Student Profile - Perry Gayaldo

Perry Gayaldo, a CFR Ph.D. candidate in the environmental horticulture and urban forestry program, is looking to complete his degree Autumn 2001. Perry grew up on a farm in northern CA (Bartlett pears, wine vineyards, and black walnuts), where his family still lives. As a child, Perry lived in Chile, learning Spanish along with English. After finishing high school he attended the University of California at Berkeley where he received a B.S. in soil/natural resource science. "Before going on to grad school, says Perry, "I worked for four years with an environmental engineering firm in Redmond, WA — until I realized I didn't know enough to feel comfortable!" So Perry looked to the UW and CFR for answers. He completed his M.S. with Kern Ewing in 1996, studying restoration ecology for the shrub-steppe ecosystem in eastern WA. Since then, he has been working towards his Ph.D. in marine restoration ecology (also with Kern). Perry says, " My work involves altering in situ marine sediment redox (oxidation/reduction potentials) in order to increase transplanting success of Zostera marina L. (eelgrass). In addition, I have been devising methods for increasing the available submarine light in shaded areas to allow eelgrass to reestablish naturally in areas in which it once occurred."

This summer, Perry successfully taught his fourth summer field ecology course, which included on-campus lectures and a one-week field excursion to UW's Cedar Rock Biological Preserve on Shaw Island (San Juan County, WA). Perry has recently been awarded a post-doctoral fellowship through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education to conduct fisheries-related restoration along the West Coast (e.g., Puget Sound, San Francisco Bay, and related estuaries) and Hawaii. In January-February, 2002, Perry will lead a group of volunteers for the Mangrove Action Project (a non-governmental organization) to southern Thailand and Malaysia to conduct mangrove restoration. He will co-lead the trip with Michele Dobie-Laubenheimer ('00) and will be joined by Liz Stevens ('01). Spring 2002, Perry will teach a field ecology course and research effort at UW's Friday Harbor Laboratories, evaluating its terrestrial and marine ecosystems and its ancillary properties within the San Juan archipelago.

"In the near future, says Perry, "I hope to revive my love for longboard surfing in the ever-continuing search for answers!"




Student News

Congratulations to Phil Higuera and Cara Nelson, graduate students in forest ecosystem analysis, who worked with undergraduate students in the 2001 Undergraduate Research Symposium and were awarded testimonials included in a booklet published by the Dean of Undergraduate Education (See http://www. )

Brian Oakley, Ph.D. student in the forest ecosystem analysis, attended the 12th International Meeting on Frankia and Actinorhizal Plants held near Marseille, France, June 17-21, 2001. Brian presented part of his dissertation research in a talk entitled, "Molecular Diversity of Ceanothus-infective Frankia in the southern Sierra Nevada Mountains of California."

CFR students receiving scholarships and fellowships during Summer 2001 included: Laura Carney (J.H. Bloedel Endowed Forestry Scholarship); Jennifer Dillard (R.D. Merrill Endowed Scholarship); Thomas Mohr (Hugo Winkenwerder Endowed Scholarship); Julie Panike (Hugo Winkenwerder Endowed Scholarship); and Rodney Pond (J.H. Bloedel Endowed Forestry Scholarship).

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