2001 CFRAA Arbor Day Volunteer Form

Name: ____________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone: Day: (_____) ____________ Evening: (_____) _____________

Email: __________________________________________

Yes - I can help at the Arbor Day Fair! I am available on the following day(s): (8:30 a.m.—2:30 p.m.).

Wednesday, April 25 Thursday, April 26 Friday, April 27

No - I am unable to help this year.

If you would like to call in your volunteer time reservation, or for more information, please call
Ellen at (206) 685-4485, ext. 226 (Seattle), (253) 522-4485, ext. 242 (Tacoma), or (360) 832-6534,
ext. 242 (Eatonville); or email to arborday@u.washington.edu or fax to (360) 832-3613.

Areas I would like to help out with are (please check at least three options):
I will work anywhere! Paper Recycling Booth At Work in the Woods (Careers) Booth
Fair Guides Composting Booth Clean-up Crew
Tree Tour Guides Forest Soils Booth Harvest Operations
Water Cycle Booth Papermaking Lab Station Fish and Amphibians
The Neighborhood Forest Booth Forest Recreation Booth Papermaking Lab Station
Forest Products Booth Trees are for Wildlife  

Return this form as soon as possible to:

Ellen McKinley, Arbor Day Fair Coordinator
Pack Forest, 9010 453rd Street East
Eatonville, WA 98328