Outreach and Continuing Education

Summer ESL Course at Pack Forest

The English as a Second Language (ESL) Summer 2001 program offered in conjunction with CFR at Pack Forest provided an intensive 10-day course, "Survey of Washington Forests," for 14 undergraduates and two faculty from Nihon University (Tokyo, Japan). Frank Greulich led the group of participating CFR faculty, which included: David Briggs, Don Hanley, Dave Manuwal, Edwin Miyata, Dave Peterson, and Gerard Schroeder. Kelley Duffield and Kelly O'Brian participated as TAs; English-language instruction was provided by UW English Language Programs. Enthusiasm for the course is likely to lead to a Memorandum of Understanding between the two universities that may enable CFR students to visit Japan on an exchange visit.

FEIS Program

Forest Ecology for International Students (FEIS) was offered August 15-September 15, 2001. (The program proved so popular that the maximum enrollment limit was raised.) CFR faculty Linda Brubaker, Don Hanley, Tom Hinckley, Bruce Larson, and Dave Manuwal participated. The four-week program, conducted at Pack Forest, is in its sixth year. FEIS students completed a number of work projects at Pack in addition to field trips, lectures, and presentations by CFR faculty and English Language Programs instructors. Work projects included stream surveys to type and classify forest streams in accordance with WA Department of Natural Resources "Forest and Fish" rules, a bear damage survey to examine the effectiveness of Pack's new bear feeding program, assistance with Continuous Forest Inventory measurements and finally, the construction of the "27 Creek" interpretive trail that was designed by the FEIS 2000 students last year. This year's group included ten students from Japan, nine from Germany and one from Nepal.

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