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oyce Johnson grew up in a busy, happy home in Yakima, WA.  She and her five brothers and sisters had after-school jobs to help the family.  Joyce worked in the school office and after school in a cannery but still had plenty of time for church plays, choir, band, and volunteer ­activities. 

When young newly-married Joyce moved to Las Vegas, NV in the 1950s, she was surprised to learn some realities of racial discrimination:  blacks weren’t “supposed to” go downtown or onto “The Strip” except to work; black entertainers who played the big hotels couldn’t stay in them.  This experience energized some of her long-time volunteer interests:  the NAACP, United Negro College Fund, and the Central Area Chamber of Commerce.  She has also worked with public radio fundraisers, established Campfire Girl groups, led church disaster relief efforts, and many other projects. 

After attending Oakland Junior College, Joyce moved back to Seattle. After various “downtown” jobs she joined UW in Career Planning and Placement.  There she had the dubious pleasure of being on the receiving end of one of the earliest UW anti-war protests, a sit-in against Dow Chemical.  Joyce moved on to General Accounting where she gained experience in a great many areas, such as travel, invoice receivables, and the petty cash desk as well as grants and contracts work.  Some of the forms she developed while in those positions are still in use.  She remembers meeting Bruce Bare and other forestry folks when they came in with their travel and petty cash forms.  She thought they seemed like fun people, so when a job in CFR opened in 1973 or so, she applied for it. 

In those days Joyce and the other CFR accounting staff did everything—budget work, grants and contracts, audits, purchasing, travel, etc.—and they did it all by hand.  Computers and the division of duties have made the work easier but Joyce’s favorite part of her job has always been meeting and working with students, staff, and faculty.  She treasures a collection of delightful notes and letters sent her by co-workers she’s helped over the years (she also has a great collection of her own poems and songs). 

Still, all good things must—at least—change, and Joyce plans to retire later this year.  She has already started taking saxophone lessons (she played clarinet in school and the fingering is similar) as an adventure and mental exercise.  She also plans to volunteer (there she goes again!) as a reading tutor for children.  She has a fondness for turbans and leopard prints, so she’s easy to spot (!) in the Business Office.  Stop in and greet her … while you can!


Staff News

John Calhoun reports that proceedings of the December 2001 conference sponsored by ONRC on adaptive management programs was released in February 2002.  The proceedings can be found at

Shelley Crausbay was recently hired as a Research Technologist working with Linda Brubaker.

Congratulations to Kathy Heuring at the Olympic Natural Resources Center, whose new position is Manager of Program Operations, effective January 1, 2002.

Congratulations to Phil Hurvitz and Marc Morrison, who prepared and submitted successful proposals to the UW’s Student Technology Fee program for upgrading CFR’s student computing facility and the GIS lab. Marc’s proposal was funded in the amount of $97,141 to purchase and install new computing equipment in the Bloedel Hall computer lab. The grant for the GIS lab will support the purchase of six mapping-grade industrial strength GPS receivers. 

Jane Johnson’s last day at CFR was February 28, 2002.  Thanks to Jane, who served as CFR’s grants coordinator; we wish her well in her retirement!

Jim McCarter made a presentation on the Landscape Management System (LMS) at the California Licensed Foresters Association annual conference, held in Sacramento, CA, March 7-8, 2002.  Jim also made a presentation in March on using LMS and companion tools for forest management plan development to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Forest Inventory and Planning Workshop, in Portland, OR.

Theresa Santman has been promoted to Fiscal Specialist at the Olympic Natural Resources Center, effective December 1, 2001.

Jane Swanson was hired as a Research Coordinator, effective February 11, 2002.  Jane is working with Darryll Johnson. 

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