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Student Profile - Jarod Todd

Jarrod Todd is an undergraduate in CFR's forest engineering program. Jarrod was born in Seattle but grew up in Aberdeen, WA, a small town west of Olympia. Jarrod says, "My interest in trees was encouraged at an early age by my dad who has been a forester with Weyerhaeuser Company for almost 30 years. As a kid I would often go to work with him and he would get me to do "little jobs" for him. One year, he disguised his entire year's foliar
spray plan as a coloring exercise. It kept me busy and saved him hours!

When I was deciding where to attend college it was an easy choice, as I didn't even consider any other schools besides the UW. I have no regrets—and it provides a friendly rivalry with my dad (a WSU grad). We have a $5 wager every year on the Apple Cup; I tell him it is my annuity payment. I was originally going to study civil engineering, but in my junior year I enrolled in CFR's forest engineering program. Looking back, I guess it was only logical that I ended up where I am with a forester and an electrical engineer for parents. The apple truly did not fall far from the tree!"

Jarrod enjoys any activity that gets him outdoors. He love to camp, fish, and hunt, and in the last two years has gotten involved with the College's Logger Sports team. Jarrod says, "To me the best part about the sport is the people associated with it. Nowhere else will you find more fun loving, friendly, down-to-earth people." Jarrod is set to graduate with a BS this June and plans to work as an engineer in private industry.

Student News

Garb Day. The Forest Club reports that Garb Day 2001 will be held the afternoon of June 1st in the Anderson Hall Couryard. Sponsored by the College since the mid-1930s, Garb Day is designed to provide students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends with an opportunity to take part in and watch traditional forestry-related sports like log rolling, the axe throw, and the choker set race. This year, Garb Day will be sponsored jointly by the Forest Club and the CFR Alumni Association.

Edie Sonne, graduate student in the quantitative resources management program reports on the formation by CFR students of the "Dean's Student Advisory Council." Edie says, "Our intention is to serve as representatives for the student body and to establish a link among faculty, administration, and students. We have had two successful all-College student meetings where we came up with a list of issues and concerns. Many of these issues have been echoing through the halls of CFR for years, and it is our hope that we as a College will start transforming concerns into dialogue into plans into actions." Council members include Ph.D. students Perry Gayaldo and Jay Singh, Master's degree students Beth Dolan and Sean Smuckler, and undergraduates Casey Cox and Rita Unune. Edie, along with Jacque Klug, provides group facilitation.

Heidi Watters, environmental horticulture and urban forestry undergraduate, has won the national McLaren Scholarship sponsored by the Garden Club of America. Each year the program sends an American student to Great Britain as the McLaren Scholar under the auspices of The Institute of Horticulture in the British Isles. The student's activities include study, travel, and work experiences. The McLaren scholar is able to combine practical experience and study at several institutions and the program for the academic year provides period for study, research, and practical work at the famous Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew and Edinburgh, as well as an optional university semester. Congratulations to Heidi!

The double-bucking event, at the Student Conclave at Pack Forest

Nicol Whitney and the College's Logger Sports Club was featured in a UW Daily article on February 28, 2001. See

Nicol is a club member and second-year graduate student at CFR. The group, started four years ago by forestry students,
competes in events all over the western U.S. The events represent the history of logging, with traditional techniques used in the days before chainsaws and clear-cut logging.

This year, over spring break, CFR hosted Conclave, the Super Bowl of logger sports, at Pack Forest. The attendance was about 200, including spectators. There were about 115 participants (13 to 14 schools), with teams from schools as far away as Arizona and Alberta, Canada.

Comments from spectators were that the students were an exemplary and enthusiastic group, and that the weather couldn't have been more perfect.

As we go to press, students are still in the competitions. The results will be available online at

Student Reports

Eric Smits, undergraduate in the environmental horticulture and urban forestry program, reports on research he has been conducting for his senior project. The project was developed in coordination with the City of Seattle Department of Parks and Recreation, under the supervison of Mark Mead, Senior Urban Forester.

Eric says, "I completed a 100 percent inventory of the trees in the historical district of Sand Point Magnuson Park in Seattle. The historical district is the area in and around the buildings on the west side of the park—the location of the old naval base buildings. I identified each tree's location by creating a point on a series of orthophotos provided by the Parks Department. These photos and points will be used, using GIS technology (ArcView), to create a map that will have a point representing each tree and will be linked to a table containing inventory data for the tree represented by each point. This will enable managers to analyze both the inventory data and the spatial positioning of all the trees in the historical district of the park.

A 100 percent inventory was conducted in this area because no major changes are planned for this section of the park. Other areas of the park are scheduled to undergo major changes, including installation of play fields and a wetlands restoration project. The data will be used in developing a vegetation management plan (currently in the works) for the historical district, as well as for the rest of the park. Having data on the existing vegetation in the historical district will be instrumental in planning for view corridors for neighbors to the west of the park, as well as for planning maintenance schedules and new plantings to assure a healthy tree population.

Jason Smith, undergraduate in the conservation of wildland resources program, reports on his research on the role of fire in forest stands. Jason says, "The primary question of interest is how the severity of a fire, as inferred from relative survivorship of trees after the fire, influences the post-fire growth of surviving trees. Trees suffering from direct injury as a result of a fire may show reduced growth in the years following the fire. However, if the fire causes tree mortality in the stand, then surviving trees could experience growth increases due to reduced competition.

The project analyzed four stands showing evidence of fire—two each representing low and high fire severity. Tree cores were used to date the most recent fire within each stand through use of fire scars and tree ages. To analyze growth trends of surviving trees, the width of each annual growth ring was measured and periods of growth surge and suppression were identified.

Individual tree response to fire was highly variable for the stands analyzed in the project. Some trees show abrupt suppression of growth, others show a growth surge, and some show no significant change in the decades following the fire. It is not obvious why there is such variability in tree response within stands. Synchronous declines in growth at the stand level suggest climatic events affecting all the stands concurrently—an example would be the "Dust Bowl" drought of the 1930s. Multiple stands showed a synchronous period of decline in the 1850s, while another was relatively unaffected in this period. The unaffected stand had experienced a fire 15 years before the 1850 period of decline, suggesting that reduced competition in the fire-affected stand allowed the stand's surviving trees to avoid the severe growth reductions that occurred in the other stands."

Jason's research was done under the supervision of Doug Sprugel. He will be presenting his research at the Fourth Undergraduate Research Symposium held on the Seattle UW campus, Mary Gates Hall, on May 4, 2001 from 12-5 p.m.

Undergraduate Scholarships
(Winter 2001)

Mekenzie Johnston, Eythor Westman ABB Pulp and Paper Scholarship   July Anne Groves Lloyd Anderson REI Endowed Scholarship
Jesse Craven, Elizabeth Seminet Agnes Healy Anderson Scholarship   Alison Arai, Kathleen Miller, Julie Minnes

Measurex Pulp and Paper Endowed Scholarship

Debra Guerrette Ardis and Frank Grunow Scholarship   Erin Horan, Mercedita Madison-Villar R.D. Merrill Endowed Scholarship
Lorraine Brooks, Tessa Francis CFR Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship   Heidi Rose Watters James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship
Elizabeth Stevens C. Frank Brockman Memorial Endowed Scholarship   Jarrod Todd William E. Sankela Scholarship
Julie Panike David R.M. Scott Endowed Scholarship   Jarrod Todd Edna Faller Nord Memorial Scholarship
Jill Romine, Renee Vincent Donald E. Dyson Memorial Endowed Scholarship   Matthew Ghiorse

Johns Memorial Scholarship

Matthew Ghiorse, Bryan McMeekin George and Marge Stenzel Endowed Scholarship   Troy Coleman, Gregory Hostetler James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship
James Toole George H. Wilson Endowed Scholarship   Jenny Habetler, Brian Kertson, Rachel Ramos, Eric Smits J.H. Bloedel Endowed Forestry Scholarship
      Mark Senger Howard W. Millan Endowed Scholarship


Graduate Scholarships/Fellowships (Winter 2001)

Erikka Pearson Agnes Healy Anderson Scholarship
Jason Niebler

Clayton Carlisle Memorial Endowed Scholarship

Graham Mackenzie, Wendy Wayne J.H. Bloedel Endowed Forestry Fellowship
Mark Muir J. Kenneth Pearce Endowed Forest Engineering Scholarship
Kevin Zobrist Lawrence Ottinger Endowed Forest Products Fellowship
Carolyn Alfano, Christopher Ashley, Jennifer Brickey, Jeffrey Comnick, Michelle Conner, Daniel Perrakis, Anne Portinga, Sheri Stephanson, Kirra Swenerton

Lockwood Endowed Fellowship

Elise Goldstein, Elissa Ostergaard, Anthony Viggiano Riffe Family Endowed Fellowship
Joanne Rex, Wilhelm Welzenbach Stanley P. Gessel Endowed Scholarship
Emily Griswold William O. Larson Memorial Scholarship

WPPF Scholarships
Albert Allen Jan Hasbrouck Chris Krumland Deanna Pierce Quan Wang
Leif Backstrom

Jeremy Higgins

Daniel Lee

Josh Pitkin

Bryana Williams
Alexander Buchanan

Tracy Ho

Lenny Lee

Jason Rice

Michael Williams
Edward Draper Aeren Huckleberry Michael McGinty Jamie Schultz Jason Wix
Karen Edwards Jennifer Irvin Eric CR Mildes

Charlie Shonkwiler

Minkyun Flowers Mitchell Johnson Linda Nguyen Michelle Tibayan  
Daniel Halos David Kahler

M. Joseph Percini

William Truemper  

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