Development News

The College wishes to recognize and acknowledge the important support the donors listed below will provide. Through their wills, they will be enhancing our program, our curriculum, and the student experience. In the past decade, bequests and other planned gifts have added more than $70 million to the University of Washington. We thank those who have chosen to direct their support to the College of Forest Resources by becoming members of the Henry Suzzalo Society:

Bruce and Sue Asplund
Ruth Ellerbeck
Tom Friberg
Dorothie Knoblauch
Mort Lauridsen
Jane Puccinelli
Jim Ridgeway
Mr. and Mrs. David Thomas
Allan Treuer
Paul M. and Frances V. Vance

Telepledge results

You may remember getting a call from a UW student earlier this year. These dedicated students were raising money for CFR. Those who made the calls are a group of UW students who pride themselves on being great ambassadors for the University of Washington. The students really enjoyed speaking with Forest Resources alumni. What’s more the campaign was a big hit! Thanks to the generosity of CFR alumni and friends, the 1998-99 calling campaign was successful in raising more dollars than last year. This year 271 alums pledged $15,675 to benefit scholarships and the College of Forest Resources Annual Fund, an increase of $780 more than the 1997-98 calling effort.

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