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Forest Resources Library (FRL)

Carol Green reports that all in FRL are relieved that no damage was caused by the February 28th earthquake — either at work or at home! Carol says, "Both the Engineering Library and the Fisheries- Oceanography Library suffered considerable damage to shelving which has rendered much of those collections inaccessible. By the time you read this, the damage may have been repaired. If not, you can request materials through Cascade, or through the Interlibrary Borrowing Service. If you can't locate required material, be sure to contact us in FRL. We'll try to get you what you need. Check out the UW Libraries News at for the latest information.

Our good news is that we have received two new Dell laptop computers with Student Technology Fee money. They include zip drives and attachable mice, and are fully equipped with MS Word, PowerPoint, ethernet, and other software. They are pretty powerful, so, students, come and try them out. The computers are for in-library student use only."

Carol also reports that she kept busy Winter Quarter co-teaching a section of INFO 220A, Information Research Strategies in the Environmental and Natural Sciences, sponsored by the Information School. Louise Richards, the new Acting Head of the Fisheries-Oceanography Library, helped out with reference while Carol was in class. The class attracted 18 students this quarter. "We hope the class will be offered again next year," says Carol, "and we hope to increase the number of CFR students enrolled. In addition to this credit course, I am available for consultation and teaching of library-related research in any course. I can help develop assignments or with teaching skills. Please call on me for assistance at any time." But, Carol reminds students that planning ahead works better and that the FRL staff would prefer to consult with students before they arrive with assignments in hand!

If you have not renewed your library materials due at the end of the quarter, be sure to take care of that soon. You can do it via computer from the UW Libraries Information Gateway.

Elisabeth Miller Library

• Despite a one-week postponement because of snow, over 400 garden enthusiasts attended the Hellebore Open House at Heronswood Nursery in Kingston, WA on February 24, 2001. Entrance fees to this event benefit the Miller Library. The Library appreciates this generous support from nursery owners Robert Jones and CFR alum Dan Hinkley ('85).

• On May 6, 2001, the Northwest Horticultural Society will hold their 6th annual library benefit auction. For more details on participating in this lively event, contact the NHS office at (206) 527-1794.

• The Miller Library's year-end fund raising campaign was especially successful this year, spurred on by a generous matching grant from the Miller Charitable Foundation. Funds raised help to keep the library open 49 hours each week, and to buy books, journals, and on-line services.

• Plant Answer Line, a new service offered by the Miller Library, provides a central source for quick information on horticultural topics. Modeled after similar, very successful programs provided by other horticultural libraries and at public libraries, the intended audience includes anyone who needs a brief but accurate answer that can be found in the Library's many resources or from reliable Internet sources. More in-depth questions will be referred to the Library's reference staff. Carol Orion, a former librarian, Miller Library volunteer, and a Master Gardener, will fill this new position. The service will be available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. by calling (206) 616-0322, or at anytime by email to

• Miller Library staff helped with the planning and also attended the opening night of the "Treasures of The Royal Horticultural Society" botanical art exhibit at the Seattle Convention Center in January 2001.


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