Outreach and Continuing Education

Arbor Day Fair

The Annual Arbor Day Fair was held April 29-May 1, 1999 at CFR.

Activities included:

See the Washington Forester Alumni News, p. 8, for further details.

Arctic Workshop

The 29th Annual Arctic Workshop was held April 12-13, 1999, on the UW campus. The workshop was co-hosted by CFR and the Quaternary Research Cen-ter, and provided an opportunity for Arctic researchers to present their latest re-search findings. A wide range of presentations in atomospheric, biological, earth, and social sciences were given. Linda Brubaker provided welcoming and closing remarks to conference participants.

American Society of Mammalogists

Planning is underway for the American Society of Mammalogists meeting on June 20-24, 1999, to be held on the UW campus. Reports are that over 500 people have registered to date.

Pack Forest Outreach

Donna Chapman reports that hundreds of K-12 students visited Pack Forest during Spring Quarter 1999. Most groups participated in all-day hikes with talks focusing on managed forests, forest practices, wildlife habitats, general forest ecology, and old growth forests.

Arboretum Public Education Activity

The Arboretum welcomed ten new volunteers who successfully completed the annual ten-week guide training. They will lead tours for school children, adults, and the general public on weekends. Elaine Anderson is the new Volunteer coordinator for the Arboretum, hired by the Arboretum Foundation.

Over 1,500 students from Seattle and surrounding school districts participated in the Arboretum’s Saplings School program. Tiare Sheller led Branching Out, a twelve-week on-site after-school program for three local community centers—Yesler, Miller, and Girls Inc. The new Arboretum Adventures Program continues to reach more families on weekends, led by Julie DeBarr.

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