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Student Profile - Heidi Watters

Heidi Watters is an undergraduate with a double major in the College's Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry program and in the College of Architecture and Urban Planning's Landscape Architecture program.

Heidi was born in Seattle and grew up outside Kent, WA "making forts in the woods, floating stick boats in the creek, and making witches' brew." Heidi says, "I enjoy being a double major because I get a solid foundation of scientific basics, and then focus on their practical and creative application in real life. This knowledge of plants and space gives me wonderful tools for enhancing people's quality of life-which is my central interest."

Heidi received an award from the Mary Gates Leadership Endowment for the 1999-2000 academic year, which provides funding that supports undergraduate research. Heidi says, "The Mary Gates research project I am working on also has the goal of enhancing the quality of human life. The project is about developing a palette of beautiful and highly successful landscape plants for use in low-resource situations. Resources, in the project's context include time, knowledge, experience, and money. The technique is to utilize plants that are very competitive in cultivated situations, so I interviewed local gardeners to find out what desirable plants in their gardens fit that description."

The resulting list of over 180 plants was then evaluated for invasiveness, so as not to include potential ecological invaders. The remaining plants are selected for various desirable qualities and then installed in test landscapes at the Center for Urban Horticulture, Yesler Terrace Public Housing Development, and Park Lane Public Housing Development where they will be observed for a minimum of a year.

"Outside of school," Heidi says, "I spend a lot of time on my own large garden, where I propagate most of my plants from seed, mainly perennials, annuals, and vegetables. I enjoy making things in general-cooking, sketching, and composing, and playing with colors, light, and shapes. I also love being with kids and playing the piano, although I have neither!"

Heidi is one of two College of Forest Resources undergraduates (see student report by Amanda Koss) receiving Mary Gates Endowment funding.

Student Reports

Matt Bennett reports that the UW Restoration Ecology Network (UW-REN) is creating a WWW database of UW faculty, staff, and graduate students willing to share their knowledge of ecology and restoration with students and teachers in the greater Seattle K-12 school system. The site can be found at http://depts. Matt says, "Volunteers' contact information will be listed on the REN Web page for K-12 teachers to contact them directly for assistance and/or possible class presentations. Being listed on the database places an individual under no specific obligation-you are free to decide on each opportunity for which you are contacted. The database will alert users to the fact that many volunteers are busy and may frequently not be available to assist them. Potential topics of discussion could include a variety of topics in restoration and ecology as well as horticulture, fisheries, and forestry. This is a great opportunity to influence future generations as well as to gain experience in public presentations and teaching, with limited time commitment on your part!"

To volunteer or obtain additional information contact Matt Bennett at Volunteers should include their name, department,
e-mail, phone number (optional) and a list of topic areas they would consider for presentations.

Amanda Koss reports on her recent work with Seattle's American Indian Heritage School (AIHS) developing a mentorship/tutoring relationship between UW and AIHS students.

"During Winter Quarter several students from the College of Forest Resources volunteered at AIHS located in North Seattle. I, along with Rick Bailey and Stephanie Seibert, Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry (EHUF) undergraduate students, and Matt Bennett, graduate student in Ecosystem Sciences assisted with a combination of ecological soils laboratories and field excursions, native plant research projects, and greenhouse propagation with native plant species. Kimberly Marshall, undergraduate student in Botany and Art, also helped as a certified tutor for the native plant research, ecological soils, and greenhouse projects.

Students in Chuck Henry's ESC 111 class, "Introduction to sustainable Resource Sciences" planted 4,000 trees for the MOuntains to Sound Greenway. Pictured are Carolyn Alfono and Ben Stabauch. Volunteers were given an introductory talk that involved plant recognition, use of the tools provided, how to have fun in the sun and not work too hard, and safety precautions. Planting projects are continuing through Spring Quarter; if you are looking for a day of exercise and want to be part of keeping the "Emerald City" green, call Amy Glaub at (206) 812-0122.

Several students from various UW departments joined together to support the beginning of a "Cultural Arts and Sciences After School Program" at AIHS by volunteering through the UW's Pipeline Tutoring Program. Projects include creating murals, cultural gifts for a school potlatch, and dance regalia, the use of plant materials for natural dyes, and production of a native plant research book compiled of materials collected from student class projects.

Amanda says, "I help with monitoring the after school program and help develop projects for the students to work on using native plants, ecology, and greenhouse work. A concern and interest of AIHS faculty is respect for Native American culture. One suggestion is that we focus on an ethnobotany aspect of indigenous plant materials. This would add a cultural component to the research and will require effort to locate Native American elders who can help with the oral history of traditional uses of plants from the Pacific Northwest. The students from both AIHS and the UW have shown enthusiasm with the combined projects, and several students from the UW plan to continuing volunteering for next quarter. This project is open to anyone who wants to help as a mentor/tutor at AIHS." For more information, contact Amanda Koss: akoss@u.

The projects were developed in coordination with College of Forest Resources faculty Gordon Bradley and Linda Chalker-Scott. For more details on these continuing projects see

The Edward E. Carlson Center Leadership and Public Service Center and Pipeline Project at the UW also offer credit opportunities for volunteering in Seattle schools and other outreach programs. More information on these programs may be viewed at Email: and Email:

Undergraduate Scholarships
(Winter 2000)

Carolyn Alfano Lloyd Anderson REI Scholarship   Stephanie Lingwood C. Frank Brockman Memorial Scholarship
Sarah Barber Lloyd Anderson REI Scholarship   Caroline Manriquez

William E. Sankela Memorial Scholarship

Stephen Buffington Agnes H. Anderson Scholarship   Ai Nakamura J.H. Bloedel Forestry Scholarship
Troy Coleman Richard S. Elliott Memorial Endowed Scholarship   Rachel Ramos College of Forest Resources Alumni Scholarship
Jeffrey Comnick Howard W. Millan Endowed Scholarship   Patrick Rusher Mackie Memorial Endowed Scholarship
Jesse Craven Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Scholarship   Mark Senger Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Scholarship
Minkyun Flowers ABB Corporation Endowed Scholarship   Audrey Stuart (Kellar)

Harold Nash Johns Memorial Scholarship

Tessa Francis J.H. Bloedel Forestry Scholarship   Jeffrey Towle Simpson Centennial Endowed Scholarship
Erin Horan William R. Hervey Memorial Scholarship   Jeremy Tryall Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Scholarship
Gregory Hostetler James Rideway Endowed Scholarship   Corey Watson College of Forest Resources Scholarship
Jill Hutchinson ABB Corporation Endowed Scholarship   Corey Watson George and Marge Stenzel Undergraduate Scholarship
Brain Kertson Agnes H. Anderson Scholarship   Heidi Watters Robert D. Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Amanda Koss J.H. Bloedel Forestry Scholarship   Derek Weigel R.D. Merrill Forestry Scholarship
Mary Elizabeth Liddel J.H. Bloedel Forestry Scholarship   Kevin Zobrist Tacoma Lumberman's Club Paul H. Johns, Jr. Memorial Scholarship


Graduate Scholarships/Fellowships (Winter 2000)

Gemma Alexander Marion M. & Gordon A. Nelson Endowment in Forest Resources   Mary Loftfield Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship
Lyle Almond

Hugo Winkenwerder Memorial Graduate Fellowship

  Graham MacKenzie Walter B. Nettleton Scholarship
Michelle Connor Marion M. & Gordon A. Nelson Endowment in Forest Resources   Joanne Neugebauer-Rex Agnes H. Anderson Research Fellowship
Cameron Crump Lawrence Ottinger Forest Products Fellowship   Jason Niebler R. D. Merrill Research Fellowship
Emily Griswold Graduate School Award   Elissa Ostergaard R. D. Merrill Research Fellowship
Sean Healey

Marion M. & Gordon A. Nelson Endowment in Forest Resources

  Anne Portinga Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship
Jon Honea Agnes H. Anderson Research Fellowship   Gage Wagoner Walter B. Nettleton Scholarship
Jon Honea Marvin Klemme Research Fellowship   Wilhelm Welzenbach Graduate School Award
Sara Jensen Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship   John Withey Graduate School Award
Amber Kocsis

Marion M. & Gordon A. Nelson Endowment in Forest Resources



WPPF Scholarships

Albert Allen Jan Hasbrouck Lenny Lee Deanna Pierce
Christopher Ashley

Aeren Huckleberry

Chris Matz

Josh Pitkin

Alexander Buchanan

Jennifer Irvin

Gregg McCarthy

Michelle Tibayan

Edward Draper Mitchell Johnson Michael McGinty Long Minh Tran
Kevin Fischer David Kahler Eric Mildes

Quan Wang

Michael Freeland Chris Krumland Linda Nguyen Matthew Williams
Daniel Halos Daniel Lee

Eric Nordberg

Mitzi Wischnofske

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