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CSS Outreach

The Center for Streamside Studies, along with the UW’s Center for Urban Water Resources Management and the EPA’s Watershed Academy, cosponsored a one-week watershed training workshop, "Working at a Watershed Level: basic principles of watershed management," September 20-24, 1999 on the UW campus. Participants learned about the effects of natural and human disturbances on watersheds; discussed how watershed analysis and planning can mitigate watershed disturbances; learned and practiced effective negotiating skills and how to apply them in water negotiations; visited Seattle area watersheds and stream restoration sights; learned practices and tools available to prevent or mitigate ecosystem degradation; and discussed the social and organizational components of watersheds. CFR faculty Susan Bolton, Rick Edwards, and Clare Ryan were among the instructors of this well-attended workshop.

ONRC Outreach

The Olympic Natural Resources Center hosted several K-12 programs during the summer:

Pack Forest Outreach

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Check out the new, improved Pack Forest web site at http://www.cfr.washington.edu/pack/! And remember, current and past issue of the CFR Quarterly are available for viewing on the College's web page at http://www.cfr.washington.edu. The College's first-ever comprehensive annual report is also available on the Web at http://www.cfr.washington.edu/AnnRep98/

Donna Chapman reports, "We had a busy summer and I led a variety of groups on educational forest tours. I also hired a seasonal naturalist/wildlife technician, Amy Jennings, who worked from July 6-September 6, 1999."

CFR Outreach

CFR-sponsored outreach programs also included:

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