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Volume 2, No. 4, Summer, 1999

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Dean’s Notes

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

It was with more than a little melancholy last June that I announced my retirement as Dean of the College of Forest Resources. It has been a great privilege to be the fifth dean of the College since 1907 and a participant in the life of our programs as they have evolved, responding to changing needs and new scientific and technical developments. The College has a more diverse faculty and a wider range of options for undergraduate and graduate students than when I was appointed dean. I’m pleased to have been a part of this growth. I am biased, of course, but I think the College is well positioned for the 21st century.

Progress on current initiatives that will receive the attention and energy of administrators, faculty, and staff during the coming year will put us in an even better position. We will continue to implement our strategic planning goals. The Futures Committee will work toward a full evaluation of our curriculum and make recommendations before the end of the academic year on how we can be sure that our programs meet the needs of students and employers. Current plans include continuing work on engineering accreditation for the paper science and engineering program, implementation of the new environmental horticulture program, and developing our thrust into bioremediation, recycling, ecosystem restoration, and related areas. In addition, a committee is being formed to review the Center for Urban Horticulture to provide a clear view of the best course for that vital part of our program in the coming years.

Initiatives that will draw us closer to our external stakeholders cover a broad range of activities across the College. We are continuing to work with WSU to establish a closer relationship with industrial and non-industrial private landowners through the Private Forests Forum. The Forum is sponsoring the Summit 2000 conference in March 2000. Under the leadership of Jim Fridley, the Precision Forestry Initiative will also provide a connection with our stakeholders, with a potential to significantly transform the practice of forestry.

There are, of course, many other things, as well as the day-to-day business of the College. It will not be a quiet or relaxing final year for me. But with your help, I will work toward providing my successor with a wonderful platform from which to express his or her own leadership. I fully expect that our educational role will remain vibrant, as will our high national and international standing. The future will continue to make ever more complex demands, and I am confident that the College will respond through research and scholarship to these challenges. Public and private partnerships will continue to be important as we address future needs. Volunteers will also remain of critical value, not only in terms of implementing College programmatic goals, but also in terms of advice and financial support. The College must meet its outreach responsibilities as we strive to be a source of information and knowledge to help practitioners and policymakers carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively. I have always maintained that professional schools must take part in the problems that society struggles with and be a part of their solution. We cannot insulate ourselves from the challenges of the real world.

The search committee for a new dean, chaired by Dean Denice Denton of the College of Engineering, has begun its work. The committee solicits your input on the dean search. To see a copy of the position description, contact Linda Kaye, Assistant to the Vice Provost, who is providing administrative support for the committee’s efforts, at Committee members, all of whom can be contacted individually as well as through Dean Denton or Linda Kaye, include:

And lastly, in addition to being a member of this College, I have been privileged to be a part of the University of Washington. This is a great college on its own merits, but one of the reasons it is great is its association with a great university. Thank you to all of the faculty, staff, and students across the campus who have helped me in my deanship and in other University tasks over the last eighteen years. I thank all of the College alumni, volunteers, and friends who have remained steadfast in their support. After stepping down from the deanship on July 1, 2000, I will remain on the faculty and will look forward to continuing to contribute to a great institution.

- David B. Thorud

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