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Staff Profile — Geetha Sukumaran

Geetha Sukumaran joined the College’s staff as Financial Services Supervisor in February 1999. Geetha was born in India and currently lives in Kent, WA with her husband, a senior engineer at Boeing Company, and two sons ("a.k.a. Pride and Joy!," says Geetha), one a UW graduate and the other currently pursuing a UW degree.

Geetha says, "I came to the United States in the mid-70s—a great loss to India and a marvelous gain to the U.S.! I first lived in Queens, NY. In order to get over being homesick, I immediately took a seasonal job in a department store. This job lasted all of three weeks as I was not used to the East Coast winter and managed to fall down in the snow and break a few bones. Thus ended my very first career attempt in this land of opportunity. Next, I decided to put my accounting degree to some use. I took a civil service exam and fared quite well, which landed me my first real job with the City of New York. This was the starting point for what will turn out to be an entire career history of over twenty years in the public sector accounting/business/finance fields."

Prior to coming to CFR, I worked in various UW departments such as Purchasing and General Accounting, as well as for the School of Dentistry and the School of Medicine in fiscal, administrative, managerial, and supervisory capacities. I served on the Vice-Provost’s Distinguished Staff Awards Committee in 1997, and have taken active part in staff committees for establishing and maintaining healthy working relationships and staff morale."

Geetha’s immediate goal in CFR is to catch up with the enormous backlog of issues and problems while simultaneously dealing with current day-to-day activities. She would also like to become familiar with CFR’s off-campus facilities, programs, and personnel (but, she says, she is still in the process of getting to know a lot of folks here on upper campus!). Geetha adds, "My ultimate desire is to get familiarized with College work groups and committees and to actively participate in helping achieve our mission, goals, and targets."

Staff News

Matt Baldwin joined the CFR staff as Assistant Network Administrator, effective May 13, 1999.

Neal Bonham joined the staff as Gardener for the Washington Park Arboretum, effective April 5, 1999.

The 1999 UW Recognition Reception and Awards ceremony, which included the presentation of Distinguished Faculty and Staff Awards, was held at Meany Hall on June 10, 1999. Lynn Catlett, along with her friends and colleagues, attended in celebration of her Distinguished Staff Award.

Alan Carter-Mortimer is a new Research Consultant working with FSPAR, effective April 30, 1999.

Duane Emmons will start as Operations Coordinator at Pack Forest on June 21, 1999.

Chris Hayden, Woods Utility Lead, remains on extended medical leave.

Laura Lipton, most recently CUH Public Information Officer, was given a farewell send-off at CUH on April 9, 1999.

David Nickle’s last day at the College was April 15, 1999.

Deborah Pitzl has been hired as a Fiscal Tech at Pack Forest effective June 1, 1999.

Russ Posten is the new Program Assistant in the Student Services Office. At CFR since April 29, 1999, Russ graduated from Spokane Falls Community College with a degree in Library Science. He comes to the College from a position in the ASUW. He is currently working on a bachelor’s degree and is happy to join the CFR team. Be sure to stop by the Student Services Office to say hello and welcome to Russ.

Tammy Stout was hired as a half-time Research Technician, effective April 27, 1999. Tammy is working with Charlie Halpern.

Michelle Trudeau began her appointment as the College’s new Counseling Services Coordinator, effective June 1, 1999. Michelle comes to CFR from the Department of Physiology and Biophysics. Stop by Michelle’s office, 130 Anderson, and say hello!

David Zuckerman completed fifteen years of service at the UW in May 1999.

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