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Carol Green reports, "During Spring Quarter, the UW Libraries Catalog became accessible via the Web. The Libraries have been moving databases to Web-access all year, providing increased access though the Information Gateway. The Web-based Catalog continues this move. Using Web-based software for the Catalog will allow us to imbed links to electronic journals and other internet resources directly from the Catalog."

"Since UWIN and Willow will cease operation on June 30, 1999, we have also been replacing the x-terminal workstations with PCs connected through an NT network. Two new networked PC workstations were installed during the quarter and two more should arrive by the end of June. We were also able to replace the old e-mail terminals with some newer equipment that makes them more reliable."

"The open reserve system continued this quarter with few problems. Kathy Gilbert has been experimenting with electronic reserves for a few classes (primarily ESC 322) to see how it works for everyone. Additional evaluation is required before we will be ready to encourage more extensive electronic reserves. Faculty can continue to submit reserve requests electronically through the forms available from the Information Gateway under ‘Course Reserves’ (Select ‘Course Reserves Information for Faculty/Forest Resources Library’ and scan down to the link to the form) or directly at unitcode=fr."

"I worked with Jim Marra on providing support for ESC 322, traveling to the ONRC at Forks to orient students and consult on the procedures. I also presented an assignment to CFR 101 that required students to learn new research and evaluation skills. In addition, I am working on the syllabus for Information Management and Technology (IMT) 220, Information Research Strategies, a School of Library and Information Science Class that will link to and draw from ESC 110 and PoE 202 Fall Quarter 1999. The class will be targeted to the skills and concepts that students in these classes will need."

"Preparations for a Contingency Serials Cancellation project are underway. De-pending on inflation funding in the biennial budget, up to 5 percent of the serial renewal budget may have to be cut, as well as additional reductions in the book budget. Lists of proposed titles to cancel are being developed and circulated to faculty. For a complete explanation of the project see The full list of proposed titles will be published under the Information Gateway during the summer."

"I will be on leave from July 5 through September 5. During that time Maureen Nolan from the Natural Sciences Library will assist Kathy Gilbert, Kate Scully, and our student, David Barnhart in providing the best possible service."

"Congratulations to those graduating. Come back and visit anytime. Have a great summer!"

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