newsletter. One thing led to another and he eventually took over as Web designer for the main CFR Web site, which he recently redesigned.

Currently he also manages the Current Research Information System (CRIS), federal research reporting. This may be a convenient place to note that "he knows who has submitted, and who hasn’t, and will be on your case.... !"

When Bob first came to the College, he was a student in the Near Eastern Languages and Civilization department, concentrating in Turkic languages (Turkish and Uzbek, to be precise) and Persian. Bob says, "Although I haven’t pursued an academic career in these languages, I use them, especially Turkish, in my study, performance, and teaching of Turkish and Greek folk music. I studied at the Society for Dissemination of National Music in Athens for several years, and am now preparing to return to Turkey for seven months of music study. I play and teach regularly at folk music and dance workshops around the country and currently am an instrumentalist and vocalist in the up-and-coming world music and dance ensemble, ‘Children of the Revolution.’"

Bob’s other passions are gardening and horticulture, and during his upcoming trip, he will also go on a seed-collecting trip into the east Black Sea region with College alumnus Daniel Hinkley of Heronswood Nursery. When he’s not gardening or playing music, Bob is tending to the needs of his somewhat unusual pets, stick and leaf insects, one of which insisted on taking advantage of the photo opportunity.

Staff News

Please stop by the Student Services office to welcome Jeff Aken, new Program Assistant, effective March 8, 2000. Jeff has worked as a temp in Electrical and Civil Engineering, as a "network guy" at Boeing, and at Lynnwood REI.

Michele Berg was given a send-off on her last day at the College in February. She has accepted a position as Program Assistant in the School of Marine Affairs.

Congratulations to Neal Bonham, who has moved to the Gardener II position in the Washington Park Arboretum. Neal has been a Gardener I for over a year and was a volunteer for many years before that.

Alan Carter Mortimer, who worked as a Research Consultant in the USGS Cascadia Field Station office, has left the College, effective January 8, 2000.

Kevin Fisher was hired as a Research Technician, effective February 1, 2000.

Congratulations to Sally Morgan who recently completed ten years of service to the University of Washington.

Best wishes to David Norton, Computer Network Administrator, who will be leaving the College to take a position in the private sector. We wish him success!

Barbara O’Neill retired from the Administrative Assistant position at the Center for Urban Horticulture, effective March 1, 2000, after over 30 years of service to the UW. Barbara was given a fond farewell by colleagues and friends on March 1st, at a party hosted by CUH—complete with a Scottish bagpiper!

Megan O’Shea has increased her appointment from 80 percent to 100 percent to provide support to the Precision Forestry Cooperative.

Christina Pfeiffer reports the publication of "A Resourceful Approach to Collections Maintenance," in Public Garden, the Journal of the American Association of Botanical Gardens and Arboreta,Vol. 14, No. 4, OCT/NOV/DEC 1999. Christina was one of four local horticulturists featured in Seattle Magazine’s Jan/Feb 2000 issue in "Four Seasons Gardening Planner: Four Seattle gardening gurus reveal their favorite, easy-to-grow plants and offer advice in a season-by-season primer for the horticultural year."

Congratulations to Russ Posten who was recently promoted to Advisor in the Student Services Office.

Monica Ravin is a new full-time education Program Assistant for the Washington Park Arboretum, effective February 28, 2000. Monica has a B.S. in biology from the University of Oregon and has been a lead naturalist and instructor with the Seattle Aquarium, Woodland Park Zoo, and King County Parks and Recreation Department. She will be working with the 3rd grade science-based inquiry program.

Dave Shaw reports the publication of "Evaluating the Accuracy of Ground-Based Hemlock Dwarf Mistletoe: A Case Study Using the Wind River Canopy Crane," in the Western Journal of Applied Forestry, January 2000, Vol. 15, No. 1. Dave’s co-authors were E.A. Freeman and R.L. Mathiasen.

Tammy Stout, who worked as a Research Technician with Charlie Halpern, left the College, effective January 1, 2000.

Kristin Torres is the new Gardener I in the Washington Park Arboretum, effective February 7, 2000. Kristin was raised in Wenatchee, WA, where her family owns a fruit orchard. She completed horticultural training at South Seattle Community College.

Congratulations to Dongsen Xue who was recently promoted to Research Coordinator.

Staff Reports

Carl Harrington reports that new CFR Health and Safety Committee members for 2000-2002 are Art Breitsprecher, Carl Harrington, Fred Hoyt, Stan Humann, Phil Hurvitz, Morris Johnson, Mark Lewis, Sally Morgan, Dongsen Xue, and David Zuckerman. Art was elected committee chair. The Health and Safety Com-mittee’s mission is to serve as a re-source for faculty, staff, and students to address concerns about workplace safety and injury prevention. Contact the committee if you have concerns or questions, especially those that are unique to the College.

Carl also reports that he was elected to chair the University-wide Health and Safety Committee for 2000-2002. This committee is composed of representatives from each of the organizational health and safety committees across campus. Its main focus is on issues that have impact across administrative boundaries and may impact all or many UW faculty, staff, and students. Principally, the committee prepares recommendations for the UW Environmental Health and Safety Department based on the committee’s research and analysis.

Pack Forest clean-up crew taking a break from their community effort.

In an effort to give staff a chance to get to know their coworkers better, the Workplace Quality Committee instituted the, "CFR Staff Network Potluck" in January 2000. The purpose of the potluck is to give staff a chance to get together every other month to share information about their job responsibilities and talk about staff work issues. The first potluck was held in Anderson Hall and was attended by 17 staff members. The second potluck, held at the Center for Urban Horticulture, was attended by 18 staff. The April potluck date will be announced via email. All staff are welcome to attend!

The Pack Forest staff, as part of their volunteer "Adopt A Highway" program, picked up an estimated two-and-a-half tons of trash from SR 7 along the entrance to Pack Forest in 1999. This is in addition to approximately 30 tires, one bed, a bundle of love letters, a kitchen stove, and the remains of an entire toolshed!

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