Salmon Barbecue

The College's annual Autumn Quarter salmon barbecue was held on October 9, 1998. An opportunity to get together at the beginning of the quarter and to welcome new faculty, staff, and students, the barbecue attracted a good crowd. It rained only a little (!) ... and excellent grilled salmon and vegetables were prepared by chefs Carl Harrington, Phil Hurvitz, and David Norton.

Steve Archie Wake

On November 20 1998, a wake was held in honor of Steven G. Archie. Photographs taken by Steve were on display; candid photos were brought in by old friends; even the famous Archie "Charm Letters," dating back to the 70s were available. A wake, not a memorial service, in accordance with Steve's last wishes gave everyone a chance to raise a toast to a College alumnus, former Pack Forest Manager, College Administrator, colleague, and friend.

Dean's Birthday Club

A new College tradition began October 1998, idea courtesy of the Workplace Quality Committee. Each month the Dean hosts a lunch (complete with birthday cake) at the Faculty Club for those faculty and staff celebrating birthdays during that month. This provides an opportunity for colleagues in our diverse and far-flung community who may not have an opportunity in their day-to-day work to relax and socialize together.

October/September birthday participants included Sally Morgan, Cecilia Paul, Sam Clark, Al Wagar, Becky Johnson, Barbara Selemon, Jim Scott, Bob Beer, Bruce Lippke, John Marzluff, and Kathy Wolf. November birthdays included Bev Anderson, Anne Kearney, Eric Turnblom, Georgia Murray, and Peter Schiess.

December's lunch was postponed due to the excess of activities at the end of the quarter; December babies are encouraged to join January's lunch on Thursday, the 14th.

Forest Health Research Showcase

The College presented a Research Showcase on Forest Health, November 20, 1998. Forest health has recently become a prominent issue in managed forests and national parks throughout the world. Definitions of "forest health" range from concentration on fire, insects, and diseases to study of broader issues. Many faculty and students from the College of Forest Resources have been conducting research on fire, insects, and diseases in the Pacific Northwest for more than thirty years. These topics were once considered to be separate areas of research, but the current emphasis on ecosystem management requires studying how fire, insects, diseases and other forest disturbances are interrelated. To this end Professors Bob Edmonds, Jim Agee, and Bob Gara are writing a textbook entitled Forest Health And Protection to be published by McGraw-Hill in 2000. Forest health has also been defined as broader than fire, insects, and diseases, and some broader aspects were discussed in the forum. From 1996-1998, Professor Chad Oliver chaired a panel of scientists that presented a three-volume report to the U.S. Congress on the condition of forest health in the nation. This report was the subject of many hearings in the U.S. House Agriculture and Resource Committees.

Professors Agee, Edmonds, Gara, and Oliver were featured speakers. Poster presentations by College faculty, researchers, and graduate students followed the speakers.


Jim Agee researching fire ecology in Pacific Northwest forests and the reintroduction of fire into forests where it has been suppressed for many years.

Bob Edmonds researching the role of diseases in Pacific Northwest forests, particularly root diseases and their management. He is also involved with research on mycorrhizae, soil microbiology, and nutrient cycling.

Marianne Elliott, an M.S. student researching the current decline of Pacific madrone trees in the Puget Sound area.

Bob Gara researching forest insects in the western United States, especially bark beetles and their management, and relationships between bark beetles, fire, and diseases.

Mike Johnson researching Douglas-fir pitch moth.

Jim McCarter, a Ph.D student in Silviculture and Forest Protection, is working on developing the Land Management System (LMS) for visualizing stands and landscapes using computer simulation.

Larry Mason, an M.S. student in Silviculture and Forest Protection, working on economic analyses related to different silvicultural management schemes.

Chad Oliver, an expert in silviculture and forest development currently examining the biological and management science basis for managing forests across landscapes for many objectives. His lab developed the computerized landscape management system used widely in forest management.

Diana Olson, an M.S. student examining the role of disturbance in forest ecosystems and how it can be integrated into improved forest management, and researching historic fire frequencies in riparian zones and adjacent upslope forests.

Grace Sparks, a Ph.D. student researching the influence of forest edges on mycorrhizae, decomposition processes, and saprophytic fungi.

Juliet Spence, a Forest Management graduate (Spring Quarter 1998), whose senior project concerned fire safety ideas for urban interface fire problems near Leavenworth, WA.

Nate Williamson, an M.S. student, interested in the ecological role of fire in forested systems, the effects of fire exclusion in these systems, and the use of fire as a management tool. His specific research is on stand structure and crown fire risk in eastside riparian zones.

Holiday Party

Santa with friends Becky Johnson and
John Wott

The College's annual Holiday party (complete with visits by Mr. and Ms. Claus) was held on December 11, 1998. A decorated Christmas tree, courtesy of Forest Club students, chestnuts roasted (on an open fire!) by Beverly Anderson and David Norton, and music by Clem Hamilton and friends added to the celebratory atmosphere. Excellent and inspired coordination was provided by Sally Morgan. Emeritus, former staff and faculty, and friends of the College attending included Bjorn and Jan Hrutfiord, Grant and Noni Sharp, Dale and Lynn Cole, DJ Miller, Elly Connolly, Ellen Nadelhofer, and John Dirks. We were also happy to see spouses and children - if anyone hasn't picked up their Santa photos, see Carl Harrington. Below are a few more!


Bob Beer (naughty), and Santa
Professor Emeritus Grant Sharpe
Ms. Claus and helper, Rhian Ryan
David Norton and Richard Robohm

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