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President’s Report
Gene L. Chase, ’67

Dear CFR Alumni,

The 1999-2000 academic year has officially started and promises to be an exciting and busy one for CFR alumni. To start, the SAF National Convention took place in September in Portland during which we hosted an alumni reception that drew graduates from all over the country.

Our CFRAA Annual Meeting and Banquet is set for Friday, November 19 at the Faculty Club. This is also Apple Cup Weekend, so you already have a reason to be in Seattle. The Annual Meeting and Banquet is a wonderful time for alumni of all ages to reunite. In addition to the meeting and banquet, alumni also have the opportunity to visit with faculty and learn about current research during the Research Showcase that will also take place on November 19.

Another important activity this year is the search for a replacement for retiring Dean David Thorud. I hope to hear from the 4,000-plus CFR alumni regarding what you would like to see in a new dean—your thoughts will be passed on to the selection committee during their review process

The fifth annual Arbor Day Fair has been scheduled for April 26, 27, & 28. The decision to move to a Wednesday through Friday format and eliminate Saturday from the program was based on a need to accommodate the demand by schools. By adding another weekday, more children from area schools are able to participate in the Fair. We look forward to having alumni volunteers back on campus for this ever-growing and popular event.

I hope to see all of you at our Fall events—mark your calendars!


Gene L. Chase, ‘67

CFR Annual Meeing & Banquet

All CFR alumni are invited to attend the CFRAA annual meeting and banquet on Friday, November 19, 1999. If you plan to attend, please fill out the reservation form available here; we need RSVPs by Friday, November 12.

The day’s format will be: annual members’ meeting at 12:30 p.m.; the social at the Faculty Club will begin at approximately 5 p.m., to be followed by dinner at 7 p.m.

From 4:00 to 5:00 p.m., alumni will gather for a tribute to the life and contributions of James Bethel.

The featured speaker at the Banquet is Ivan Doig, ex-ranch hand with a Ph.D. in history, who is an award-winning author of eight books, including This House of Sky, English Creek, Dancing at the Rascal Fair, and his most recent novel, Mountain Time.

Alumni are also cordially invited to attend a CFR Research Showcase in the Lockwood Forest Club Room at 3 p.m. The topic for the Autumn Quarter showcase is "Carbon Sequestration."

Classes of ’48 & ’49 Golden Reunion

Graduates from the classes of 1948 and 1949 are invited to a Golden Reunion on Friday, October 29, 1999, at 1 p.m. in Anderson 22, on the first floor of Anderson Hall. Kindly RSVP to CFR Development Coordinator Andy Gary at (206) 685-6606 by October 20.

Continuing Education Calendar Copy

Recently the College’s Forestry Continuing Education Program (ForestCE) sent out its semi-annual regional calendar of up-coming continuing education events. We thought you might want to see what the ForestCE Program was up to and asked them to send a copy to the alumni mailing list. This is a one-time mailing of the calendar unless you would like to continue receiving it each winter and summer. If you would like to remain on the mailing list for ForestCE, just give us a call at 206-543-0867, an email at ForestCE@u.washington. edu, or a card at the address on the calendar.

Alumni and Kids Explore a Wetland Ecosystem

More than 60 alumni and their children and grandchildren took advantage of three Wetland Ecology Walks earlier this summer at the Washington Park Arboretum. The guided walks, on June 20, 25 and July 7, involved two hours of discovering the complex world of a wetland ecosystem and learning about the importance of wetlands in our world. Given that Seattle experienced a wet spring, the wetlands offered much to see, touch, and smell. The walks, which were followed by peanut butter and jelly sack lunches, were sponsored by the College of Forest Resources and the Washington Park Arboretum.


Much of the Wetland Ecology Walk involved the inspection of Water (and all that lives in it) through magnifying boxes. Dylan and dad, Mark Hagemen, '79, discuss their findings.

Geoff and dad, John Traeger, '82, scope out a location to collect water samples.

Kailie Ponto completes her scavenger hung list with the help of mom, Colleen Ponto, '81. Non-reading children were offered pictures of the items they needed to find.



Kailie and Colleen Ponto search for the next item on Kailie's list, while Geoff Traeger checks off items he has identified.

Alumni Hearsay

In Memoriam ...

Jerry Lee Monesmith, ’63
Donald B. Malmberg, M/MS ’48, Ph.D. ’65

Paul N. Vance, ’38, of Saint Helens, OR, is a member of the Portland Chapter of the Society of American Foresters and received his Golden Membership Award on March 15, 1999. ·
Roy E. Stier, ’40, of Santa Barbara, CA, has published his second book, Tamerlane, the Ultimate Warrior, which is the story of a little-known 14th century Muslim leader. Roy worked for 23 years as a forest engineer, 18 years as a teacher, and now is an author. Down the Hill, his first book, is about the early days of logging. · Delos (Dee) D. Wilma, ’39, ’40, lives in Longview, WA, where he acquired property along the Cowlitz River and started his second arboretum. His first arboretum, which he developed and nurtured for 37 years next to the Toutle River, was destroyed during the eruption of Mount St. Helens. Dee worked for Longview Fibre Company in paper production for 42 years. · Paul E. Bruns, ’56, and his wife Patricia live in Titusville, FL, and are extremely active with community projects. · Phil Bird, ’63, lives in Grapevine, TX, with his wife, Marilyn. He is assistant vice president–network design for GTE Network Services. · Rendal V. Broomhead, ’63, of Vancouver, WA, retired after 34 years with Weyerhaeuser where he held various supervisory and management positions in log harvesting and log handling. He now works part-time with a management consulting firm and enjoys backpacking, gardening, and traveling. · Paul M. Tweiten, ’74, lives in Vladivostok, Russia and is in his fourth year as manager of Russian operations for Rayonier. · Sheila Fay Helgath, ’84, recently returned to Seattle after serving as a Peace Corps volunteer in Chile, then working for a Washington-based forestry and manufacturing business in Argentina. She is now the special projects advisor for environment and sustainable development for Banco Axial, a Brazilian company. · Peter Morrison, ’84, of Winthrop, WA, helped form a conservation organization "focused on studying and protecting our rich biological heritage." He currently is the executive director of Pacific Biodiversity Institute. · Daniel Hinkley, ’85, lives in Kingston, WA, and was featured in a June 20, 1999 article in The New York Times Magazine. He is co-owner of internationally renowned Heronswood Nursery. Each year garden aficionados look forward to Hinkley’s Heronswood catalog that includes 300 pages of enticing botanical descriptions. Hinkley’s most recent book, The Explorer’s Garden is due on bookshelves this fall. The New York Times Magazine article is available for viewing at · Shannon Skibeness, ’86, gave birth to her second child, Lauren Rose Fitzmarie, on November 9, 1998. Lauren joins the rest of the family, Skyler, 2, and father, Peter Fitzmarie. Shannon works as a recreation forester for the Chugach National Forest in Alaska. · Chris Platz, ’90, lives in Bothell, WA, with his wife Theresa ’89, ’96, and their three children. Their third child, Peter Anthony, was born on June 9, one week after the family moved to their new home in Bothell. Theresa will start work as a doctor at the Bothell Medical Clinic late this summer, and Chris "plays with the kids and plays the stock market."

The Archie Memorial "Remember When" Photo

Steve Archie, ’66, former editor of the Washington Forester enjoyed collecting and selecting old photos for the "Remember When" photo which appeared in many past issues of our newsletter. His files will permit us to continue the tradition for a while longer.

This photograph taken by William A. Eastman, Jr.,’ 33 shows some members of his sophomore class at the site of the fallen Big Tree of Mineral, WA. Professor Alexander’s class at Pack Forest, having just finished constructing Biltmore-Hypsometer sticks, traveled to Mineral where they visited this giant Douglas-fir which had fallen during a 1929-1930 winter storm. The class took various measurements of the tree. It was estimated that the tree was 1,020 years old when it fell, 15.4 feet dbh and 385 feet tall. The height has been the subject of some speculation as the top had blown off many years before the tree fell and no written record of the length of the fallen top has been found. But it is believed that Leo Isaac measured the fallen top to arrive at a total height of 385 feet.

This photo also appeared in the American Forests magazine of June 1981. It appears that Bill took the photo in April 1931 although 1930 is also listed as the date. Can anybody shed any light on the correct date and the length of the blown out top?

Congratulations to our Survey Winner!

The winner of the Alumni Survey drawing was Al Deichsel, of Lonview, Washington. Al won a trip for two on the Victoria Clipper and one night’s stay at the Empress Hotel in Victoria. BC. Thanks to Al and the 600-plus alumni who took the time to provide this important information.

Other Events

Faculty Showcase
Nov 19. 3 p.m.
"Carbon Sequestration" Lockwood Forest Club Room, Anderson Hall
Followed by reception

Holiday Tree Pick-up and Social
Although it may seem a bit early to think about the holiday season, we’d like to let you in on a wonderful offer to CFR alumni —the chance to buy a freshly-cut tree from the CFR Forest Club. Not only will you be able to pick up your tree the day it is cut, but you will be helping support a CFR student organization. Alumni in the greater Seattle area will receive a flier in October 1999 with details of the holiday tree sale.

All trees are cut on the day of pick-up, are 6-8 feet in height, but can be custom-sized at pick-up.

Dec 9, 4 p.m.
Tree Pick-up – Anderson Courtyard
Social – Lockwood Forest Club Room

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