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Forest Resources Library (FRL)

Maureen Nolan reports: "Thank you to Carol Green for letting me keep her chair warm this summer while she was on leave. It’s always a pleasure to work in the Forest Resources Library." Carol
returned from leave on September 7, 1999.

Summer news from FRL includes:

UWIN and Willow were decommissioned on June 30, 1999. The UW Libraries Catalog is now Web-based and features many new functions. For example, the Catalog now allows direct linking to full-text electronic journals directly from the Catalog record. For more information on the UWIN to Web transition, see, or click on ‘What’s New’ on the UW Libraries Gateway home page.

The new NT Workstations have been installed. Draft-quality printing is available from some of the library’s terminals. Laser printing is available from all computers to many campus copy centers, including the Health Sciences Copy Center. We are working on providing printing access to Bloedel 311, but there are some technological hurdles yet to be overcome.

FRL staff have been working on a complete restructuring of the Forest Resources Library Web page. We will soon have a new home page on all FRL public terminals which will not only provide links to forest resources-related topics, but also to the full choice of library services available from the UW Libraries Gateway.

Kathy Gilbert would like to remind faculty that they can continue to submit reserve requests electronically. From the Information Gateway, select Course Reserves/Information for Faculty/Forest Resources Library and scan down to the link to the form, or go directly to the form at will allow you to set up your reserves in advance of having your books pulled or other materials ready.

Carol Green will be co-teaching a class with Patty Carey fall quarter, IMT 220 — Information Research. Strategies. It will be a linked course with ENVIR 201, Studies in Ecology and Conservation (offered through UW’s Program on the Environment) and to CFR course ESC 110, Introduction to Environmental Science. During this time, Louise Richards, librarian from the Fisheries-Oceanography Library, will be assisting the Forest Resources Library staff.

"Welcome back, and best wishes for a wonderful year!"

Miller Library

The Miller Library at the Center for Urban Horticulture received the donation of several excellent private book collections this summer. Over seven hundred books, many of which are difficult to other-wise find, were included in these selections from the personal libraries of profes-sional horticulturists and keen amateur gardeners. The library also received a large donation specifically earmarked for the purchase of out-of-print books.

Accomplishments over the summer on the Miller Library’s book list included bibliographies on not only the book and journal resources available within the library but also Internet sites and contact information for relevant professional associations. These lists are available at the reference desk or from the library’s web site at:

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