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Student Profile - John Garth

John Garth buying his dream car in Guatemala.

John Garth is a master’s student in CFR’s forest products marketing program.

“How did I get here?” says John. “To start at the beginning, on a chilly winter morning in Michigan one Shirley Garth (my beloved mother) while skiing down a mountain was run into by another skier—a “hit and run”. Three months later, I was born in Birmingham, MI. Now, when my family jokes about my weird sense of humor, we blame it all on Mr. “no-name” who collided with my mom on that mountain.  We moved to Nashville, TN when I was two weeks old, and I grew up in the south.

I have always loved the outdoors—the main reason I chose forestry as my major at Auburn University, where I graduated with a bachelor of science in forest management.  My first job was working with a forestry consulting firm (F&W Forestry Services, Inc.) in Macon, GA, where I had the opportunity to work in virtually every facet of forest management from tree planting to final harvest. It was a great way to start a career in natural resources and to get a clearer idea of career options.”

After two years of consulting, John joined the Peace Corps to see what international forestry was like. He worked with a World Bank reforestation project in Haiti for 27 months, developed a strong interest in international trade, and decided he wanted to work internationally in forest products trade.  John says, “One of my main interests is certified forest products and their effect on international trade and forest management. Because of the Center for International Trade in Forest Resources (CINTRAFOR), the UW was my first choice. I was accepted to CFR, I got funding, and am now in hot pursuit of an M.S. in forest products marketing under the guidance of Ivan Eastin.  The project with Ivan involves material substitution trends in the residential construction industry. It will be a great way to learn a lot about different forest products and how they are introduced into an industrial market.”

In addition to studying hard and working (living?) in Anderson Hall, John is the newly elected president of the student chapter of the Society of American Foresters (SAF).  SAF is a professional organization dedicated to the sustainable management of U.S. natural resources—the student chapter helps bridge the gap between students and professionals in the forest industry. John says, “I am looking forward to working with the SAF student chapter to foster professional development and networking opportunities at CFR.

Before starting school this autumn, John spend several weeks in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala studying Spanish.

Says John, “To summarize, I am very glad to be here and am having fun learning what I know will be useful information to me in my chosen career.  I like the people I work with, the people I work for, and even the people I just work next to.  We should all be so lucky!”

Student News

Society of American Foresters Student Chapter Develops New Projects for Autumn 2001

Students Form Habitat for Humanity Work Party.  Long a favorite charity of the SAF nationally, the UW student chapter donned hard hats and joined other Seattle citizens in a day of hard work at a Habitat for Humanity home construction site on December 7, 2001.  The student work party helped with the framing of a new home for a worthy family and plan another work party in Seattle during Winter Quarter.  This is good training as they look forward to construction of the home that will be built at the SAF national meeting in Winston-Salem, NC next fall.

Habitat for Humanity SAF workers l. to r. back row to front row: Jason Englehart, Patrick Rusher, Zac Bakke, Chris Harper, Carolina Manriquez, Edie Sonne, Cedar Louis, and Dean Dougherty.

Chapter Growth Spurred by Competition.  The UW student chapter of the SAF was reinstated in Autumn 2000.  Many of the 13 pioneering students from 2000 graduated, leaving the chapter with only a few members at the beginning of this academic year.  Enthusiastic students have attended all of the chapter’s meetings in Autumn 2001 and membership has swelled to over 40!  A $3,500 cash prize from the national SAF was put up as an incentive to growth of student chapters nationwide.  If the students win the prize, they intend to share the prize money with other CFR student organizations.

Blood Drive Planned by CFR Students. When Acting Dean Bare spoke at the Autumn Quarter all-College meeting, he encouraged the CFR community to consider a response to the September 11 tragedies. Right away, students in CFR started brainstorming.  As a result, the UW Student Chapter of the SAF and the CFR Forest Club are sponsoring a blood drive to take place at CFR after the first of the New Year.  The students hope to have student, staff, and faculty participation.

Michelle Connor, graduate student in the environmental horticulture and urban forestry program, has been working with the Cascade Land Conservancy (CLC) nonprofit organization on several projects.  She designed a Summer 2001 course curriculum for a group of Upward Bound students at the Hazel Wolf Wetlands Preserve. The students collected and analyzed field data as a basis for developing a management strategy for the non-native invasive weed, Herb Robert (Geranium robertanium).   Michelle also wrote an update for the Fall 2001 CLC newsletter on projects in King County, where she serves as the CLC area manager.  The CLC newsletter can be found at http://www.

The “Editor’s Choice” column in the October 19, 2001 issue of Science highlights work by CFR graduate student, Jim Helfield and Professor Bob Naiman on the importance of salmon-derived nutrients in riparian forests.  They found that at least one-fifth of the nitrogen in needles from Sitka spruce trees near streams came from oceanic sources, and that growth rates of trees near spawning streams were significantly higher than those near similar streams without salmon.  “Editor’s Choice” highlights research published in other journals that is thought by Science editors to be of interest to its broader readership. The work was published in the September 2001 issue of Ecology.

Morris Johnson, ’01, currently a silviculture Ph.D. candidate, Ismariah Ahmad, ’01, and Noel Studer, urban horticulture M.S. candidate, attend the November 3, 2001 CFR Alumni Association annual banquet (see Alumni Section for more on the banquet).


CFR’s Autumn 2001 entering graduate students attended an October orientation session at Pack Forest.  The students were able to meet colleagues from other program areas, hike Pack’s trails, and socialize around the campfire.  Bob Edmonds led the students on a tour of Pack’s old growth area as well as through other experimental plots.

Scholarships (Autumn 2001)

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

Agnes Healy Anderson Fellowship:          
        Noel Studer

Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship:
        Katie Barndt

        Ryan Bidwell

        Paul Cereghino

        Kathleen Gobush
        Jesse Walmsley
College of Forest Resources Alumni ­Association Scholarship:
        Michelle Connor
        Brian Zwiebel

J. Kenneth Pearce Endowed Forest ­Engineering ­Scholarship:
        Mark Muir

Hugo Winkenwerder Memorial Endowed Fellowship:
        Edward Draper
        Margaret Harris

Knoblauch Endowed Fellowship:
        Diana Stuart

Richard S. Elliott Memorial Endowed ­Scholarship:
        Catherine McGowan

R. D. Merrill Endowed Forestry Scholarship:
        Dean Dougherty,

Stanley P. Gessel Endowed Scholarship:
        Jeffrey Hatten

Walter B. Nettleton Endowed Scholarship:
        Carolyn Alfano

William O. Larson Memorial Scholarship:
        Wendy Wayne

Undergraduate Scholarships

ABB Pulp and Paper Endowed Scholarship:
        Karl Williams


Agnes Healy Anderson Scholarship:
        Traci Rogers
        Elizabeth Seminet

George and Marge Stenzel Endowed ­Scholarship:
        David Sund

Harold Nash Johns Memorial Scholarship:
        Christy McDevitt

Hugo Winkenwerder Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
        Casey Scherfey

James and Flora Woods Scholarship:
        Jill Romine

J. H. Bloedel Endowed Forestry Scholarship:
        Phillip Chi
        Tessa Francis

James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship:
        Karen McMullen

Marion M. and Gordon A. Nelson Endowed Forestry Scholarship:
        Andrew Larson

Marvin Klemme Endowed Scholarship:
        April Mulcahy

Measurex Pulp and Paper Endowed ­Scholarship:
        Karina Pineda

R. D. Merrill Forestry Scholarship:
        Debra Guerrette
        Brett Hodges
        Rachel Ramos

Robert D. Peterson Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
        Iwana Kaczynski

Tacoma Lumbermen’s Club Paul H. Johns Memorial Scholarship:
        Christy McDevitt

William R. Hervey Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
        Tyler Dierks


Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation Scholarships

Leif Backstrom
Christina Biehl
Alexander Buchanan
Christopher Durek
Karen Edwards
Lisa Fay-Lucas
Minkyun Flowers
David Graves
Jan Hasbrouck
Jeremy Higgins
Tracy Ho
Aeren Huckleberry
Mitchell Johnson
Michael McGinty
Erik Mildes
Kathleen Miller
Julie Minnes
Linda Nguyen
Nathaniel Pearson
M. Joseph Percini
Deanna Pierce
Jeffrey Rose
Jamie Schultz
Charlie Shonkwiler

Ryan Shreaves
Michelle Tibayan
William Truemper
Bryana Williams
Michael Williams
William Spohnholtz


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