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Staff Profile — Andy Gary Owre

Andrea Gary Owre, whom every-one calls Andy, joined the College as its new part-time Development Coordinator, effective January 19, 1999. Andy comes to CFR after six years at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle where she worked for both Student Affairs and Alumni Relations. At Cornish she facilitated the establishment of an Alumni Association and helped create an art gallery featuring work by alumni. Andy also worked in development at Seattle Emergency Housing Service in Seattle, where she focused on writing grants and creating events for the shelter for homeless families. She also spent time as a Resident Director at Ohio University in Athens, OH, where she received both an undergraduate and master’s degree in journalism. Andy grew up in Missoula, Montana and anticipates many return visits.

Andy says, "Alumni need to know that they are extremely important to the College, whether they are two, twenty or fifty years out of their program. My role here is to let people know how significant they can be to the future of CFR and to provide various ways they can help—whether through volunteer time, brainstorming of ideas, mentoring current students, or financial gifts. I am looking forward to getting to know CFR alumni to learn what interests them regarding the College."

Andy’s passions are exploring the outdoors, playing volleyball, and most recently, experiencing the challenges of being a new parent.

Andy can be found in 130 Anderson. She says, "Stop by and say hello!"

Staff News

Robert Allen is the new Secretary Senior in the Management and Engineering Division, effective March 12, 1999.

David Braun, formerly an hourly employee for the Wind River Canopy Crane Project, was hired as a Research Technician on that project, effective March 29, 1999.

John Calhoun was quoted in a March 2, 1999 Seattle Times article on the reintroduction of gray wolves to the Olympic National Park.

A "launching" party for Joyce Carlson took place on February 4, 1999 to wish her well in her new position with Grant and Contract Services, and to thank her for her contributions to the College.

Rachel Carrroll joined CINTRAFOR as the new Secretary Senior, effective February 1, 1999. Her arrival contributed immediately to a great sigh of relief by CINTRAFOR staff! Prior to joining the College she was a Program Assistant with Classroom Support Services. Rachel has a degree in English and experience with editing and correspondence that will complement the Center’s already diverse makeup of students and staff.

Jane Cassady’s last day with the College was January 31, 1999.

Lynn Catlett has been selected as one of the winners of the UW third annual Distinguished Staff Awards. Lynn is the second CFR staff member to be awarded this honor since its inception. President McCormick, in his letter to Lynn, writes, "Your colleagues nominated you with highest praise for your outstanding service and exemplary contributions to the University’s mission." The honor, which includes a $3,000 cash award, can be awarded annually to as many as five outstanding staff members and teams. Recipients of the award will be formally announced during Spring Quarter 1999. Congratulations, Lynn!

Andy Gary joined the College as Development Coordinator, effective January 19, 1999. (See Staff Profile).

Terri Goodwin has accepted the position of CFR Grants Coordinator effective March 29, 1999. She currently works with the full range of grant activities in the Department of Medicine’s Division of General Internal Medicine. Previously she worked with fiscal and reporting matters at Seattle University. When the new quarter begins, stop by her office in 107 Anderson to introduce yourself.

Jeff Gorelik relocated to Green Bay, WI; his last day at the College was January 19, 1999.

Barbara Harrison, formerly an hourly employee for ONRC, has been hired as a 75% time Program Coordinator, effective February 4, 1999.

Lynne Hendrix, formerly helping out in the CINTRAFOR office, is now an Office Assistant III for the Canopy Crane Project, effective March 15, 1999.


Staff News from Pack Forest includes:

Terri McCauley is now a Program Coordinator and will work in the Conference Coordinator position. The position had been temporarily filled by Vicki Hayden.

Mason McKinley, who has been the Operations Coordinator and temporary Staff Forester since June 1997, will become the permanent Staff Forester, effective next summer.

Co-workers wished farewell to Branden Sirguy, whose last day at the College was January 16, 1999.

Congratulations to Henry Smith, who celebrated his twenty-year UW anniversary on March 5, 1999.

Geetha Sukumaran is the College’s new Fiscal Specialist Supervisor, effective February 23, 1999. Geetha, who comes to CFR from the School of Medicine says, "It feels great to come on board here! After working with the system for over fifteen years in various capacities, I feel honored, challenged, enthused, and energized at the prospects of utilizing and expanding my skills. My goal is to work towards taking this already great school to another dimension of excellence by lending my utmost support and guidance to the administration, faculty, staff, and students."

Leslie Wall was promoted to Program Coordinator, effective January 5, 1999.

A special thank you is due to Diane Wentz and Sue Olsen, who have been tirelessly covering the grants desk for several weeks. Diane served in that role through March 30; as time allows, Sue will continue to work in the grants area in order to provide back-up.

Staff Reports

In addition to her responsibilities as editor and publication coordinator for the Ecosystems Research Group at the College, Kathy Kohm has been teaching a number of writing classes. She is teaching one series of classes for the Masters in Health Administration Evening Degree Program. In addition, she teaches a class entitled Scientific Writing for Publication, a two-day class offered through the University Training and Development Office. The class, which is open to faculty and staff, is designed on the premise that writing is an integral part of the scientific process and that good writing equals good thinking. Class topics include: defining your audience, distilling your main message, ordering your ideas in a coherent outline, self-editing techniques, and supporting text with effective graphics. Kathy says, "If you are interested, look for the class in the Training and Development course catalog or give me a call at 685-4724."

David Norton reports that for the second year in a row, the College’s proposal for Student Technology Fee (STF) funding was accepted. The 1999 proposal, for "CFR Advanced Software Support Lab Web Enhancement," was fully funded for $4,765. Under the proposal, the College will add additional resources to the CFR Advanced Software Support Laboratory, previously funded primarily by STF, to enhance student opportunity for producing high quality World Wide Web content and GIS work. New resources will include five flatbed scanners, ten concurrent licenses for Adobe Photoshop, and copies of Macromedia Dreamweaver HTML authoring tools.

As background, David explains, "The CFR Advanced Software Support Laboratory was created to provide access to software packages that are not offered in Computing and Communication labs. These include software for working in GIS (geographic information systems), landscape visualization, statistical analysis, CAD (computer-aided design and drafting), project management, chemical process modeling, and industrial process modeling. The lab currently consists of 18 workstations, 16 of which were funded through an STF grant. Other equipment includes a color laser printer also funded by STF, an 11x17 black and white laser printer, and color inkjet plotte, two flat bed scanners, and a third tabloid sized flatbed scanner and specialized slide scanner funded by CFR."

"The lab is open to all students enrolled in CFR classes or degree programs, as well as any students participating in intercollege collaborative efforts involving CFR. We also extend access to any other UW students as resources permit. The lab’s hours of operation generally follow those of the Forest Resources Library. The lab has a fully staffed help desk."

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