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Washington Farm Forestry Association (WFFA) Meeting

Pack Forest will host the field tours for the WFFA’s annual meeting on April 27, 2002 to be held concurrently with the WA Department of Natural Resources annual Forestry Field Day tours.  The events are expected to attract more than 300 participants. Included will be demonstrations of the forest products management plan currently underway at Pack, fire prevention on the urban fringe, as well as instruction in GPS and GIS technology. Other planned events include tours of an active small-diameter logging operation, silvicultural prescriptions to promote wildlife, pre-commercial thinning, and the layout and harvest of Riparian Management Zone options under the new Forest and Fish rules.  To register for the tours, which are open to the public, contact Stan Humann at (360) 832-6534, ext. 211.

Landscape Management Plan

The Landscape Management Plan for Pack Forest has been reviewed by CFR’s College Lands Committee and approved by Dean Bare.  Mason McKinley, Pack staff forester, in cooperation with Stan Humann, Chad Oliver, and CFR’s Silviculture Lab staff and students, have created the 50-year landscape management plan using the Landscape Management System (LMS) program developed by the lab. Overall, Pack Forest is guided by an existing management plan that provides a list of management objectives for the forest and campus facilities.  The Pack Forest staff are responsible for implementing the plan.  Both the plan and the methods used in creating it can be viewed on the Pack Forest website at

Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching

Pack Forest has been selected by the Faculty Institutes for Reforming Science Teaching project as the regional FIRST II site. The FIRST project’s goal is to provide undergraduate faculty with understanding and skills to help all students learn science using active teaching methods and inquiry. Each FIRST faculty team is associated with a field station where many FIRST activities are held. The teams provide professional development opportunities for teams of three undergraduate faculty from five institutions in their region. The three lead team members will be Scot Freeman and David Kirschtel of the UW Biology Department and Mary Pat Wenderoth of the UW Zoology Department. Information on the project can be found at:


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