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FORSEA Miyazaki 1998 International Symposium

John Perez-Garcia and Bruce Lippke at the FORSEA Miyazaki Symposium

CINTRAFOR was a co-sponsor for the symposium "Global Concerns for Forest Resource Utilization," hosted by Miyazaki University in Japan on October 5-8, 1998. The conference was a sequel to several international forest sector modeling conferences sponsored by CINTRAFOR over the last fifteen years, and the first to be held in Asia. Approximately 200 representatives from 39 countries attended, along with an additional 200 Japanese attending the final session that was devoted to the sustainability of Japan's forests. Bruce Lippke provided one of the opening talks, and he and CINTRAFOR faculty and students (John Perez-Garcia, Guy Robertson, and Ismariah Ahmad) contributed technical papers. As an additional highlight, the conference featured a tour of Japanese Sugi plantations and mill processing facilities. Before leaving Japan, Bruce and John made presentations in Tokyo to the American Forest Sector Chamber of Commerce, the Ministry of Forestry, and the economics staff at the International Tropical Timber Organization in Yokahama.

Gruenfeld International Marketing Conference.

CINTRAFOR co-sponsored the 15th Annual Gruenfeld International Marketing Conference, held in Seattle on December 7-8, 1998. About 160 attendees gave the program and speakers high marks in spite of the dismal Asian outlook theme that dominated much of the conference. Articles in several regional papers featured the program presenters and research, including a Seattle P-I article on December 8 that reported the views of a number of conference presenters. The conference will in future be managed by the UW College of Forest Resources, a gift to the College from Jay Gruenfeld. The conference will play an important role in the College's strategic planning priorities to increase outreach activities and improve communication with external stakeholders.


CINTRAFOR faculty and staff made 24 presentations to public and professional organizations over Autumn 1998. John Perez-Garcia made a number of well-received presentations, including one on the many forest sector implications arising out of the Asian economic crisis.

A new University Relations Publication entitled "The Return on an Investment in Education: How the University of Washington Benefits the Region's Economy," features CINTRAFOR as an example of how faculty at the UW interact with the forest and related products industry.

Center for Streamside Studies

Ecosystem Restoration Conference

CSS was one of a number of organizers of the Society for Ecological Restoration's 1998 Conference "Ecosystem Restoration: Turning the Tide," held October 28-30, 1998. The conference, designed around restoration at the watershed level, featured technical sessions, symposia, seminars, short courses, and field trips. The meeting explored the range of ideas about ecological restoration that circulate among scientists, agency and industry professionals, grassroots organizations, and others. Plenary and keynote speakers included Curt Smitch, Special Assistant to the Governor for Natural Resources Policy; Shirley Solomon, Project Director of Long Live the Kings; Ted Strong, Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission; Charles Wilkinson, Moses Lasky Professor of Law at the University of Colorado; and David Marshall, Fraser Basin Council.

In other CSS News:

Center for Urban Horticulture

Washington Park Arboretum

Clem Hamilton, John Wott, and Deb Andrews of the Arboretum Foundation continued to present the Arboretum slide show throughout the Pacific Northwest, from Portland to Vancouver, BC, averaging four to six meetings a week. Other events in the Arboretum Master Plan process included four public workshops scheduled by the City of Seattle Parks Board on October 21, November 12 and 19, and December 10 at Seattle Center.

In other news:

Olympic Natural Resources Center

Winter Science Conference Scheduled

Staff at ONRC are working on a Winter Science Conference entitled "Putting Olympic Peninsula on the Map," scheduled for February 4 and 5, 1999. The purpose of the Conference is to bring Olympic Peninsula GIS professionals and other interested natural resource professionals together under the umbrellas of GIS Infrastructure and Education and Olympic Peninsula GIS Applications. Participants will identify challenges and generate potential solutions upon which ONRC can target strategies in growing GIS educational opportunities and facilitating integrated GIS application in natural resources management, research, and education on the Olympic Peninsula.

Spartina Control Research

Miranda Wecker, Marine Program Manager at ONRC, reports that one of the most important current research projects at ONRC is looking for a more affordable and less contentious way to control Spartina-the exotic cordgrass that is destroying critical fish and bird habitat in Willapa Bay. Miranda says, "One grant application that has been submitted seeks support for development of biological control as a tool to combat Washington's Spartina infestation." Proposed objectives fall into two broad categories:

The following tasks will be undertaken to achieve project objectives.

"Senator Slade Gorton included an additional $200,000 for this project in the Forest Service PNW appropriation last month," says Miranda.

ONRC Quarterly Activity Report

ONRC Director John Calhoun provided a 1998 Autumn Quarter activity report to the Dean, in fulfillment of one of the College's Work Plan action items. Kudos to John for taking the lead in this important strategic activity that enhances communication and accountability. Anyone wishing a copy of this report, please contact ONRC or the Dean's Office.

Stand Management Cooperative

Dave Briggs reports that Pilchuck Tree Farms recently joined the SMC, bringing membership to 26 public and private land managing organizations. At present three additional companies have also expressed interest in joining. SMC continues to have strong support from suppliers of fertilizers and other services, and the regions' universities and research institutions."

Other news reported by Dave includes:

SMC is featured in a new University Relations Publication entitled "The Return on an Investment in Education: How the University of Washington Benefits the Region's Economy," as an example of how faculty at the UW interact with the forest and related products industry.

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