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Kim Waldron is a second year master's degree student in the social science program. Kim says, "I have always been interested in policy and planning issues and I see the need for more scientific information in these processes. My background is very multidisciplinary, so I have a respect and understanding that business, economics, law, ecology, and philosophy all must play a roll in the decision-making process. I am currently researching the use of adaptive management as a means for the U.S. Forest Service and the Canadian Forest Service to work towards more sustainable forest practices in Washington and British Columbia. When I complete my thesis, I hope to eventually work in mediation, land trust acquisitions, or education. My interest in education stems from my belief that our secondary education systems fail to motivate or encourage students to pursue scientific careers. I would like to work towards implementing better science curricula in high schools and providing forums for applied (and fun!) science. By focusing on elementary school levels, we lose kids at the stage where they are considering careers."

Kim grew up in the foothills of Northern California in the Gold Country. She studied psychology at San Diego State, but quickly became disenchanted with the field, so took a year off and volunteered with The Nature Conservancy. "I loved being outdoors, working as a docent giving educational tours, and decided I was much more interested in a career that takes me outside and teaches me something about my place in the world. I resumed my studies at California State University at Stanislaus and graduated with a degree in Environmental Studies/Geography. After college, I worked for the U.S. Forest Service as a wildlife biologist in the Sierra Nevada and then as a community forester for The Sacramento Tree Foundation. During summers, I worked as an environmental education counselor for inner city groups who came to the Gold Country for field trips.

Since arriving at the College, I have become increasingly involved with CFR activities. I was encouraged by fellow 'Bat', Jeff Bash, (the Batcave is the affectionate term for our office at the top of Anderson Hall), that I should be his successor in the Graduate Student Association (GSA) upon his graduation. He said 'successor' but I believe he meant 'sucker!'" Kim now co-chairs the GSA, as well as serving on the College Operations Committee and the Committee on Strategic Planning. Kim says, "I have been serving in these positions for over a year now, and the relationships I have formed with the faculty, staff, and fellow students have been invaluable. An education is truly more than what you get in the classroom or even from your research!"

Student News

Undergraduate students in sustainable resource science have adopted a section of Interstate 5; they held a clean-up work party on that stretch of highway on Saturday, November 20, 1999.

The Senior Class Gift Committee is seeking interested College of Forest Resources students to participate as committee members. The mission of the committee is to educate members of the senior class on the importance of giving to the Annual Fund, to solicit their financial support through gifts to the Senior Class Gift, and to help build class identity that will be sustained beyond graduation from the UW. Basic duties of committee members are as follows: set an example of support for the Annual Fund by becoming a donor to the Senior Class Gift; attend committee meetings, orientations, and training sessions; assist in planning and development for strategies and promotional and solicitation materials; participate in face-to-face solicitations of classmates; and share in the responsibility for staffing the Senior Class Gift booth. Students must be a member of the Senior Class. For more information, contact Andy Gary, CFR Development Coordinator at (206) 685-6606 or agary@u.washington. edu.


Thirty-seven Paper Science and Engineering undergraduates for the 1999-2000 academic year were awarded Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation scholarships-thirty awards to returning students and seven to incoming and transfer students. The group of incoming students averaged 1300 on SAT scores, along with an average high school GPA of 3.92. Students new to the program, all from Washington state, include Minkyun Flowers (Spokane), Derek Graner (Othello), Tracy Ho, (Issaquah), Jill Hutchinson (Vancouver), Lenny Lee, (Aberdeen), Erik Mildes (Lynnwood), and Jeffrey Towle (Camas).

Undergraduate Scholarships
(Autumn 1999)

Carolyn Alfano Lloyd Anderson REI Scholarship
Alec Arntzen George and Marge Stenzel Endowed Undergraduate Scholarship
Jeffrey Comnick Howard W. Millan Endowed Scholarship
Jesse Craven Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Scholarship
Minkyun Flowers ABB Corporation Endowed Scholarship
Erin Horan Frank and Ardis Grunow Forest Resources Scholarship
Gregory Hostetler Frank and Ardis Grunow Forest Resources Scholarship
Amy Howells Landa Founders Scholarship; Washington State Federation of Garden Clubs Violet Nevitt Gose Scholarship
Jill Hutchinson ABB Corporation Endowed Scholarship
Stephanie Lingwood C. Frank Brockman Memorial Scholarship
Caroline Manriquez Frank and Ardis Grunow Forest Resources Scholarship; William E. Sankela Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Ramos College of Forest Resources Alumni Association Scholarship
Morgan Reichman Marvin Klemme Endowed Scholarship and Fellowship
Zuo Shen David R. M. Scott Scholarship
Audrey Stuart (Kellar) Harold Nash Johns Memorial Scholarship
Jeffrey Towle Measurex Endowed Scholarship
Heidi Watters Robert D. Peterson Memorial Scholarship
Nicol Whitney College of Forester Resources Alumni Association Scholarship
Kevin Zobrist Tacoma Lumberman's Club Paul H. Johns, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Graduate Scholarships/Fellowships (Autumn 1999)

Kim Brown Agnes H. Anderson Fellowship; David R. M. Scott Scholarship
Wendy Brown Byron and Alice Lockwood Fellowship; Agnes H. Anderson Fellowship
Cameron Crump Lawrence Ottinger Forest Products Fellowship
Emily Griswold GOP (Graduate School)
Sara Jensen Byron and Alice Lockwood Fellowship
Melissa Keeley Byron and Alice Lockwood Fellowship; Agnes H. Anderson Fellowship
Mary Loftfield Byron and Alice Lockwood Fellowship
Graham Mackenzie Agnes H. Anderson Fellowship; Walter B. Nettleton Scholarship
Gerard Malcolm Byron and Alice Lockwood Fellowship
Anne Portinga Byron and Alice Lockwood Fellowship
Amy Stabins (Renkert) Marvin Klemme Endowed Fellowship; Agnes H. Anderson Fellowship
Gage Wagoner Agnes H. Anderson Fellowship; Walter B. Nettleton Scholarship
Wilhelm Welzenbach Orlo W. & Mildred M. Krauter Scholarship
John Withey GSFE (Graduate School) Award

WPPF Scholarships

Christopher Ashley
Alexander Buchanan
Edward Draper
Kevin Fischer
Kelly Fisher
Michael Freeland
Derek Graner
Daniel Halos
Ashley Harding
Jan Hasbrouck
Tracy Ho
Aeren Huckleberry
Jennifer Irvin
Mitchell Johnson
David Kahler
Daniel Lee
Lenny Lee
Chris Matz
Gregg McCarthy
Michael McGinty
Erick Mildes
Linda Nguyen
Eric Nordberg
Deanna Pierce

Josh Pitkin
Jason Rice
Kellie Robinson
Jill Roux
Michelle Tibayan
Long Minh Tran
Quan Wang
Matthew Williams
Mitzi Wischnofske

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