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Student Profile

Joshua in his days as “field grunt” in the rainy New Zealand fiordlands.

Joshua Tree Taylor is a master’s student in CFR’s environmental horticulture and urban forestry (EHUF) program, doing research in tropical forest restoration under advisor Kern Ewing.

Joshua began life as a child of hippies in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California. Organic farming, landscaping, and trying to climb redwoods were some of his early introductions to ecology. After completing his B.A. in political science, Joshua enlisted in the Peace Corps and spent three intense years managing a tree nursery and teaching agroforestry techniques in a rural West African village. Afterward, he traveled alone and volunteered across the Middle East and Asia for nine months. A love of traveling, living, and working abroad brought him to 40 countries around the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Asia. Fluency in Spanish and Bimoba (a West African language) and bits of many other languages were natural side effects. Joshua says, “Surprisingly (to me, anyway!), I returned from the Peace Corps and became a graphic designer. This career didn’t last long, as I soon realized that natural resources were in greater need of help than graphic design. Living in heavily deforested New Zealand at the time surely had an impact on this decision. With a desire to expand my knowledge of ecology and gain traits of a scientist, I entered CFR’s master’s program, studying restoration ecology.”

Joshua, with co-worker on the job in Costa Rica, posing with the bulldozer that removed the top two meters of soil for his research experiment.

Joshua’s thesis research took him this summer to southern Costa Rica to work with Lynn Carpenter, a restoration ecologist from UC Irvine. Joshua says, “I’m intrigued by the use of native legume trees to restore Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF) in highly degraded tropical soils (ultisols). I designed my experiment to reveal important techniques and understanding applicable to small and large-scale farmers in the tropics, as well as to researchers around the world. My experiment arose out of a workshop ( organized to increase communication between researchers and local farmers in the communities where research is conducted. During the workshop I listened to farmers describe the extent of unusable land on their farms due to erosion and over-grazing, the need to convert coffee plantations to more profitable use, and the difficulties controlling pests. This local knowledge, combined with valuable input from Dr. Carpenter and my own field observations, helped me design and install my experiment.”

Joshua relishes studying and performing  African, modern, and other forms of dance and more importantly loves loving his fiancée, Heather Macrellis, a doctoral candidate in the UW Zoology ­Department.

Student News

Melissa Borsting, master’s student in forest ecosystem analysis, received a 2002 student research grant from the Northwest Scientific Association (NWSA).  Melissa’s research award on “Effects of thinning and prescribed fire on understory vegetation in ponderosa pine forests,” was announced at the 2002 NWSA annual meeting in Boise, ID.

Edie Sonne, doctoral student in quantitative resources management, participated in the UW’s second annual PRIME Showcase (Partnerships for Research in Inquiry-based Math, Science, and Engineering Education) on May 22, 2002. The showcase included ongoing demonstrations of projects developed among a team of UW graduate and undergraduate fellows, middle and high school teachers, and their students. The showcase demonstrated great ways to engage students in science.  Edie says, “For information on this exciting UW collaboration, see”

Wendy Wayne, master’s student in environmental horticulture and urban forestry, received funding from the UW Graduate School to assist in her research on best management practices in the reintroduction of Castilleja levisecta, a threatened plant species.  

Scholarships (Spring/Summer 2002)

Graduate Scholarships and Fellowships

Agnes Healy Anderson Research Fellowship:  Noel Studer

Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Endowed Scholarship:  Anne Andreu, Jason Niebler, Sheri Stephanson

College of Forest Resources Alumni ­Association Endowed Scholarship:
Anne Andreu, Jason Niebler, Sheri Stephanson

Stanley P. Gessell Endowed Scholarship: Barbara Christenson,
Elizabeth Dolan

Dorothie and Ernest Knoblauch Endowed Fellowship:  Deborah Smith

Orlo W. and Mildred M. Krauter Endowed Scholarship:  Gage Wagoner, Wilhelm Welzenbach

William O. Larson Memorial Scholarship:  Wendy Wayne

Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship:  Katie Barndt,
Ryan Bidwell, Paul Cereghino, Ara Erickson, Kathleen Gobush, Diana Stuart, Jesse Walmsley

R.D. Merrill Endowed Forestry Fellowship:  Dean Dougherty,
Morgan Nichols

Marion M. and Gordon A. Nelson Endowed Scholarship: Beth Liddell, Scott Olmsted

Walter B. Nettleton Endowed Scholarship:  Carolyn Alfano

J. Kenneth Pearce Endowed Forest Engineering Scholarship:
Finn Krogstad, Mark Muir

James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship:  Jason Niebler

William E. Sankela Memorial Endowed Scholarship:  Michael Andreu

David R.M. Scott Endowed Scholarship:  Pamnella DeVolder

Hugo Winkenwerder Memorial Endowed Fellowship:  Edward Draper, Crystal Elliot, Margaret Harris, Matthew Ramsay

James and Flora Woods Endowed Scholarship: Christina Rohila


Undergraduate Scholarships

Agnes Healy Anderson Scholarship:  Iwona Kaczynski, Traci Rogers, Jonathan Scordino, Elizabeth Seminet

Anderson REI Endowed Scholarship: Dawn Maurer

J. H. Bloedel Forestry Scholarship:  Kerey Barnowe-Meyer, Melissa Brown, Phillip Chi, Tessa Francis, Lynne McWhorter

C. Frank Brockman Memorial Endowed Scholarship:
Christine Pelletreau

Donald E. Dyson Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Sacha Johnson

Frank and Ardis Grunow Forest Resources Scholarship: Tami Fordham

Mackie Memorial Endowed Scholarship:  Andrew Larson

Measurex Pulp and Paper Science Endowed Scholarship: Travis Barlow, Karina Pineda

R.D. Merrill Forestry Endowed Scholarship:  Sarah Baker, Tyler Dierks, Debra Guerrette, Brett Hodges, Angela Schneider, Alicia Sullivan

Marion M. and Gordon A. Nelson Endowed Scholarship:  Andrew Larson

Walter B. Nettleton Endowed Scholarship:  Meredith Webster

James Ridgeway Endowed Scholarship:  Christi Duncan, Jennifer Holt, Karen McMullen, Angela Schneider

George and Marge Stenzel Endowed ­Scholarship:  David Sund

George H. Wilson Endowed Scholarship: Ben Arstad, David Bok,
Luke Machtolf

Hugo Winkenwerder Memorial Endowed Scholarship:  Sarah Baker,
Casey Scherfey

James and Flora Woods Endowed Scholarship:  Ashley Adams

Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation Scholarships

Leif Backstrom
Christina Biehl
Alexander Buchanan
Karen Edwards
Lisa Fay-Lucas
Minkyun Flowers
David Graves
Jan Hasbrouck
Tracy Ho
Aeren Huckleberry
Mitchell Johnson
Michael McGinty
Erik Mildes
Kathleen Miller

Julie Minnes
Nathaniel Pearson
M. Joseph Percini
Deanna Pierce
Jason Rice
Jeffrey Rose
Jamie Schultz


Ryan Shreaves
William Truemper
Quan Wang
Bryana Williams
Karl Williams
Michael Williams


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