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Carol Green reports, "The UW Libraries started Autumn Quarter 1998 with a bang, rolling out our new Web-based Information Gateway ( This is the first phase of the Libraries’ move to Web-based access for most of our electronic indexes and catalogs. Several new electronic services are now possible such as self renewals, direct requests for interlibrary loan and article delivery, and delivery of materials from other units to the Forest Resources Library."

"A number of the index databases most often used by FRL users, Agricola, TreeCD, Life Sciences Collection, PaperChem and, most recently, Science Citation Index Expanded, are now available at your desktops through the Information Gateway. Wildlife World-Wide, a wildlife science database, will debut in web-format in January 1999. During Spring Quarter 1999, we plan to bring up the UW Libraries Catalog under Web-based software, which will allow linking between databases and with electronic journals."

"The staff in the Forest Resources Library spent the quarter integrating these new services into daily activities. Carol Green also offered workshops on the Information Gateway on October 26 and October 29, 1998 that focused on the gateway organization and some of the new services offered."

"Kathy Gilbert weathered her first Autumn Quarter processing reserves, and was successful in coaxing early reserve lists from most faculty and quickly processing those that came in ‘just in time.’ She is planning to provide ‘open reserves’ during Winter Quarter. Reserve files and books will be put out on readily accessible shelves to be used by students as needed. It will be an honor system; we will check out only those materials that are taken out of the library. We hope this will make the process just a bit easier and less time consuming for all."

"Kathy and Carol also spent considerable time upgrading the Forest Resources Library Web pages under the new look and organization structure of the Information Gateway. More and better organized subject pages and guides to research will be developed over time, combining both print and electronic products. "

"Carol is also continuing her work with the CFR Committee on Strategic Planning to bring a Libraries perspective to curriculum planning, and working with individual faculty and courses to integrate library skills into the classroom."

"A Happy New Year to all our friends and colleagues in the College!"

Carol, Kate and Kathy

Miller Library

The Miller Library and CUH hosted lectures on November 15 and 16, 1998, by British plant explorer Roy Lancaster. Nearly 400 people attended the lectures and reception, which was funded by the Miller Foundation as a gift to the horticultural community in Betty Miller’s memory. Mr. Lancaster spoke about his plant collecting expeditions to Chile, Japan, and China.

The Miller Library has a new on-line service available on its multi-media workstation. Andersen Horticultural Library Plant Information Online serves as a current source to find a wide variety of plants, as well as listing book and journal citations about those plants. The service can be accessed by botanical or common name, and has links to the Web pages of a great number of nurseries throughout the country.

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