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Visiting Regent Program

In an effort to increase communication between the Board of Regents and the UW community, the University has recently implemented the Visiting Regent Program. This program intends to make one Regent available to each College so that the Regents can acquire more in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the University. The Regent will make visits to classes, labs, faculty, field sites, and administrators within the College at different times during the year. At the end of their one-year assignment, the Regents will share highlights and observations gained from the experience and then will rotate assignments. This year, the College of Forest Resources and the College of Ocean and Fishery Sciences will share Regent Gerald Grinstein from February 1999 to September 2000.

Gerald Grinstein is the former CEO of Western Airlines and of Burlington Northern. He is currently the principal of the Madrona Investment Group, and he is on the Board of Directors for Browning Ferris, Delta Air Lines, Imperial Holly, PACCAR, Sundstrand, and Vans. He obtained his B.A. from Yale, his L.L.B. from Harvard, and now specializes in negotiations.

We in the College of Forest Resources will provide Regent Grinstein with the College’s recent history, our hopes for progress, and our current fiscal (and general) challenges. Through the Visiting Regents Program, the College has the opportunity to invite our Regent to work together in analyzing and solving our problems.

U District Food Bank Recognition

The College received a "Certificate of Appreciation" in December 1998, from the University District Food Bank in recognition and appreciation of valuable and generous support.

Dean’s Dollars

As part of the College’s 98-99 target to "develop and implement meaningful programs of recognition," Dean’s Dollars are now available at distribution points in Bloedel (292), Winkenwerder (104), Anderson (107E) and Merrill (112). Dean’s Dollars are a small, informal way to show your appreciation and recognition of another’s special efforts. Each Dean’s Dollar is redeemable for $1.00 credit at the Health Sciences Overpass espresso cart. On the back of each greenback there is a place to fill in the name of the person you are bestowing it on and why.

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