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Staff Profile - Kendall Carson

Kendall Carson joined the staff of CFR in April of 2000. He works as a Secretary Senior to two units: the Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR), under Paul Boardman, and the Rural Technology Initiative (RTI), under Bruce Lippke. Says Kendall, “These are two great units, and although they cover two different areas, they have a lot in common. I especially love how each unit is a focal point for providing specialized information.  Each funds graduate students whose studies and reports provide necessary facts, figures, and science that are not easily obtained outside the academic area.”  With his co-worker, Nicole Stevens, Kendall also helps support the Landscape Management System (LMS) group under Chad Oliver and the Consortium on Research of Renewable Industrial Materials (CORRIM) under Bruce Lippke and Dave Briggs.

Kendall’s position in both departments is varied. One of CINTRAFOR’s functions is collecting and distributing information on the global trade of wood and forest products. He especially enjoys helping CINTRAFOR with the editing and distribution of its publications, including over 80 working papers for which Kendall has set up a database to provide better customer service.  He also enjoys working with the CINTRAFOR staff to produce the annual International Forest Products Marketing Conference. Says Kendall, “People from as far away as New Zealand, Finland, and Japan attend this conference annually because it is so effective at providing current market and economic information on the global distribution of wood products.”

RTI, a partnership between CFR and Washington State University, provides information for small forest landowners and is a voice for rural constituents in Washington State.  Kendall enjoys working with Janean Creighton at WSU Extension to produce their quarterly newsletter. “RTI has received tremendous positive response from rural constituents in Washington State,” says Kendall.

It is no surprise that Kendall loves technical projects—he has a degree in data processing from Phillips College in Atlanta, GA and has worked for several engineering and environmental firms in the Puget Sound region. He is presently working on a B.A. in Civil Engineering here at the UW.

“When I first started here, I was very surprised to find that forestry is a highly technical discipline. CFR really works hard in all areas of forestry science.  It has been great to work with people like Bruce Lippke, Bruce Bare, and Chad Oliver, who are nationally known leaders in their field.  From GIS to Precision Forestry, CFR approaches forestry with methods that are as high-tech as working at Boeing or Microsoft.”

Although raised in Miami, FL, Kendall has gotten used to the Puget Sound weather and enjoys that the area has four distinct seasons. “I am trying to do things here that I couldn’t do in Florida, such as snowboarding and hiking, but I still miss the beaches!”





Staff News

Ken Bible reports that those interested in the history of natural resource legislation can now visit the new Bob Wolf Oral History Project website hosted by the Wind River Canopy Crane Research Facility at

Andy Gary, Alumni Relations Coordinator, has made a decision for full-time family priorities, and will be leaving the College at the end of January 2001.  Andy has given much to CFR and we all thank her!

Sandi Larsen’s last day CFR was November 21, 2001.  Sandi will be working for the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Management in Salem OR.  We wish her the best in her new endeavors!

Larry Mason was a visiting instructor at Peninsula College in Port Angeles, WA for a day’s session during Autumn Quarter.  Larry led students enrolled in the college’s environmental studies program on a forest tour to study forest stand dynamics.  Larry also attended a November 5-7, 2001 conference in Richmond, BC, Canada, entitled “Residuals to Revenue.” The conference focused on the use of wood biomass for generating steam and electricity.

Jim McCarter and Kevin Ceder recently received a letter of appreciation from the Yurok Tribe in California for exceptional support in the use of the Landscape Management System (LMS) for the tribe’s forest program.

A welcome to Debra Nickel-Cardoza, the new Administrative Specialist for the Urban Ecology interdisciplinary graduate program, effective December 17, 2001. 

ONRC Conference Coordinator June Powers has returned to part-time work following a lengthy leave of absence while recovering from back surgery. 

Dave Shaw recently returned from travel in Chile with a team sponsored by the National Geographic Society.  Says Dave, “Sure would be cool to have a canopy crane down there!” Dave also reports the publication of J. P. Clement, M. W. Moffett, D. C. Shaw, A. Lara, D. Alarcon, and O. L. Larrain, 2001, “Crown structure and biodiversity in Fitzroya cuppressoides, the giant conifers of Alerce Andino National Park, Chile,” Selbyana 22: 76-88.  The journal Selbyana, published by the Marie Selby Botanical Gardens in Sarasota, FL, is one of the major journals used by forest canopy researchers.

Michelle Trudeau reports that CFR’s contribution to the annual UW food drive was a great success and that CFR more than filled a large donation barrel. 

Laura Zybas gave a presentation on CFR’s Rare Plant Care and Conservation Program at the annual meeting of the Center for Plant Conservation Institutions. The meeting was held in Framingham, MA on October 11-13, 2001.

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