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Student News

Kevin Ceder, MS student in the silviculture and forest protection program, attended the February 27, 2002 Dry Forest Mechanized Fuels Treatment Trial held near Leavenworth, WA, sponsored by the USDA Forest Service, The Yankee Group, and TSS Consultants. The demonstration focused on the uses of existing equipment in reducing fuel loading and fire hazards in over-stocked dry Western forests. Kevin also attended a symposium, “Silvicultural Options for Sustainable Management in the Pacific Northwest,” where he presented a poster entitled “Estimating Responses of Wildlife to Silvicultural Treatments using the Landscape Management System”.  The symposium was held on March 4-6, 2002 in Corvallis, OR.

Barbara Christensen, MS student in the forest soils program, has been volunteering for the Cascades Conservation Partnership, an unprecedented campaign to purchase and protect over 75,000 acres of privately owned forests that link the Alpine Lakes to Mount Rainier. Says Barbara “This effort will protect most of the remaining old-growth forests left on private land in this region, much of it scheduled for logging within the next one to three years. These forests and corridor lands are critical habitat for gray wolf, grizzly bear, pine marten, fisher, northern goshawk, and great gray owl, and contain 26 miles of river, 15 lakes and over 45 miles of hiking trails (just an hour’s drive from Seattle). Volunteers are welcome, especially for the upcoming Fremont Fair!  Help staff one of the four fair booths and march with the Parade team—all welcome and encouraged!  A volunteer orientation takes place on April 16th and a pre-fair meeting on June 11, 2002.  Call or email to volunteer: or 206-675-9747, ext. 205, or contact me at 206-685-1673, Also see”

Jeff Comnick, MS student in the silviculture and forest protection program, provided training in January 2002 to BLM offices in Oregon on use of the Toggle spreadsheet in the Landscape Management System to develop forest plans.  Objectives and measurable criteria were developed, with alternative management options responding to those objectives.

Mike Liquori, Ph.D. student in forest engineering and hydrology, presented a talk entitled “Observations on the morphology of headwater channels” at a Symposium on Small Stream Channels and their Riparian Zones, held at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC, February 19-20, 2002.  He also presented work on riparian buffer effectiveness at the December 2001 American Geophysical Union conference in San Francisco, CA.

An article in the February 19, 2002 issue of The Tacoma News Tribune reported on research by wildlife science MS student Jeff von Kienast.  Jeff is studying the Canada lynx in the Okanogan region of north-central Washington with the goal of better understanding how lynx use the landscape along what is the southern fringe of their range. Washington forests are home to an estimated 200 lynx.  Jeff is working with Keith Aubry, a U.S. Forest Service research wildlife biologist and CFR Affiliate Associate Professor, among other researchers on the project. For the full text of the article, see

Scholarships (Winter 2002)

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship:
        Noel Studer

Agnes Healy Anderson Scholarship:
        David Bergendorf

Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Endowed Scholarship:

        Laura Carney, Jason Niebler

College of Forest Resources Alumni ­Association Endowed Scholarship:
        Michelle Connor, Brian Zwiebel

Forest Resources Scholarship:
        Kim Frappier

Dorothie and Ernest Knoblauch Endowed Fellowship:
        Jordan Mencher, Deborah Smith, Diana Stuart

Orlo W. and Mildred M. Krauter Endowed Scholarship:
        Theresa Klepl, Wilhelm Welzenbach

William O. Larson Memorial Scholarship:
        Wendy Wayne

Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship:
        Katie Barndt, Ryan Bidwell, Paul Cereghino, Ara Erickson, Kathleen Gobush, Jesse Walmsley

R.D. Merrill Endowed Forestry Fellowship:
        Dean Dougherty

Walter B. Nettleton Endowed Scholarship:
        Carolyn Alfano

James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship:
        Anne Andreu, Lauren Mollot, Sheri Stephanson

David R.M. Scott Endowed Scholarship:
        Sean Smukler

Hugo Winkenwerder Memorial Endowed Fellowship:
        Edward Draper, Crystal Elliot, Margaret Harris, Catherine McGowan, Scott Olmsted, Marnie Tyler


Undergraduate Scholarships

Agnes Healy Anderson Scholarship:
        Dawn Maurer, Traci Rogers, Angela Schneider, Elizabeth Seminet, Rachel Virden

Anderson REI Endowed Scholarship:
        Angela Mallon

J. H. Bloedel Forestry Scholarship:
        Sarah Baker, Kerey Barnowe-Meyer, Melissa Brown, Phillip Chi, Tessa Francis, Erin Gerlach, Stacey Harris

College of Forest Resources Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship:
        Jonathan Scordino

Marvin Klemme Endowed Scholarship:
        April Mulcahy

Mackie Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
        David Bok

Measurex Pulp and Paper Science Endowed Scholarship:
        Karina Pineda

R.D. Merrill Forestry Endowed Scholarship:
        Debra Guerrette, Brett Hodges

Howard W. Millan Endowed Scholarship:
        Luke Machtolf

Marion M. and Gordon A. Nelson Endowed Scholarship:
        Andrew Larson

Walter B. Nettleton Endowed Scholarship:
        Jesse Craven, Tyler Dierks, Jennifer Holt

Edna Faller Nord Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
        Troy Coleman

James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship:
        Karen McMullen

George and Marge Stenzel Endowed ­Scholarship:
        David Sund

Hugo Winkenwerder Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
        Casey Scherfey

James and Flora Woods Endowed Scholarship:
        Ashley Adams, Alicia Sullivan

Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation Scholarships

Leif Backstrom
Christina Biehl
Alexander Buchanan
Karen Edwards
Lisa Fay-Lucas
Minkyun Flowers
David Graves
Jan Hasbrouck
Tracy Ho
Aeren Huckleberry
Mitchell Johnson
Michael McGinty
Erik Mildes
Kathleen Miller

Julie Minnes
Nathaniel Pearson
M. Joseph Percini
Deanna Piercea
Jason Rice
Jeffrey Rose
Jamie Schultz
Charlie Shonkwiler

Ryan Shreaves
Michelle Tibayan
William Truemper
Quan Wang
Bryana Williams
Karl Williams
Michael Williams


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