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Research and Outreach Showcase. CFR’s Autumn 2001 Research and Outreach Showcase was held on Friday, November 2nd, in conjunction with the College’s Alumni Association annual meeting.  A standing room-only crowd of alumni, faculty, staff, and students heard presentations and viewed posters on topics relating to the sustainability of urban environments.  Participants included CFR faculty, staff, and students affiliated with the College’s Center for Urban Horticulture (CUH) and the UW’s Restoration Ecology Network. 

Presentations were given by:

          Lorraine Brooks, Gardener, and Barbara Selemon, Plant Propagator, on “Soest Demonstration Garden and Plant Trials at CUH”

          Linda Chalker-Scott, Associate Professor in the Ecosystem Sciences Division, on sustainable community landscapes

          Valerie Easton, Horticultural Librarian, and Brian Thompson, Technical Services Librarian, on the Elisabeth C. Miller Horticultural Library

          Tom Hinckley, CUH Director, on the “Past, Present, and Future of CUH”

          Sue Nicol, CUH Outreach Coordinator, on the center’s outreach programs

          Sarah Reichard, Assistant Professor in the Ecosystem Sciences Division, on “Ex Situ Conservation of Washington’s Native Rare Plants”

          Kathy Wolf, Research Assistant Professor in the Ecosystem Sciences Division, on urban forestry community programs

          John Wott, Washington Park Arboretum Director, on the Arboretum’s 20-year plan

Posters were presented on use of mulch in restoration projects, control of English Ivy, rare plant conservation, the Washington Park Arboretum, pinetum, the Otis Douglas Hyde Herbarium, the UW’s Restoration Ecology Network (a collaboration among the UW’s three campuses), the role of soil environment in Pacific Madrone seedling success, sustainable community landscapes, urban forestry programs, and Washington Park Arboretum educational programs and horticulture maintenance.  Poster participants included Linda Chalker-Scott, Sarah Reichard, Barbara Selemon, and Kathy Wolf, along with Angela Cahill, Program Coordinator for the Sustainable Community Landscapes Program, Kern Ewing, Associate Professor in the Ecosystem Sciences Division, Erikka Pearson, Collections Manager for the Hyde Herbarium, Monica Ravin, Washington Park Arboretum Education Coordinator, David Zuckerman, Washington Park Lead Gardener, Laura Zybas, Program Supervisor for the Rare Care Program, and Taryn Bauerle, Caren Crandell, and Kirra Swenerton, graduate students in the urban horticulture and urban forestry program.

ABET Accreditation Site Visit.  CFR’s Forest and Ecological Engineering and Paper Science and Engineering programs were reviewed by ABET during an Autumn Quarter site visit. Both programs received good reviews. Congratulations to all of the faculty, staff, students and external constituents who contributed to this successful program review.

Faculty, staff, and students mingle at the September annual salmon barbeque.

Denman Forestry Issues Series.  The third Denman Forestry Issues Series took place on January 16, 2002.  Invited speakers from private organizations and the UW explored and educated participants on conservation easements and land trusts.  Speakers included Bruce Bare, CFR Acting Dean, David Rolph, The Nature Conservancy of Washington, Constance Best, Pacific Land Trust, Jim Nicol, Forest Systems, Inc., and Gene Duvernoy, Cascade Land Conservancy.

Forest landowners are looking to the future with some uncertainty about how their land will be managed.  Private landowners and public land management agencies are concerned about sustainable management plans that are ecologically sound and strategies that will allow continued working forests that meet forest regulations.  Two emerging strategies that address these issues are conservation easements and land trusts.  Definitions of these management methods vary, depending on the promoting organization or institution.  The program included presentations by speakers, moderated panel discussions, and an audience question and answer period.  The program was filmed by UWTV and will air on the Research Channel in March.

Autumn 2001 CFR Salmon ­Barbecue.  Enjoying a longstanding tradition to “regroup and reenergize” for a new academic year, members of the CFR faculty, staff, and student body enjoyed the annual salmon barbecue held in the Anderson-Bloedel-Winkenwerder courtyard.  October 3rd was clear and mild (past barbecues have been held in the pouring rain!) and superb salmon was prepared over an alder wood fire by barbecue chefs Phil Hurvitz and Luke Rodgers. 


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