August 2001

The Straight Grain Volume 6, Issue 3
Table of Contents
Dean's Office

Please welcome Greg Brazil
Job Opening
Correction to Management Council Minutes
CFR Filmfest
Submissions to the CFR Homepage
Information for Grant Preparation
Rob Harrison's Wetland Soils Backpacking Adventure
*****Dean's Office*****
We are delighted to announce that Greg Brazil has been hired to permanently fill the position in the Dean's Office that he has been filling so well as a temporary employee. He will be the building coordinator and will provide Administrative support for the Dean's Office; many of you have met him in this capacity already -- if not, please stop by 107 Anderson to introduce yourself. He has lots of ideas on how to make things work as well as possible and I know he would welcome the opportunity to chat with you about what he will be doing. JOB OPENING A new job opening has been posted for a Program Coordinator to work with Kelley Duffield in Continuing Education and Don Hanley in Extension. It is on the UW recruiting page, as job number BC13293. Please encourage anyone that might be intersted to apply by August 22.
Another representative of CFR at the SAF Annual Meeting will be Kathy Wolf. She was asked be a part of a panel of speakers re: urban forestry at the SAF meeting. The presentation will be part of a half day track on urban forestry. Contact Kathy (kwolf@ or 6-5758) for more information. Good work, Kathy -- it's great to see that recognition!
*****CFR Filmfest*****
The film fest starts next week! On Wednesday August 22, Sandi Larson will be showing THE AFRICAN QUEEN starring Humphrey Bogart, Katherine Hepburn. BYOP :^)
*****Submissions to the CFR home page*****
Marianne Elliott is working on a new, improved version of the CFR website this summer. On the home page she plans to put a series of images that changes each time you load the page, similar to the computer science and engineering page ( We need your pictures. These pictures can be from your research sites or projects, for example, and will give people an idea of what we do here. Include a caption for each picture. The pictures should be in gif or jpeg format, and you can email them to Marianne Elliott ( Thanks!
*****Information for Grant Preparation*****
Below are websites that show current information to be used in assembling budgets for grant proposals. Note that University fringe benefit rates have changed slightly effective July l, 2001. New rates for graduate student appointments are also effective July 1, and tuition rates become effective Fall Quarter 2001. Lastly, indirect costs will decrease slightly in some cases effective July 1, 2002. Jane UW fringe benefit rates: Graduate student salaries: (increase 4% for 2002-03 and 4% for each year after that) Graduate student tuition rates: (increase 4% for academic year 2002-03 and 4% for each academic year thereafter) Indirect cost rates:
*****Rob Harrison's Wetland Soils Backpacking Adventure*****
ESC412 Wildland Soils spent July 16-20 in the field, with 9 students and 2 professors completing a 5 day backpacking trip across the cascades from Sulfur Creek Camp on the Suiattle River to Lake Chelan. The trip was remarkably free of insects this year, and Cloudy Pass was almost completely free of snow, rare for this time of year. The class dug dozens of soils pits, enjoying seeing remote soil profiles not possible in other soils classes. Mountain meadow wildflowers were fantastic. Though there were lots of blisters, strained muscles, and other assorted pains, there was absolutely no whining by this year's class. As the class finished the field trip riding the ferry from Lucerne to 25-mile creek park, we saw some major helicopter activity putting out fires on the slopes along Lake Chelan. -Rob Harrison
This year's class can be viewed at: There are also lots of pictures from the class at: and

The Straight Grain Volume 6, Issue 4
Table of Contents
Dean's Office
Ecosystem Sciences
*****Dean's Office*****
Hello everyone. This year's salmon bbq will take place on Wednesday, October 3rd, and there will be an all-college meeting that afternoon as well. Please save the date.
An ad has been posted for a 1/2 time Fiscal Tech 2 to work in the Business Operations office. The listing will be closing on August 30, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, please encourage them to apply immediately (the reference number is BC13340).
"School: The Story of American Public Education" will be broadcasted on most PBS stations on Monday and Tuesday, September 3 and 4, from 9 to 11 p.m., Eastern time, with two episodes on each night. A companion volume to the documentary series is published by Beacon Press. Here's an excerpt from a review Arthur Levind in the 8/17/01 issue of the Chronicle of Higher Education: "'School' is a must-watch for people who care about colleges and universities. We live in an age in which government, the press, philanthropic organizations, and the public are saying higher education should be more involved with elementary and secondary schools. We in higher education talk a lot about it, too. Unfortunately, however, we tend to know very little about schools. "School" is a wonderful, painless, even entertaining way to learn about the history of public education. It's not as good as reading Lawrence Cremin's three-volume, Pulitzer Prize-winning history, American Education (Harper & Row, 1970, 1980, 1988)-but then again, that is not a mere four-hour undertaking."
*****Ecosystem Sciences*****
Recent CFR grad Brad White, now managing ecologist at the state Dept of Agriculture, is in the news as the answer guy on the citrus longhorned beetle, an invader that has wrought great destruction in trees around Chicago and New York in earlier episodes. See p. B-1 of the 8/23 Seattle Times ( for more details *AND* for photos of the pest itself (the beetle, we mean, not Our Brad) and its two PNW look-alike but harmless cousins.

The Straight Grain Volume 7, Issue 1
Table of Contents
Dean's Office

Successful Swap Meet
Building Key Request Proceedures
Employees Honored For 10 Years of Service
Farwest Service
International Plant Propagator's Society
Summer Day Camp
Save the date! Tuesday September 18th, 10:30-11:30 Staff meeting with the Dean in the Forest Club Room. Don't forget that the Seahawks are playing on Saturday, 9/1 in Husky Stadium. So the C-10 lot will not be available for parking.
*****Dean's Office*****
Thanks to everyone who participated in last weeks swap meet there is that much less unnecessary "stuff" taking up useful space. Hopefully, everyone was able to find something to take back to their offices as well. We'll do it again some time in the spring.
The requisition for building keys can now be accessed and printed from the CFR website. It is with the other forms which can be found when clicking on the "internal" link. Students, or anyone else requesting keys can now avoid the additional trip to simply pick up the form.
Facility Services has implemented a new web-based format for communicating repair or maintenance orders. Please direct your building request to the Building Coordinator, Greg Brazil via e-mail at E-mailed requests will aid in project tracking and clarification. Requests requiring immediate attention may still be initially called in to Greg at 5-3151 (preferably) or to Facility Services at 5-1411. However, regardless of the urgency, please make a point to e-mail Greg with all building related repair and maintenance requests to allow for tracking.
Lou Stubecki, arborist in the Washington Park Arboretum has completed ten years on that staff. Lou was the first arborist hired in order to ensure the health and safety of both the Arboretum visitors and the collections. In the last ten years, we have suffered fewer tree losses in major storms due to an aggressive management program. Lou is a member of the International Society of Arborists and has been instrumental in bringing other ISA affiliated arborists to work in the Arboretum. Jean Robins, program manager at CUH, has been working with the continuing education and public service programs. She is responsible for the myriad of class registrations, mailing lists and meeting materials. She is probably the "voice" on the telephone when you register for public classes. Hired by Dr. Wott, she has also worked with Dave Stockdale and Sue Nicol as well many college wide programs.
John Wott, arboretum director, and Randall Hitchin, collections manager, attended the Farwest Show in Portland, OR, August 24th. This is one of the largest nursery trade shows now in the USA.
The Western Region of the International Plant Propagators' Society will hold it annual meeting on the UW campus September 5-8th. Barbara Selemon, Arboretum/CUH propagator is on the program/host committee. John Wott is assisting the programs committee. Tours will be at CUH and the Arboretum. The meeting is composed of numerous papers as well as other local tours. If anyone is at all interested in attending any of the sessions, please see Barbara Selemon or John Wott. There are student scholarships available.
This year the Arboretum's education department held its first Summer Day Camp! Summer Day at the Arboretum ran one week in July and two weeks in August. Themes of the camp were Curious Critters and Flora Fun. Camper Aaron Smith best sums up Summer Day Camp with his evaluation: We played lots of games. I made friends. I learned new things. The Arboretum is looking forward to running Summer Day Camp 2002 with new themes and adventures! September is back to school time... The Saplings school program is already gearing up for another FANTASTIC FALL. If you are interested in spreading the seeds of knowledge join us for Sapling Training week September 4th-7th. For more information call the Arboretum's education department at (206) 543-8801.