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President’s Report
Gene L. Chase, ’67

Dear CFR Alumni,

We have put a successful year behind us.

Arbor Day, Garb Day, graduation, and the annual banquet have added to the continuing involvement of alumni with the College of Forest Resources.

A huge congratulations to Colleen Ponto, ’81, and all the people who worked on Arbor Day. This past year’s Arbor Day was honored by the National Arbor Day Foundation with its Celebration Award.

Next year, Arbor Day will be April 26, 27, and 28, 2000. I encourage all of you to spend at least one day this coming year at a College event—whether it is Arbor Day, Garb Day, or graduation.

The next Garb Day will be May 20, 2000, at Pack Forest.

This year’s Christmas tree sale was a success due to the number of alumni who purchased trees from the Forest Club.

Best wishes to all in the year 2000.


—Gene L. Chase, ’67

Arbor Day Fair 1999 Wins National Award!
The 1999 Arbor Day Fair, sponsored by the UWAA and the College of Forest Resources, was recently awarded the National Arbor Day Foundation’s Celebration Award. The foundation was founded in 1972 to promote Arbor Day’s centennial, and currently enjoys the support of a million members. The UWAA fair was chosen as one of three Celebration Award recipients "which serve as examples of excellence for others to follow." A CFR Alumni Association representative will travel to Lincoln, NE on April 29, 1999 to accept the award on behalf of the UWAA and CFRAA. Congratulations to all who worked on this successful event!  


Alumni Association Annual Meeting and Banquet;
Corbin, ’64, Beckert and Wang Honored

Joe Moks, '78, Bill Corbin, '64 (1999 Honored Alumnus recipient), and Peg Edgar

The CFRAA held its annual meeting and banquet on Friday, November 19, 1999. The meeting was chaired by President Gene Chase, ’67, with alums attending from the class of 1938 to the class of 1997. Following the meeting, attendees moved to the Lockwood Forest Club Room for the College’s quarterly research showcase to hear talks and view poster presentations on carbon sequestration.

Ann Bethel, '86, and John Bethel, '77, '82, daughter-in-law and son of the late Dean James Bethel, shared memories at a special tribute to Dean Bethel.

A memorial tribute to Dean Emeritus James Bethel followed, attended by family and friends. Several offered comments and vignettes about Jim, and the family announced its intent to establish an endowed fund in honor of the Bethel family.

Sixty-four alums and their families attended the evening festivities with Robert Bulchis, ’39, and James Ridgeway, ’38, being the most "senior" members present. The evening began with a social hour at the Faculty Club, followed by dinner. Guest speaker author Ivan Doig, UW, ’69, shared how foresters assisted him in his research for his novels,and autographed books following his presentation.

CFRAA President gene Chase, '67, CFR Emeritus Faculty David Thomas, '41, and Geraldine Thomas reunite at the Alumni Banquet.

Awards to Honored and Honorary Alumni were a special event of the evening. This year Bill Corbin, ’64, was named Honored Alumnus in recognition of the support he has provided to CFR and CFRAA throughout his career. Norman Beckert and Fred Wanggard were recognized as Honorary Alumni. Norm was selected for his ongoing support to Paper Science and Engineering students through the Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation. Fred was a CFR faculty member prior to World War II. The evening closed with the traditional class countdown and the singing of the UW alma mater.

Classes of ’48 and ’49 Reunion

Seven members of the classes of 1948 and 1949 gathered on October 29 in Anderson Hall. Alumni reminisced about their college, military, and work experiences.


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Alumni Hearsay

In Memoriam ...

Mrs. Gordon Marckworth

William C. Meyer ’33

CFR Alumni elected as 1999 Fellows by the Society of American Foresters:

Garb Day, May 20, 2000

This year, Garb Day is set for Saturday, May 20, 2000 at Pack Forest. Alumni, family, and friends are invited to watch and participate.

Members of the Classes of 1938 through 1953 and their families are invited to attend a reunion gathering—more information on the day’s events and transportation will be forthcoming.

In the early deays of Garb Day, as in this 1948 photo, the events took place on campus with log rolling in Drumheller Fountain. Tossing a classmate or two into the water was also an annual ritual. Behind the 1948 Garb Day crown is temporary student housing, built to accommodate the many GIs who attended the U.W. following the war.


Calendar of Events

Garb Day May 20
Classes ’38-’53

Research Showcase

Arbor Day Fair
April 26, 27, 28

Alumni Weekend
July 21, 22, 23
Pack Forest

The Archie Memorial "Remember When" Photo

The following is a note from Leonard Getsfried, an independent road contractor, to CFR alumnus Bob McLachlan, ’59, regarding the above photograph: "A hunter built a lunch fire at [the base of this tree] and it burned and killed it. It blew down about 1932. Pacific National Lumber Co. logged it in 1937 or so ... Log was 14½ ft, through inside the bark. First couple of logs went to St. Paul in Tacoma as they wouldn’t float in the National Mill Pond. By Scribner Scale for big logs 70,000 ft. left and 30,000 in first log. I don’t know how much more. You can tell your grandkids that is what old growth timber looked like when we were working in the woods."

— Leonard



Tree Sales

imageThe annual Forest Club tree sale at the College is always popular, and this year was no exception.

On December 9, 70 trees, balsam and noble fir, were cut early in the morning by Forest Club members and delivered to alumni and friends of the College that same afternoon. Approximately $1,200 was raised for the Forest Club. Students cut and delivered the trees on the same day, making them possibly the freshest trees in Seattle.

At right, two girls negotiate with a parent as to which tree to take home.


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