Outreach and Continuing Education

Autumn Quarter Programs

Programs offered during Autumn Quarter included:

The Natural Resources Institute Module 1: Systems Approaches to Organisms and Communities was held at CFR September 16-25, 1998.

A Fall Forestry Education Seminar was held November 7, 1998 at Pack Forest. The seminar, sponsored by WSU, in cooperation with CFR, WA DNR, WFFA, and WA SAF, covered four major topic areas: forest industry importance and viability; forest health; forest practices rules and regulations; and silviculture.

CUH Outreach

CUH Adult and Professional Programs of interest this past fall included:

Completion of the final session of a year-long series of Native Plant Propagation Workshops cosponsored by CUH and the Washington Native Plant Society.

Week-long study tour on the Plants and Gardens of Southern California with twenty participants cosponsored by CUH and the Northwest Horticultural Society.

First two segments of a professional training series that will continue into 1999 on Science for Landscapers. The first two sessions were on Plants and Water, and Basic Soil Science.

Annual Perennial Symposium was held in October, with a focus this year on Perennial Garden Maintenance, with over 160 participants.

In addition, work has begun on signs and materials for interpretative programs for Union Bay Ecological Area. The first components will be installed early next year.

Arboretum Outreach

Julie DeBarr and Kirsten Bilodeau report that over 2,500 third to fifth graders participated in the Fall 1998 Saplings Program. Another 1,000 students participated in other fall tours and activities. Thanks to a "Partners for Growing" grant of $5,000 received by the Arboretum Foundation, Julie will work with teachers in designing curricula.

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