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May 1-3, 2002

Arbor Day Fair
CFR Courtyard

May 18, 2002

Garb Day

Pack Forest

CFRAA Board Meeting
Pack Forest

June 14, 2002

CFR Graduation
Kane Hall

July 19-21, 2002

3rd Annual Alumni Camp Pack Forest

Nov. 1, 2002

CFRAA Annual Banquet
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President's Report

Happy Spring!  Just as there are many new happenings in our forests, so too are there many new happenings in the College of Forest Resources.  Congratulations to Bruce Bare on his appointment as Dean of our college.  The CFR alumni board and I wish him well and fully support him in his challenging leadership role.  The Arbor Day Fair is just around the corner with 2,100 children set to take over our college on May 1-3, 2002.  In addition to the CFR faculty, staff, and students who work the fair, it is you, our wonderful CFR alumni volunteers who make it a huge success. If you haven’t already volunteered to help us during the fair, please join us.  It is great fun to work with children while reconnecting with CFR faculty and colleagues.  I also hope to see many of you again at Garb Day at Pack Forest on May 18th, at our CFR family camp July 19th-21st, and at our annul meeting and banquet on November 1, 2002.  I look forward to reconnecting with you at these exciting CFR events!

Colleen Ponto, '81

Memories of Pack Forest, 1927

Pack sawmill, 1927. Pat Cummins' ('77) Woodmiser probably cuts as much as this one did.

Pack Forest cabins, 1927. Where are the trees?

Pack Photos contributed by George Shore, '58



CFRAA Seeks Nominees for Honored, Honorary, and Distinguished  Achievement  Alumni  Awards

Each year the College of Forest Resources Alumni Association (CFRAA) honors outstanding alumni and friends during the CFRAA Annual Banquet. The Awards Committee would like your help in establishing a list of nominees.

The award categories are as follows:

Honored Alumnus Award: first presented in 1947, the award recognizes the contributions of all alumni who live in the Northwest and are able to work closely with CFR administration and its Alumni ­Association.

Honorary Alumnus Award: the award recognizes non-alumni who have made significant contributions to the development of CFR. These contributions take many forms, including financial.

Distinguished Achievement Award: this award honors CFR alumni who have achieved distinction in their careers but who do not live in the area, making it difficult for them to engage in CFRAA activities and direct development of the College. However, their achievements have and do bring honor and credit to CFR.

If you would like to submit nomina­tion(s), please indicate the category, name, address, and phone of nomin­ee(s), why the nominee(s) should be considered for the award, along with your name and phone number (in case we have additional questions). Please email all information to Awards Committee Chair Dale Cole ’55, B.S., ’63, Ph.D., at, call
(425) 746-2230, or mail to Dale Cole at 6114 - 164th Ave. SE, Issaquah, WA  98027. We would like to receive all nominations by May 30, 2002.

Alumni Hearsay

• Gene Zumwalt, ’38, was a forestry professor at the UW and at the Yale School of Forestry.  He passed away December 19, 2001.

• Benton Williams ’39, writes, “Having graduated in 1939, I’m now 88 and not doing much except to stay alive.  However, I can still remember the scientific names of plants rather than common ones.  My neighbor has a Sweet Gum and I said, “Oh you mean Liquidambar styraciflua?” and I got a rather funny expression returned.  I’m directing a choir of Senior Citizens now, and we travel around to all the retirement homes in the area and try to spread a little sunshine.”

In Memoriam ...

Gene Zumwalt, ’38

George Holloway, ’40

• Ken Wright ’48, worked for nearly 40 years with the U.S. Forest Service, retiring as assistant director for the Pacific Northwest Forest and Range Experiment Station in Portland.  He currently resides in Tualatin, OR and is president of the Oregon chapter of the National Association of CCC Alumni.  Ken is helping to spearhead the drive to commemorate CCC Camp Zigzag on Mount Hood with a statue.  If you are interested in more information see the article, “Depression-era workers say ‘thanks,’ ” The Oregonian, December 28, 2001, or you can contact Ken at (503) 638-5428.

• George Shore ’58, retired from Oregon Department of Forestry in 1992 after 34 years.  On March 21st he celebrated his 50th wedding anniversary to wife, Bobby.  They are busy traveling, adding on to a cabin in Lapine, OR, and enjoying family.  They currently reside in Stayton, OR, along with a son and granddaughter, also in Stayton, and have a daughter and four grandchildren in Reedsport, OR.  There are five great-grandchildren with two more due this summer.

• Bill Fuller ’66, BS, ’67, MS, has completed 35 years at Weyerhaeuser’s Technology Center in Federal Way, WA.  As a scientific advisor, he works in fiber supply, chip production, and pulp mill problem-solving.  Five daughters and five grandchildren are a joy, and new and vintage pen collecting is his addiction.  Bill’s activity in TAPPI has been recognized with their Distinguished Service Award.

• Gary Hartshorn ’72, Ph.D.,is president and CEO of the Organization for Tropical Studies (OTS), a consortium of 64 member institutions (including the UW) in seven countries on four continents.  OTS offers intensive, field-based training courses in tropical ecology, environmental policy, and natural resources management in Costa Rica, Brazil, Peru, and Mexico.  Gary is based at Duke University where he is also professor of the Practice of Tropical Ecology.

• Ken Chrisholm ’74, retired from Weyerhaeuser Company after 23 years of service.  He and his wife Sue sold their home in Kent and moved to Snohomish, WA, where they are building a home with their son and his family on Panther Lake.  Says Ken, “The fishing is great and retirement is even better!”

• Dave Jackson ’75, Ph.D., just entered into a post-retirement agreement with the University of Montana School of Forestry where he has been for the last 25+ years.  Dave is currently on an assignment with the UN-FAO in Rome through April and will get back to Montana at the end of May (after spring break-up).  He will teach this fall and next winter try to find something as interesting as the work he is currently doing.

• Lisa Cartwright (Kalstrom) ’77, BS,outdoor recreation, worked for 10 years with Whitman County Parks and Recreation Department in Colfax, WA.  She received a teaching certificate in ’89 and MA in education ’91 from WSU.  Lisa has been a 5th grade teacher in Pullman, WA for 11 years.  Her annual highlight is 5th grade camp, “So I continue to use my forestry recreation knowledge with my students!”  

• Robert (Bob) May ’80, writes that he is married with two children living in Puyallup and working in Tacoma, WA.  He is “working with wood fiber—pushing paper as an insurance agent since 1983.”



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