Alumni Notes

Lizbeth Seebacher

Lizbeth Seebacher (M.S. ’97) received a $3,000 grant in November from the Starflower Foundation for pilot research on the effect of non-native species on the success of ecosystem restoration.

CFRAA Annual Meeting and Banquet:

The CFR Alumni Association held its annual meeting on Friday, November 20, 1998, at the College of Forest Resources. Attendees were also invited to attend the College’s Research Showcase on Forest Health, held that afternoon, as well as the Alumni Banquet, that evening. The banquet featured guest speaker Professor Jim Agee. Gary Shirley, Association President, presented an Honored Alumnus Award to Steven G. Archie, ’66 (1944-1998), which was accepted by Dean Thorud on Steve’s behalf. The Honorary Alumnus Award was presented to Don Hanley for his contributions to the forestry profession and for his exceptional service to the College and the Alumni Association.

Arbor Day Fair

The CFR Alumni Association has announced that the fourth Arbor Day Fair will be held in April 1999. A financial accounting of the 1998 Arbor Day Fair resulted in a surplus of funds of approximately $1,000, which was placed into the CFRAA Scholarship and Research Fund. The Association commended Ellen McKinley for her capable management and a job well done! The Arbor Day Fair continues to win awards; a $500 Seal of Excellence cash award for the 1997 Fair from the Council for Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) was also placed in the CFRAA Scholarship and Research Fund.

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