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Student Profile — Roberta Armstrong

Roberta Armstrong is a Senior in the Paper Science and Engineering Program. Roberta says, "I was raised by my mother, who is now a retired native of Yelm, WA. It was her encouragement along with my best friend, James Newsome, that I was able to be the first one in my family to get a university degree. I credit them for their understanding, support, and most of all, the love they gave to me as I persevered in my dream. And, it was because of people like Professors Bill McKean, Chavonda Jacobs-Young, and Affiliate Professor David Barlow that I sought to learn more about the PSE program. The program staff members’ sincere and genuine interest made me feel as if I were already part of a team. When I found out what PSE had to offer, I chose to get my CFR degree even prior to completing my chemical engineering degree."

In spite of the demands of getting degrees in both chemical engineering, and paper science and engineering, Roberta increases her cultural awareness through socializing and appreciating the unique qualities of others to attain a better perspective. Described by her peers as a gregarious, fun-loving woman with a great sense of humor, she enjoys the camaraderie of friends and colleagues, and especially the laughter that cures the stress any day may bring. Her outside interests have included serving as a Brownie leader as well as an elementary school teacher’s aide. Roberta believes that because children are so impressionable, it is important to provide them with good role models.

Roberta’s work experience has included working for BetzDearborn Paper Process Group as a Process Specialist Intern, and as a Laboratory Assistant in the PSE program. She says, "I’m currently anticipating my coop with Kimberly Clark. Working there will allow me to incorporate all that I have learned and continue to learn from my chosen career. The corporation encourages teamwork and exploring innovative ideas and experiments—all areas of strength I believe I can offer."

Of her current work, Roberta says, "I’m working on a senior research project entitled "Optimization of Gap Setting and Pressure Load for a Chip Conditioning Device." With confirmation from my senior research group, Armstrong, Mitchell, and Moody, I explored the pulp and paper industry to obtain project ideas. Bill Fuller of Weyerhaeuser generously offered several suggestions before we chose the final project. The final project topic allows our research group significant exposure to pulp and paper mill experiments, as well as the opportunity to work with Desmond Smith of Acrowood in Everett, WA. In addition, I enjoy serving as publicity coordinator for the student chapter, Tappi. Because I’ve completed all VLPA and technical elective classes I’m now taking only division requirement courses for both the PSE and ChemE degrees, which contributes to my sometimes overwhelming quarterly schedule! However, since I do some of my best work under pressure, I don’t look see this as negative."

Looking ahead, Roberta sees herself in a position where her talents and interests are continuously challenged. She says, "I intend to never quit learning, exploring, investigating, and above all, producing. I will graduate in June 2000, and will be seeking a position in a corporation seeking an employee with the stamina and dedication I know I can provide!"

Student News

Amy Bjorkman, a Forest Products Marketing recent graduate, has found employment at the Bon Marche after completing a research project on buyer-seller relationships in the newsprint industry.

Student nominees for the Promise of Excellence Award presented by Women in Communications, Inc, are: Lisa Carlson, Kim Brown, and Morgan Reichman. Along with six other women who are recognized for their outstanding achievements in the professions, arts, and community, one outstanding woman student from the UW will be honored.

Mary Gates Scholars

Angela Cahill, Urban Forestry undergraduate, is a Mary Gates Scholar working this year with Linda Chalker-Scott. She is studying the effects of soil texture and compaction on the survival of madrone seedlings (Arbutus menziesii). She has already stratified and sown the seeds, which started emerging a few weeks ago. She will continue with this work, eventually transplanting the seedlings to specific soil conditions and monitoring their performance.

Richy Harrod, Ph.D. student in Ecosystems, is working with Sarah Oneal, Mary Gates Scholar in the Biology Department. Sarah is a senior in the Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology Program, and is assisting Richy with field and greenhouse studies that examine the population biology and fire ecology of two rare plant species of the Wenatchee Mountains of Washington.

New Student Reps on CFR Ombudsman Panel

The CFR Ombuds Panel happily announces the election by acclamation of Spencer Toepfer as representative and Susan Prichard as alternate. At the same time, we bid farewell to Jeff Bash with thanks for his dedication to the idea of constructive dispute resolution and his many insights and suggestions freely shared.

Student Presentations in Urban Horticulture

Graduate students in UHF 561, "Public Presentation in Urban Horticulture" gave talks in the Douglas Classroom at CUH during Winter Quarter 1999, ranging from scientific to extension and outreach topics. Students included: Stephen Bruggerhoff, Kelly Dlouhy, Mark Mead, Jason Ontjes, Tom Smarr, and Laura Zybas.


Undergraduate Scholarships
(Winter 1999)

Carolyn Alfano Marvin Klemme Endowed Scholarship
Roberta Armstrong Denman Fund
Alec Arntzen J. Kenneth Pearce Forest Engineering Scholarship
Jesse Barton Lloyd Anderson REI Scholarship
Scott Bodien David R.M. Scott Endowed Scholarship
Alexander Buchanan J. H. Bloedel Scholarship
Paul Carpenter David R.M. Scott Endowed Scholarship; Forest Resources Scholarship
Allison Cocke Forest Resources Scholarship [Oregon Logging Conference]
Jeffrey Comnick College of Forest Resources Alumni Association Scholarship and Research Fund
Kelly Dlouhy Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Scholarship
Michelle Dobie W. B. Nettleton Scholarship
Jed Gillen Agnes Anderson Scholarship
Christina Gray Lloyd Anderson REI Scholarship
Daniel Halos J. H. Bloedel Scholarship
Deven Holmgren George Wilson Scholarship
Erin Horan Marvin Klemme Endowed Scholarship
Amy Howells Agnes Anderson Scholarship
Mitchell Johnson W. B. Nettleton Scholarship
Audrey Kellar C. Frank Brockman Memorial Scholarship
Michelle McCarthy Marvin Klemme Endowed Scholarship
Ai Nakamura Agnes Anderson Scholarship; J. H. Bloedel Scholarship
Matthew Newport J. H. Bloedel Scholarship
Eric Nordberg J. H. Bloedel Scholarship
Angela Pearce Edna Faller Nord Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Ramos College of Forest Resources Alumni Association Scholarship and Research Fund
Morgan Reichman Agnes Anderson Scholarship
Michelle Salemi Clayton Dale Carlisle Memorial Scholarship
Benjamin Wadsworth George Wilson Scholarship
Kevin Zobrist College of Forest Resources Alumni Association Scholarship and Research Fund


WPPF Scholarships (Winter 1999)

Albert Allen
Roberta Armstrong
Christopher Ashley
Alexander Buchanan
Carl Chasse
Mathew Clements
Edward Draper
Kelly Fisher
Eric Foshuag
Michael Freeland
Daniel Halos
Chad Halverson
Ashley Harding
Jan Hasbrouck
Aeren Huckleberry
Joshua Hudnall
Jennifer Irvin
Mitchell Johnson
David Kahler
Chris Krumland
Daniel Lee
Joseph Martin
Christopher Matz

Gregg McCarthy
Michael McGinty
Matthew Newport
Linda Nguyen
Eric Nordberg
Linda Nguyen
Michael Pearson
Deanna Pierce
Joshua Pitkin
Jason Rice
Kellie Robinson
Jill Roux
Craig Ruger
William Sloan
Courtney Spears
Michelle Tibayan
Long Minh Tran
Quan Wang
Michael Wetzel
Matthew Williams
Mitzi Wischofske
Ke Xue

Graduate Scholarships/Fellowships/Awards (Winter 1999)

Wendy Brown Marvin Klemme Research Fellowship
Sara Jensen Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship, Achievement Rewards for College Scientist (ARCS)
Amber Kocsis J.H. Bloedel Forestry Fellowship
Gerard Malcolm Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship
Devin Malkin Hugo Winkenwerder Fellowship
Ruth Marsh Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship, Achievement Rewards for College Scientist (ARCS)
Kerri Mikkelsen Graduate School Merit Award
Anna Portinga Byron and Alice Lockwood Endowed Fellowship
Jay Singh Hugo Winkenwerder Fellowship

The Frank and Ardis Grunow Forest Resources Scholarship

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Grunow who now reside in Sacramento, CA established the Grunow Scholarship in December 1988. Frank Grunow is a CFR ’38 graduate, who spent much of his career with the U.S. Geological Survey. Because scholarship funds enabled him to attend the UW and complete his degree, he and his wife, Ardis, wished to help promising but needy undergraduate and graduate students of forestry to complete their educations through partial scholarships awarded on a yearly basis. The scholarship supports promising students who demonstrate both financial need and academic merit with an award that can be used to cover partial tuition for a year, and also provide support for books, fees and other educational expenses.

Recent recipients of the Grunow Scholarship have been Melanie Bojanowski, Wildlife Sciences (‘97) and Aileen Finnigan (’98) Conservation of Wildland Resources. The current recipient is Laura York, Conservation of Wildland Resources.

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